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Hello po, I watched an episode of magpakailanman of GMA 7 and in their most recent episode it featured someone who was diagnosed of AIDS and unfortunately it was pass to his wife. I am a 23 year old lady anyways but after watching this episode I suddenly went nuts. Well back in the year 2009, my ex-bf who was my bf at that time forced to have  
unprotected sex on me. The sexual encounter didn't last but after that what he's doing is just fingering me either by his tongue or his fingers.

I am not so sure if I can be subjected to HIV/AIDS via the fingering method. Anyways after that I never had sex with anyone regardless of whether I am in a relationship or not.

Last 2011, I had a history on depression so symptoms like fatigue and drowsiness are present for that matter. Now I've been dealing with a lot of things lately due to my thesis. Recently I've been noticing that I am always tired for most of the time.

I just want to know if given these facts I still need to subject myself to HIV/AIDS testing and also where can I get these for free..



Hi worry_girl,

Thank you for your email and reading this blog. 

You have said that "the sexual encounter didn't last".  I'll take that to mean that your boyfriend at that time didn't ejaculate inside you.  While this lowers the risk of transmission for HIV, it doesn't eliminate it as HIV is present in pre-ejaculate (pre-cum) as well as ejaculate.  Also, you haven't indicated whether the unprotected penetrative sex and the oral and digital sex you had back in 2009 was anal or vaginal so I'll answer for all these possibilities.  

Unprotected Vaginal Intercourse
Unprotected vaginal intercourse is the most common mode of HIV infection worldwide.  HIV-positive men are much more likely to transmit the virus to HIV-negative women through vaginal intercourse than HIV-positive women are to HIV-negative men because women have a relatively large surface area of mucosal tissue.  The mucosal tissue lining the vagina and cervix can chafe easily during vaginal intercourse.  They also have a high concentration of CD4 and T-cells which are targeted by HIV.  To repeat, HIV is present in pre-ejaculate (pre-cum) as well as ejaculate.

Unprotected Anal Intercourse
The average HIV transmission rate during anal sex is estimated to be 18 times higher than the rate during vaginal intercourse.  However, being the receptive partner (bottom) during unprotected anal intercourse is linked to a high risk of HIV infection whether you're a man or a woman.  The reason for this is that HIV-infected semen, including pre-ejaculate (pre-cum) can come into contact with mucosal tissues in the anus, which are easily damaged during anal intercourse.

Digital-Anal/Digital-Vaginal Sex
Digital-Anal/Digital-Vaginal sex, (fingering or, if the whole hand is involved, fisting), is not considered a high risk factor in HIV transmission.  However, the risk increases if there are cuts on digits of the insertive partner and/or the receptive one is menstruating or suffers a tear in the lining of the anus.  If he didn't have any cuts on his hand, the risk is virtually zero.

Oral-Vaginal Sex
Oral-Vaginal sex (cunnilingus) is not high risk when it comes to HIV transmission.  Nevertheless, HIV is in vaginal secretions and menstrual blood and there are some documented cases involving transmission from the partner receiving cunnilingus to the one performing it.  You were the receptive partner so you are not realistically at risk although the presence of cuts and sores increases the risk of HIV transmission.  If he had cuts or sores in his mouth there is a theoretical possibility but, you are highly unlikely to have been infected, if you are, in this way.

Oral-Anal Sex
Oral-Anal sex, analingus, (rimming) is not considered a risk factor for HIV transmission unless there are open sores present on the anus of the receptive partner or in the mouth of the insertive one.

The symptoms you have mentioned are more closely associated with depression and stress than HIV infection.

Thus while it thus seems unlikely that you have been infected with HIV, it is certainly possible especially given that the penetrative vaginal or anal sex was unprotected.  The only way to determine this is by having an HIV test.  

You haven't mentioned what part of the Philippines you come from.  You can search the Pozzie Pinoy blog here to find one near you.  Just copy and paste this link.  His blog informs me that, if you want a free HIV Test which the result after just 2 hours of waiting, you can go to RITM Satellite Clinic in Malate. The staff there are very professional, non judgmental, friendly and accommodating.  

Please click on this link.  RITM SATELLITE CLINIC.  

Please also read this post on the difference in the risk of transmission of HIV during homosexual and heterosexual sex.

I hope you have found this response helpful.

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Dear readers, as always get tested, stay healthy, and if you’re on ARV, compliant with your ARV regimen.

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