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First of all i want to thank for your website in helping those who are in need especially us who are ignorant in AIDS, i have experienced only last week and i am a baguio resident. 

For much as i Know you are familiarized with night clubs in Baguio City and i just want to ask Questions if Double "0" have health permits especially their models and also to other establishments beside it which are the massage parlors. I only have a questions about How to be infected because when i went to massage parlor entering into that massage parlor which were like a tunnel entering and there is stair heading towards counter , i approached the desk and i told him i want massage and they give me one lady and heading to towards the room he asked me if i wanted sex and i ask him how much and said 1,000 so she gave me condom when we had sex with condom. i am not satisfied so i removed it when i removed it we did not have direct contact but i told her to just hand job me, so what i'll ask if for example that lady has HIV can i be infected? because when i removed the condom obviously their is sexual liquid came from her vagina from the bottom of my penis, so when she hand job me he put oil and started hand job until i came, but for this incidence is there a possibility i can acquire aids even if not direct sexual contact? Please help and does all sex workers there have check ups or there is no record of HIV in that massage parlor along magsaysay? because according to that lady they have check ups every week and every 6 months for HIV. Please guide me thanks for your reply.




Thank you for your email. Thank you for finding the blog and for the kind words. I hope as you read through the blog entries you will find more stuff that will add to your knowledge about HIV and AIDS.

Now let me answer your questions in the order that you asked them.

1. I have no idea if the massage parlors in Baguio have health permits. However, knowing that they are health establishments I would assume that they do have them. Some of course violate having this and as a customer, you should have checked it first before entering and getting their services.

2. You won't get HIV if you used a condom during penetration. 

3. You won't get HIV even if the vaginal fluid gets in contact with your skin. 

4. Correction. You can't get AIDS but HIV during unprotected sex. HIV is the virus while AIDS is a spectrum of conditions caused by HIV. 

5. Like what I said, I have no idea if the masseuses have check ups in that specific massage parlor. If you were not confident with the answer of the lady, you should have asked for documents showing that indeed they have regular check ups.

I hope I was able to answer your questions. If you have more concerns, please do call our Hotline Numbers below:


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