HIV Education, Awareness, Testimonial and Screening


The foundation volunteers conduct HIV awareness and education to schools, communities and companies on a monthly basis. Empowered PLHIV members speak in front of the crowd to share their HIV journey.

The TRR Foundation believes in the active participation of our PLHIV brothers and sisters in all HIV education and awareness talks. Putting a face to the disease is vital to the success of the program. Getting the wisdom from the experiences of our PLHIV brothers and sisters has a great weight on making the program more human.

Interested in contracting TRR Foundation to conduct our HIV Education and Awareness?

Here are our policies for inviting TRR to conduct this program in your school, organization or offices:

1. TRR Foundation is a volunteer organization, thus we provide all our services for free. However, we do ask for donation to the Foundation. This donation will help the financially challenged PLHIV for their medical needs.

2. This is the breakdown of our talk:
    a. Basic HIV and AIDS
    b. The HIV Test
    c. PLHIV sharing of stories
    d. Question and Answer

3. We will be requiring a non-disclosure agreement between TRR and the organization. This is to ensure confidentiality and protection of our PLHIV guest speakers.

4. Best if there is a projector for better facilitation of the talk.