The official blog of The Project Red Ribbon Care Management Foundation, Inc. (TRR).


    TRR Love Fund is the arm of the foundation which provides medical assistance to the financially challenged PLHIV.

  • Care assistance for HIV Test

    The Care Assistant Program involves assistance to HIV testing and HIV and AIDS Treatment hubs in the Philippines. Our volunteers schedule the client to the clinic or hub, assist with the procedure in the clinic or hub and conduct peer counseling


    With the TRR Hotline Numbers, our volunteers answer concerns and inquiries about HIV and AIDS, do counselling, refers clients to nearest HIV Testing facility, HIV and AIDS Treatment Hub and government and NGO organizations for support


    The foundation volunteers conduct one-on-one counseling either on the phone or in person. They also conduct group counseling


    The support group talk (SGT) is a program that involves giving HIV lectures by guest speakers, discuss topics about HIV, care, treatment and support, discussion issues related to HIV


    The foundation's outreach program is geared towards providing support to our fellow PLHIV's in the HIV and AIDS Treatment Hubs. Volunteers hand out of donations of medicines and special gifts to PLHIV, give inspirational talks by invited guests to a group of PLHIV, bonding over snacks or meal, visit the sick who are confined in the hospital

  • Referral System

    As part of treatment, the foundation's referral program involves our volunteers referring clients to specialized doctors who are HIV friendly. The foundation has it's own list of specialty doctors of low cost for the indigent PLHIV.

  • Online Support Group

    The foundation has a private Online Support Group in facebook. This group of advocates, supporters, counselors, health Workers and PLHIV

  • Home Health

    Aside from client counselling, the foundation volunteers also do family counselling and home visitation for awareness and continuance of care.

  • Health Fitness

    The foundation believes in holistic approach to treatment and care, thus inclusion of these programs: yoga, dance, swimming, jogging and running, boot camp workouts


    As part of awareness and education program, the foundation organizes its own national events to coincide with the international AIDS events: World AIDS Day and International AIDS Candlelight Memorial

Saturday, August 18, 2018

HIV and the Philippines

In a few weeks, the Living with HIV in the Philippines Blog will be reaching its seven years of existence. Its evolution in September 2011 gave rise to the advocacy, which then led to the formation of the Project Red Ribbon, one of the strongest HIV and AIDS organizations in the country, evidenced by its current partners, the Department of Health - National AIDS/STI Prevention and Control Program, the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine - AIDS Research Group, the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation, the Department of Social Welfare ad Development, the National Youth Council, the St. Lukes Global, the National Council of Churches in the Philippines, ABS-CBN News and Public Affairs and Teleperformance Philippines. Adding to our credibility as an organisation is our strong ties with the Regional -DOH Offices and the different local government units all over the country. We are also recognised by the World Health Organisation and the UNAIDS.

But despite our efforts over the years, the question still remains to be answered. Did we make progress when it comes to reversing the HIV epidemic in the Philippines? Can we say that we made an impact though the cases in the country of HIV continues to rise?

The programs of Project Red Ribbon continue to solve issues on human rights related to HIV and AIDS such as the right to HIV education, the right to quality health service and right against stigma and discrimination which are fundamentals of acceptance of sexual diversity and social inclusion. Though the Foundation can't solve issues immediately, we are trying to address issues by assisting government agencies in the formulation of guidelines for programs for HIV screening, antiretroviral therapy, and HIV and AIDS health benefits. Through consultations, we try to make the HIV programs a priority in cities in municipalities. In this way, we don't give band aid solutions to issues such as clients with HIV who have no money for transportation to and from the hospital, or clients not having money to pay for their laboratory tests and medicines for opportunistic infections, or clients being discriminated at work, school or place of abode. By our efforts we don't look at today but look for solutions so that these issues won't happen again in the future. 

The cases continue to increase and this can be attributed to everyone's effort to strengthen the education campaign and promote HIV testing. But there are still things to be done. The government and NGO's can't do it alone. The private sector needs to step up. They have the funds and technology. They also have the manpower. 

Project Red Ribbon will continue to make impact both at the grassroot level and the top level. We will continue to be influencers to impact change.

Friday, August 3, 2018

Philippine HIV and AIDS Registry: June 2018 Report

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Philippine HIV and AIDS Registry: May 2018 Report

In May 2018, there were 950 new HIv cases reported. 93% reported were male and almost half belong to the 25-34 age range.

Since 1984, there were 55,282 reported HIV cases with 2,628 reported deaths.

Source: Epidemiology Bureau, Department of Health

For the full report, see below.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

HIV and AIDS Registry of the Philippines: April 2018 Report

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Leading By Example: Health Secretary took the HIV Screening

In May 16, 2018, as a kickoff activity of the Department of Health, the World Health Organisation, the Philippine National AIDS Council, the Manila Social Hygiene Clinic and Project Red Ribbon, a free and confidential HIV Screening in the Workplace was conducted from 9am to 5pm for DOH Central Offices. More than 50 volunteers of Project Red Ribbon facilitated the HIV Screening to employees including the Health Secretary Duque and majority of the Assistant and Undersecretaries of Health. 440 employees took the HIV screening. 

NYC Inks MOU with Project Red Ribbon

National Youth Commission Signs MOU with Project Red Ribbon for National Youth HIV and AIDS Prevention Program

MAY 30, 2018 – The National Youth Commission (NYC) has just recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Project Red Ribbon, a well-known HIV and AIDS Foundation that specializes in HIV Awareness, HIV Screening, Treatment, and Care & Support in Response to HIV Epidemic especially among the youth.
Project Red Ribbon and National Youth Commission Officials at Memorandum of Understanding Signing on May 30, 2018

Through their National Youth HIV and AIDS Prevention Program, the National Youth Commission will be working closely with Project Red Ribbon for the national and region-wide HIV awareness, prevention, testing, link-to-care, and link-to-treatment programs starting June 2018.
NYC Commissioner representing Visayas and Chairperson on Committee on Health, ASec. Rhea Penaflor said that the National Youth Commission would like to enable the youth to be correctly informed about HIV and AIDS. They also would like the youth to voluntarily test themselves on HIV so they can be linked to care and treatment, just in case they are HIV positive.
ASec. Penaflor added: “We want that all barriers and stigma preventing the youth from coming forward for voluntary HIV testing and treatment be eliminated.”
Project Red Ribbon President and CEO IcoRodulfo Johnson has also stated that Project Red Ribbon is excited to formally have a partnership with NYC in order to jointly address the pressing issues about the HIV epidemic among the youth in the country.
He said, “We look forward to a strong and fruitful relationship to break the stigma and discrimination attached to HIV, to empower the youth organizations with the knowledge and skills for HIV prevention and testing, help link to care [for] those who have been affected with HIV and save lives.”
This was brought on by a need to push for strengthening the Republic Act No. 8504 or the “Philippine AIDS Prevention and Control Act of 1998” because of the statistics presented.
According to the HIV AIDS and ART Registry of the Philippines (HARP) and the 2015 Integrated HIV Behavioral and Serologic Surveillance (IHBSS), there was an unprecedented increase in the number of HIV infections from 2011 to 2015 among adolescents and the youth. The data showed that there were 321 youth, ranging from 15 to 24 years old, or 32% who were found HIV positive in 2017.

In order to give a resolution to this problem, the National Youth Commission, along with Project Red Ribbon, decided to spearhead the National Youth HIV and AIDS Program. Hopefully, with this objective in mind and with the help of the program, there might be an improvement in the data about HIV awareness and prevention.

HIV Education, Awareness, Testimonial and Screening in Batangas

With the collaborative efforts of the National Council of Churches in the Philippines, and the Project Red Ribbon, we have successfully conducted our HIV Education and Awareness and Screening to the youth campers of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines held in Barangay Sampa, Sta.Teresita, Province of Batangas from 10am to 4pm. 

Philippine HIV and AIDS Registry: February 2018 Report