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    As part of awareness and education program, the foundation organizes its own national events to coincide with the international AIDS events: World AIDS Day and International AIDS Candlelight Memorial

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Email 492: Next Steps for A New PLHIV

Hi Mr. Pozziepinoy,

Ako po si XXX, balikbayan na po ako dito sa Pilipinas since July 27, 2013 after I've been diagnosed in Singapore for HIV Positive.

Unang una po hindi po ako straight & there were times that I had unprotected sex with same.

The medical test is for the renewal of my employment pass for another 2 yrs working with under the same employer. This test was made on May 17, 2013 with a follow up test on May 30, 2013 for confirmation. And lately this July 13, 2013 I did another test thinking that maybe this time it will turn out negative, but still its a positive result.

Word of Advice from a PLHIV

I was diagnosed with HIV 2 months months. Like most other Pinoys, my reason for not getting tested is (1) fear (2) if i'm positive, there's no cure anyway.  But I learned my lesson the hard way.

There are certainly a lot of advantages to get tested NOW if you are at a high risk group. In fact, it could be a matter of life and death. As for myself, I only had my HIV test when my immune system was so low and I was already getting all these opportunistic infections (pneumonia, tb, etc.) while in the hospital. These infections are rather serious and could cost you your life, aside from the fact that hospitalization is too heavy on the pocket. Even if you have an HMO, they wont cover your hospitalization expense when you are positive. So double whammy, you go to an expensive hospital thinking you have an HMO, and finding out later the cost is on you!

PLHIV Story: Moymoy, The Rebirth

Good Morning Pozzie and to all supporters of this blogsite. You can call me as Moymoy (That was my code name). And this is my Story,

I discovered that i was a bisexual when i was in highschool. I had my first gf and broke up immediately because of i get confused on my sexual preference.When i was in college days, insecure ako lagi because ang mga barkada ko na girl, they are all happy with their respective lovelifes. I always feel i'm alone. I started to get involved with same sex because i found it more interesting and pakiramdam ko, dun ako mas magiging masaya. nakikipag meet ako because of my personal purpose, that is to find a guy that i want to grow old with (sa iba, sounds corny). All throughout my college days, walang nagtangkang mainlove sken when i get decided to work as part time in jollibee as a counter/soda at the same time and met PABO (not his real name, but there is a story behind that name LOL), anyway, i fell in love with him, our store knew about my feelings on him kasi masyado akong vocal sa feelings ko for him..but sadly, he just wanted na maging friends lng kami. i feel that i was the pinaka pangit na tao in the world. When i finished my contract, that was the time i graduated in college. i started to forget him and decided to not believe in love. 

Metro Manila HIV Testing Centers


One Person in Every 3 Hours Gets Diagnosed with HIV in the Philippines

I have read this article in TIME Magazine that one person every three hours gets diagnosed with HIV in the Philippines. Can you believe that?

While the rest of the world shows a decline in the cases of HIV, the Philippines belongs to a few countries where HIV is still on the rise. My contributor, Malcolm Brown even posed this question: "Is this a reflection that more people in Manila ( since the highest percentage came from Manila alone) don't practice safer sex or that more people are just being tested there?" My answer to him was both. 

Email 491: Can I Still Play Volleyball?

hi poh,

can you still play volleyball if ever HIV positive po ang isang tao?
i do not know yet my status but naka pag test na ako last week kaso wla pa yong result.. volleyball player kasi aq sa aming department this coming intrams 2013 maybe september pa poh.. makaka pag laro pa kaya aq ng intense? or do i need to back out na po kasi my HIV aq at baka ma trigger pa yung virus if ever it comes out positive ang result this week? 
tnx n advance sa reply :)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Icon Clinic: HIV Testing Center in Quezon City

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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QUICKIE: TLY's Makati HIV Testing

Fast. Easy.
by LoveYourself Confidential

Our special, FREE HIV testing for men is back in August for one night only.

Mark the date: AUGUST 23, FRIDAY. MAKATI 5pm - 1am (next day).
Feel good on a Friday night. Get tested.

Register for updates at

164 of the 431 New HIV Cases in Metro Manila Alone!

When I got diagnosed in September 2011, there were only 253 new HIV cases based on the Philippine HIV and AIDS Registry of September 2011 by the DOH-NEC. Now, based on the same report for June 2013, there are already 431 new HIV cases. (Philippine HIV and AIDS Registry June 2013 Report


164 of the 431 new HIV cases came from Metro Manila alone, and still has the highest percentage of cases in any region in the Philippines!


It was reported by the TIME Magazine recently that every 3 hours, there is one diagnosed with HIV in the Philippines (Every 3 Hours Someone Gets HIV in the Philippines). The Philippines is still one of the few countries where HIV is increasing!


The cases of HIV in the Philippines is still on the rise. PLEASE pay attention! It is spreading and we need to listen. We need to protect ourselves. Help in spreading the news! 

To all my readers who have been patronizing my blog, it is not enough now to just read it. ALL of us have the responsibility of telling the news to help stop the spread of HIV. We can do our part by: 

1. Repost this blog entry to your facebook or twitter:

    Philippine HIV and AIDS Registry June 2013 Report

2. Text everyone about this alarming news.
3. Text all your friends and acquaintances in your phone and email contacts about the use of condoms and safe sex to prevent acquiring and/or spreading HIV
4. Tell everyone to take the HIV test! 
     a. If they are from Manila, they can take it in: 

    Metro Manila HIV Testing Centers
    b. If they are in other regions of the Philippines, they can take it in: 

      Philippine HIV Testing Centers

5. Talk to people about the use of condoms. If you have extra money, you can buy your friends a box of condoms as a gift.
6. Tell everybody that HIV can be prevented by:
    a. Using condoms
    b. Avoiding having sex while under the influence of drugs or alcohol
    c. Preventing drug addiction and sharing of needles
    d. Knowing your HIV status by taking the test.
7. To those with HIV, please, HIV should stop with us. Please don't spread it anymore! 

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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Philippine HIV and AIDS Registry, June 2013 by DOH-NEC

Philippine HIV and AIDS Registry: June 2013 Report

The Philippine HIV and AIDS Registry of the Department of Health, National Epidemiology Center has just released its June 2013 Report.

From the report, there are 431 new cases of HIV, which is 46% higher compared to last years report. 95% of the cases were males. The 20-29 age group had the most number of cases. Still, males having sex with males were the predominant type of sexual transmission with 88% of the cases. The bulk of the cases came from NCR, Region 7 and Region 4A.

See the full report below:
(Source: Philippine HIV and AIDS Registry, June 2013, DOH-NEC) 
Special Thanks to Mr. Angelo James Esperanzate for forwarding me the report.

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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Email 490: ARV's with High CD4?


I was recently diagnosed with HIV and I am just about coping up. I was just diagnosed 1st week of July this year. I got my cd4 count and it's still 744 on July29 and the doctor said I don't need to start ARVs. I just read po in some articles that people who start ARVs immediately have better chances of recovering regardless of CD4 count. Shall I still opt to go for ARVs na po or do I just do all natural means to increase my cd4? If I do po, will it  
be free since I'm already a Philhealth member but my cd4 is still 744? My chances pa raw po na I don't have to start pa in the next 3-4 years if I maintain that number. Is it possible po?

Email 489: Worried About My Symptoms


Im XXX. 

Im wide awake right now. Im from the Philippines. I am experiencing cough, slight headache, lack of energy, loss of apetite and low grade fever for 3 days now. When i went to the toilet, i almost went out of balance. I also had night sweats. I am on the late stage? Can i still live longer if i take the arv ? I have not subjected my self to the test but im sure all the signs and symptoms are indicative that i am hiv pos.. Pls guide me on what to do 

Email 488: Peace of Mind at 6 Months

Hi gud morning...i just want to ask  if my test is already conclusive... i had  my last unprotected sex (anal sex) am the bottom last january 2012 with my friend..then my last exposured through oral sex was  january  2013...i had my first test last march 2013 and my second test is june 2013 and it come out NON REACTIVE the method they use is RAPID TEST ...should i retest again ? do i need to have peace of mind? tnx.

PS: please reply my so worried po...


Email 487: Conclusive at 3 or 6 Months?

Hi pozzie.

Your blog on hiv and hiv testing is really helping a lot of people based on the response from your readers. I myself read it almost everyday to get updates and it really calms my nerves.

I am also thankful to the staff of RITM Malate for their warm and friendly assistance during my test.

Anyway, i got tested at RITM Malate exactly 12 weeks post exposure last June. Fortunately, the result was non-reactive. I just want to ask if this test at 12 weeks is conclusive enough to determine that im indeed hiv-? I will be hitting 24 weeks mark post exposure this august. Do i need to take the test again at 24 weeks?

Thank you and stay healthy!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Email 486: Manila HIV and AIDS Treatment Hubs


Thanks for answering my first inquiry. I would like to ask some more questions:

1. I plan to get a second opinion, is that advisable?

2. Is there any other place where I can take the CD4 test and other tests aside from RITM Alabang? Do they have like a branch or satellite office where I can take the test? (I'm from the province up north that is why its a big obstacle for me to be there before 7AM).

Thanks and more power,

PLHIV Story: Keep Swimming

My reel and real story.

Call me Grey, not my real name.I am HIV +, it’s been two months since I knew my result. I am from South of the Islands of the Philippines - Cagayan de Oro. 
I call it as my Dark Age or simply RESTLESS Days.I had a wonderful and simple life here in the suburbs but I chose to work in  a Big city for better opportunities. Financially My family can provide me and brother the things we ask but as young as i was. I want more. I want freedom and to live Independently. It was a very different life and yes i love it. I enjoyed it so much that I forgot the things which matter. I was really depressed during those times that I cling to the short term happiness. I became promiscuous and I made that choice. I enjoyed the short times with some guys randomly. I had several flings and it became a pattern. A patter of my life that i never wish. But it happened and never did I regret it.

Pregnancy and HIV

I have received a lot of emails from both women and men who have HIV here in the Philippines and who are living in other countries, who feel that their dreams of having a family has been shuttered because of our incurable disease. Both husbands and wives are worried that they will pass the virus to both their partners and their babies during the process.

Because of this I researched about it and I found some answers in the 100 Questions and Answers About HIV and AIDS, 2nd Ed., by Joel Gallant, MD, MPH. I will post both his number 76 and number 77 questions here,
1. What if I want to get pregnant?
2. How Can I father a child with an HIV-negative woman?

AIDS on Stage!

May we invite you to see the play "KIRIRIRNG AIDA'T MACARAEG" on Aug 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10/ 3pm and 6pm.

AIDS ON STAGE: “Understanding is the first step to acceptance, and only with acceptance can there be recovery.” 

Email 485: Confused New PLHIV


I live in the Philippines and I was referred to RITM Alabang for CD4 examination and other test. I would  
just like to know:

1. When are they open? (day and time they can accommodate me)
2. How long does the test(s) take?
3. Is the CD4 test for free? If not, how much does it cost?
4. Are the other test for free? if not, how much does it cost per test?

Hope you can help me as I'm a bit confused right now.


Email 484: Brother is HIV Reactive

Hi Pozzie, 

Nabasa ko website sinamahan ko brother ko sa RITM Satellite, in Malate, Manila ..after 2hours, the result came was HIV reactive..
Negative naman sa HEPA and STD...

Tanong ko sana...sabi mo kasi 100% na accurate ito..and no need for confirmatory...pag ba positive sa HIV (reactive) eh meaning
HIV POSITIVE na brother ko? sbi need nya kumuha na CD4 sa RITM Alabang...

Please reply back.

Email 483: On STD's Boils, Shingles and HIV Symptoms

Hi pozzie nagbabasa ko ng blog mo. ask ko lang kasi nag kaSTD ako 4 years ago. nkipag sex ako sa bayarang babae. then nagamot nmn ito ng mga antibiotic na pescribe ng doktor. nagkaron ulit ako 1 year after. this time d ko na alam ang dahilan. pero nagamot ulit ng antibiotics

now married nako with 1 child. last month nagkaroon ako ng pigsa. 2 beses sa loob ng 2 months. pro wla na. then ung baby ko ngaun nagka  kulebra o skit sa balat. pero nagamot nmn tru antibiotic ng doktor. then nagkakapigsa rin ung baby ko.

ask ko lang kung sign un na positive ako sa HIV or AIDS ? then ung baby at asawa ko mron din?

pahelp nmn. im so worried about this.


Sunday, July 28, 2013

Email 482: Decided to Take the Test!


hi! i don't know you personally but your blogs enlighten me. naicipan ko mag msg sayo to ask help personally.

at first or kahit hanggang ngyon pa naman.. natatakot ako mag pa test.  kahit na alam ko malaki ang chance or around 70% sure na infected nko ng virus. nag start ako mag worry when someone texted me na he is positive. hindi cya nagpakilala saken. pero sinabi nya na we had sex before.  he just simply informing me na magpa check up na rin daw ako. natakot ako pero hindi ko na cya ikinagulat because i admit na meron ako mga unsafe experience before. natatakot ako now. but after reading your blogs. lumakas ang loob ko na mag pa check im decided na mag pacheck up na before its too late.  please help me nman kung may idea ka kung kelan at what time walang gaanong tao sa clinic sa malate? maybe hiya at takot na rin na merong makakilala sken while nag papa test ako. specially medyo tambay ako sa mga gimikang pang bi. nabasa ko ren na aabutin ng 2 hrs yung paghantay ng result. while waiting nandun ka lang ba sa clinic? and pacencia na kung sayu ako humingi ng tulong. wala na rin kasi ako matakbuhan pa. looking forward na ma guide moko.


Email 481: Getting Another Test

yung partner go confirm hiv carrier.were 3 months together kakatest q lng sa ritm satelite this july 2013..i wanna ask kung pwede p rin q mg patest uli kc pkiramdam q n may mga symtoms n rin ako..pwede p b uli ako mag patest...


My partner got confirmed as an HIV carrier. We are 3 months together now and I just had my HIV test in RITM Satellite CLinic  this July 2013. I wanna ask if I can get tested again as I am feeling that I have symptoms already. Can I get another test?

Email 480: HIV Test and Anal Wart Removal


Hi Pozziepinoy i send this email because i need your worrying because i have a anal wart.matagal na ito 2010 pa im just worried baka may HIV ako..san pwd magpatest at  magpatanggal ng anal magkano ..hintayin ko po reply ninyo..thanks



Hi Pozziepinoy.

I sent this email because I need your help. I'm worrying because i have an anal wart since 2010. I am worried because I may have HIV already. Where can I get an HIV test and an anal wart removal? and how much? I will wait for your reply. Thanks.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

The "Worried-Well"

I have been receiving emails, text messages and phone calls from people who already took the HIV test, with negative results and still think that they are infected with HIV. Some took the test, 6 months post exposure but still experience symptoms that they believe to be HIV-related which they have read over the internet or have heard from other PLHIV's.

I got concerned about this before as more and more people are asking for my advice about this matter, that I asked Dr. Ditangco, the head of RITM-ARG about it. She was the first person who told me about  "Worried-Well", a term used to denote people who are convinced they have HIV despite overwhelming evidence that they don't based on standardized testing methods. She told me that this is psychiatric in nature and these people should consult with a psychiatrist.

More TIPS!!!


1. The first few weeks on ART are the hardest!
  • That is the reason why the hubs give a trial period of ARV's for monitoring
  • Usually the side effects come out in 2 weeks to one month. However, there are some side effects that come out even years of taking ARV's

2. Be sure to keep all of your follow-up appointments
  • Don't skip your doctor's appointments
  • After the initial trial period, plan for CD4/CBC testing every 6 months and VL testing every 1 year
  • You can have an annual check up to monitor all vital organ systems

3. Most side effects can be managed with diet, exercise, and/or medication.
  • Before starting with anything, make sure that your doctor has prescribed them.

Sensory Problems and ARV's

Source: The ART of Adherence, HIV Counseling Toolkit

Peripheral neuropathy typically manifests as pain or numbness in your hands and feet, and can be caused by HIV infection itself (especially when the CD4 cell count is less than 200 cells/mm3). Neuropathy can also be caused by some ART medications. The initial symptom is a "pins-and-needles" feeling in your hands and/or feet (similar to the sensation of a foot "waking up" after "falling asleep"). As the condition gets worse, it may lead to pain. Use of alcohol can increase your risk of developing peripheral neuropathy. It is important to let your provider know quickly if you develop tingling or a loss of feeling in your hands or feet.

Most Commonly Caused By: Some ART drugs, particularly didanosine, stavudine, ritonavir, and saquinavir. Peripheral neuropathy is also associated with a low CD4 count and Vitamin B12 deficiency.

What To Do: Tell your provider about any tingling or pain in your hands or feet. You may be asked to rate your pain on a scale from 1 to 10. You may be able to help foot discomfort by wearing loose-fitting shoes and roomy cotton socks, massaging your feet, soaking them in ice water, and keeping them uncovered when you're in bed. It may be necessary to change your ART regimen or prescribe other drugs to reduce your discomfort.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Email 479: On Drug Testing

Good day!

Tanong ko lang po... about sa drug testing results. I'm taking estiva 600 (efavirenz) and avocomb (lamivudine/zidovudine), will it show false positive results? Do i have to indicate that i'm taking these medicines so that they will not mark my result as positive?

I'm applying for another job and I'm becoming paranoid on what to do during medical exams for the pre-employment.

Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon.

Skin Rashes and ARV's

Source: The ART of Adherence, HIV Counseling Toolkit

Sometimes, skin problems are caused by HIV infection itself and will get better once you start ART, but ARV's can also cause rashes. The majority of such rashes are of mild to moderate severity. rashes usually appear within a few weeks after starting a new medication and go away as your body gets used to the drug. Some rashes can indicate an extremely serious or even life threatening reaction, so you should always tell your provider as soon as you notice any kind of rash.

Most Commonly Caused By: Any ARV drug, though NNRTI's cause the majority of rashes, and nevi rapine causes the most severe ones. The NRTI abacavir may cause a rash that is a symptom of a severe allergic reaction.

What To Do: If you develop a rash of any kind when you are taking abacavir, call your provider immediately. If you get a severe rash from any ARV, call your provider immediately because you may need emergency care. Signs of severe rash include blisters or peeling skin; rashes that show up in most areas like your mouth, eyes, or genitals; rash that comes with fever, headache, or general ill feeling.

The Love Fund: July 2013 Report

Here is the list of the beneficiaries of The Love Fund this July 2013:


1. r13rmd- Orange card assistance
2. r10vtc- inhaler for asthma
3. r13rmr- transportation expenses

Diarrhea and ARV's

Source: The ART of Adherence, HIV Counseling Toolkit".

While HIV Infection and other illnesses can cause diarrhoea, it is also a frequent side effect of ART, especially in the aerly weeks after starting on ART. Diarrhea is usually defined as more than 4 loose or watery stools per day for more than 3 days.

It is difficult for your body to get enough nourishment and fluids when you have diarrhoea. make sure you drink water or some kind of electrolyte solution. Eat small, frequent meals and avoid dairy products, greasy food, or foods with a lot of fat. If necessary, your provider will advise you to take some kind of over-the-counter or prescription medication for your diarrhea.

Most Commonly Caused By: Most ART drugs to some degree, especially protease inhibitors (PI's). Some NRTI's cause diarrhoea more frequently than others, especially in combination formulations.

What To Do: Take your medications exactly as directed and let your provider know if you experience diarrhoea. You should also call your provider if your diarrhoea gets worse, or if you have fever, nausea, vomiting or pain along with it.

Feeling Tired with ARV's

Source: The Art of Adherence, An HIV Counseling Toolkit.

Feeling tired is one of the most common side effects of HIV infection. However, if you feel more tired than usual after starting ART, that fatigue may be caused by the ARV's

Most Commonly Caused by:  ALL ARv's to some degree for the first few weeks, but especially zidovudine, lamivudine and combination regimens that include both drugs.

What To Do: Fatigue should go away as your body gets used to your ART regimen. For some patients, fatigue continues beyond the first few eels; if that's the case for you, talk to your provider. It may be necessary to change your ART regimen, especially if it includes zidovudine.

Upset Stomach or Vomiting with ARV's?

I wanna share with you one common side effect of ARV's. I got this from "The ART of Adherence, An HIV Counselling Toolkit".

May people experience an upset stomach or vomiting when starting ART (or ARV). Most of the time these symptoms are temporary, but your provider may do tests to make sure that theyr're not being caused by a reaction to the medication or by some other condition.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

I Want to See YOU be BRAVE!

May all of us be BRAVE, with the new journey, with life's struggles ...

Will Be Having My 4th CD4 Test

In a few days I will be having my fourth CD4 test, CBC and my ARV refill. I already told Dr. Ditangco about this. I also called Maram, the staff nurse of RITM-ARG to expect me anytime. 

I know that everything is going to be just fine. Last week I already took my CBC test by taking it in a private hospital. Everything was perfect. Everything was in normal range. A prelude to good results soon.

I advocate for positivity every time in the blog, so I know for sure that whatever CD4 count I get will be good, no matter what!

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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