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    The Care Assistant Program involves assistance to HIV testing and HIV and AIDS Treatment hubs in the Philippines. Our volunteers schedule the client to the clinic or hub, assist with the procedure in the clinic or hub and conduct peer counseling


    With the TRR Hotline Numbers, our volunteers answer concerns and inquiries about HIV and AIDS, do counselling, refers clients to nearest HIV Testing facility, HIV and AIDS Treatment Hub and government and NGO organizations for support


    The foundation volunteers conduct one-on-one counseling either on the phone or in person. They also conduct group counseling


    The support group talk (SGT) is a program that involves giving HIV lectures by guest speakers, discuss topics about HIV, care, treatment and support, discussion issues related to HIV


    The foundation's outreach program is geared towards providing support to our fellow PLHIV's in the HIV and AIDS Treatment Hubs. Volunteers hand out of donations of medicines and special gifts to PLHIV, give inspirational talks by invited guests to a group of PLHIV, bonding over snacks or meal, visit the sick who are confined in the hospital

  • Referral System

    As part of treatment, the foundation's referral program involves our volunteers referring clients to specialized doctors who are HIV friendly. The foundation has it's own list of specialty doctors of low cost for the indigent PLHIV.

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  • Home Health

    Aside from client counselling, the foundation volunteers also do family counselling and home visitation for awareness and continuance of care.

  • Health Fitness

    The foundation believes in holistic approach to treatment and care, thus inclusion of these programs: yoga, dance, swimming, jogging and running, boot camp workouts


    As part of awareness and education program, the foundation organizes its own national events to coincide with the international AIDS events: World AIDS Day and International AIDS Candlelight Memorial

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Letters of Gratitude

I just would like to say that you are doing a great job for the "pozzies" including me......had i not read your blog, I would have succumbed to too much anxiety.

I was referred to RITM-ARG (Dr. Annie "Rosanna"), I was hoping to visit the  
hub next week, can i contact Ate Beth during the weekend?
One more, I hope to be of help to others, If its not too much to ask, I'd  
like to involve myself in your advocacies.


Friday, April 26, 2013

Email 343: Questions About the HIV Test

Hi Pozziepinoy.

may tanong lang po ako. ang hiv virus po b e mabilis din dumami s  
katawan ng tao khit po isa kang athlete at malakas po ang resistensya  
mo?saka po khit po ano dhilan or source na dhahilan para makuha ng tao ang virus s loob po ng 3 mos e malalaman n kung ikaw e positive or negative?at conclusive po b ang resulta if you are negative?

ngpatest n po ksi ako at negative po ang resulta sa plagay nyo po need ko pang mgpatest ulit?kasi po mag six months na po ngdaan since exposure ko s hiv?



Hi Pozziepinoy.

I have a question. Does the HIV spread fast in the body eventhough the person is an athlete and has a good immune system? In just 3 months, will a person be able to know his/her HIV status even if he/she got the virus from any of the ways of getting it? Will the result be conclusive then if the result is negative? I already got tested and do I need to take the test again? It has been six months since my last exposure to HIV.


Email 342: Overthinking About HIV

Hi Pozzie,

It's me XXX, how are you, it's been a while. I don't know what to do. I'm encountering dreams that I saw when I was sleeping last February and now I'm seeing them today. I saw in my dreams that the result of the  second test is reactive. I'm very scared regarding this.
Yes I have again a sexual activity. But it is now protected. But I'm still having goosebumps regarding the test.

I'm preparing my self for the result. Although I saw the result when I was sleeping. It's reactive. But I'm still taking the test. I don't know what to do.. I'm losing hope. I don't know what to do.


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Email 341: STD Tests?


I'm Kelly, female, 24 yrs. old. Nakita ko yung blog mo habang nagsesearch ako ng std testing centers.. Yung sa RITM ba, pwede din ba magpacheck up dun for std, chlamydia, herpes at any sexually-related infections or diseases?  At mga kagkano kaya aabutin? Gusto ko sana macheck lahat if clear ako.. 

Thank you..


I'm Kelly, female, 24 years old. I saw in your blog, while doing some research about STD testing center and I would like to ask if in RITM, can I get a check up for STD, chlamydia, herpes and other sexually-related infections or diseases? How much would it cost? I would like to have a check up if I am cleared from all those infections.

Thank you...

Email 340: Any New SET Schedules?

Hi Pozzie and to the rest,

Good day!

I have been reading your helpful blog and hell yah I am also positive.  Anyhow, I would just want to ask if there will be another set of SET Schedule/s in the future.

Thank you,


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Flu Shot and Dr. Tayzon

Today I went to The Medical City and saw my previous infectious disease doctor, Dr. Tayzon. Last night I texted her about the new flu shot and she told me that she will administer it to me. I informed Dr. Ditangco about it and she said that I need the yearly flu shot and gave me the go signal.

I came to Dr. Tayzon's clinic this morning for the flu shot. She was so impressed about my CD4 (537 now) and my VL being undetectable. She said she was so surprised how fast I recovered and she said these were the result of my positive attitude and my eagerness to get well fast. I guess she really knows me well. She was the one who saved my life when I got confined in TMC for pneumonia and I really owe that to her.

We chatted for an hour and a half and I shared everything that I have been doing when it comes to my new mission in life. I told her about the blog and how successful it is in reaching out to a lot PLHIV's. I told her how my knowledge matured when it comes to HIV and now, I have become an online HIV counsellor. I told her about The Love Fund and how Dr. Ditangco and I have partnered in helping the indigent PLHIV's through both TLF and PCSO. She was so glad that my HIV journey has led me to not only being healthy physically but has brought me to another place which is more fulfilling. I also told her about the support group that I am planning to do and she got excited about it that she was also offering a place where we can hold it so we can help a lot of PLHIV's.

Today was fulfilling. Not only did I get the flu shot but I was able to see my previous HIV doctor. I really glad I came. Another door is opening and I hope that in the coming months, my new project will materialize.

Email 339: HIV and STD Test Prices

Good day po..

Ask ko lang po sana kung how much magpatest ng hiv at std tests?

Thanks in advance.


Good day.

I would like to ask how much is the HIV test and STD test?

Thanks in advance.


Email 338: Concerned About His Friend


I need your help. I know somebody close to me have HIV, 5 yrs ago pa nya nalaman, pero wala pa syang ginagawang hakbng para mag pa gamot or mag pa check up uli. I believe na hhrapan pa din syang tanggapin... Anu po b magagawa ko para matulungan sya.

Pwede pa b sya maka pag trabaho ?

maraming salamat po

hope to hear from you


Email 337: Future of ARV Delivery?

Hi Pozzie,

I have just encountered your blog yesterday. I must say, even if I have google'd and talked to lots of people, I still learned a lot from your blog. Not to mention the insights from other PLHIV.

Email 336: More Questions from Rolled Over

Hi Poz,

Good morning!

I hope you and Tag and the rest of the pusits are in good health.  Well, this is really it, I already have my first set of ARV, Lamivudine, Ziduvudine and Efavirenz but I am planning to start my treatment next month because I have a a lot of summer fun this month and I don't want to skip nor forget a dose.  I have always considered the fact that I have to be religiously taking the medicine as it has an adverse effect on the viruses on my body and to my health as well.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Email 335: My Story

hello pozzie.

just callme patient r12 xxx. last year i had pnemonia and was confine twice. my doctor ask me to undergo hiv test and was found positive. it was heartbreaking, knowing all the uncertainty and possible infections may happen.

Email 334: I Want to be Tested!


I want to get tested from HIV. Is that for FREE? or is there any amount that i need to settle? 


Email 333: Cousin is HIV Positive!

hi pozziepinoy

we need help for my cousin Nico who is hiv positive please e-mail me/us back, what should we do to help him get well? thank you very much and godbless.


Email 332: Asking for Help!

Hi Pozzie,

This is in relation to may previous email (301) about a kid who needs some serious medical help. His condition has deteriorated since I last emailed. He has not taken ARVs because he has serious trouble with his kidneys and livers.  As I do not full understand his condition, salmo I can only share what tests/treatments he is undergoing like 1 or two times in a week. 

Email 331: "What Should I Do?"


just want to ask f what are the signs and symptoms of hiv? i already got herpes before and i cured already.. it is possibility to turn into hiv? pls help me before i got that herpes. i feel the other signs of hiv like when i got a discharge it have a foul smell. but after 2moths it is back to normal and i got rushes its like fish scale in my back until now i will have this kind of skin desease its already my full back and i got a so many spots on my tounge there such a large spots on through my throat. i feel so tired recently and feel so lazy.. pls help me through this kind of sick. what should i do? i need your advice to know this.. i am scared to get a test i dont know what to do.. i dont want to get this kind of desease into my child. its been 2 years when i feel this kind of desease.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

ADVISORY: SET 2013 Slots This April


APRIL 20 & 21
APRIL 27 & 28






NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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Email 330: Negative and Want To Help


I wrote again in your blog! yesterday i called up my friend (a medtech) then tell her everything what i feel recently and asked her about hiv she asked me if i did undergo test i said no then she told me she can give me a test if i am willing to be tested for hiv then i said yes (with fear but the truth is in my mind i refused to go to be tested cos i cant face the truth if im positive) just to set my mind in peace and i want to settle everything before i pursue my career abroad. then she said over the phone when do we go to took the test i said if she's available by tomorrow (today) after office my heart beats so fast my hands are very cold and i dont know whats on my mind if the result turns positive i went to a pharmacy to buy a kit when the pharmacist asked me what am i going to buy i whispered on his ears ( can u give me a kit for hiv test) then after that the pharmacist wrap the kit on a white paper and went to the counter (he looks like he is trying to cover up the kit so the people will never noticed whats inside the paper ) then after that my friend and i went to her house to do the test then after a few minutes we both saw the result that i turned out negative i am so thankful that i had my test and its negative thank you pozzie because it helped me a lot this blog is so very informative about HIV/AIDS  since then when my first email i mentioned that my plan is to helped /donate for our fellow citizens who had this kind of unexpected disease now im planning for my upcoming birthday that instead to celebrate my birthday with my friends at the bar im going to save my  money and buy things or something that can help a lot to our fellow citizens

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

ADVISORY: New Flu Vaccine




NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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Email 329: What Should I Do?


I was diagnosed na reactive ako sa HIV-1 and 2 sa RITM MALATE. They said under confirmatory test pa ako is it possible na maging non-reactive ang confirmatory test ko? BTW  I think ako ang pinaka batang may HIV I'm just 18years old (you can show my age) nag start lang ang sexual encounters ko nung 17 lang ako and ngayon eto nag reactive ako sa HIV hindi ko alam ang gagawin ko saan ako mag uumpisa. Sana makahanap ako ng mga taong may ganto din at makakasuporta sa akin. Sana hindi pa huli ang lahat para sa aking buhay madami pa akong plano sa pamilya ko at sa sarili ko. In other side thankful ako dahil maaga pa lang na diagnosed na agad ako at may time pa ako for treating it and changing my lifestyle. Ano po pwede kong gawin? Marami pong salamat. God bless. 

XXX,18, Cavite. 

Email 328: Supplements to Gain Weight

Hi Pozziepinoy,

Please refer to my case on email no. 220 (Jan 29, 2013) of your blog as background. Reading from your blog, we have been taking the  same line of ARVs. I started the HIV treatment in the last week of Jan this year thru SAGIP, while taking my PTB meds, the latter ending on 1st week of May 2013 (at last!).

Is HIV a Disability?

To begin with, what is a disability?   

A Google web search defines it the following way:

1.    A physical or mental condition that limits a person's movements, senses, or activities.
2.    A disadvantage or handicap, esp. one imposed or recognized by the law.

If we accept the definition above, then disability is an umbrella term.  It covers impairments, activity limitations, and participation restrictions: impairments are problems in body function or structure; an activity limitation is a difficulty encountered by an individual in executing a task or action; while a participation restriction is a problem experienced by an individual in involvement in life situations.  Thus a disability is thus not just a health problem.  It is a complex phenomenon, reflecting the interaction between features of a person’s body and features of the society in which he or she lives.  An estimated 10% of the world’s population has a disability.  So, is HIV a disability?  There are people living with HIV who would say absolutely not. There are people living with HIV that would say yes, HIV is a disability.  The answer is it depends. 

Email 327: HIV in the USA

Dear Pozzie,

Im very grateful that i found this website again your blogs makes me feel very good inside  even with all the circumstances and hindrances i have felt right now but to look for a better positive view in life again is very refreshing.This is my 2nd time in writing you but i would like to thank you for responding me on my first email.I am the one who lives in the USA with my wife and not long ago diagnosed positively.Now i felt so much better after 3 months in adherence by taking my ARV's and Tb meds and some of my vitamins to mintain my good health now healthier and so much better and regain my weight back maybe because of my good appetite.from 145 to 165 pounds and im already undetectable in just 3 weeks of taking the ARV's so my doctors are very happy with the result although in the first weeks was very difficult because of the side effects of the medicines.but because of my determination i fight for viral load is such an overwhelming feelings and now i can breathed and very happy.Thanks god for for giving me this 2nd precious life that i need to treasure forever and valued.Im now determined to live life to the fullest and make it more meaningful inspite of all the difficulties and hardships that i been through in my life.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Email 326: Rectal Bleeding


Last october i had an unprotected sex with this guy and then i decide to be tested on december last year also and the result is nonreactive...the story is i had sex with him again last february 2013 but now it is safe sex the problem i notice some few blood on my rectum when i wipe it after having sex... my partner is hiv negative... Now i am worried or i need someone to explain this matter.... thanks in advance... more power...


Email 325: STD Tests in RITM Satellite Clinic


Besides hepa B syphillis and HIV test, does the RITM clinic in manila have any other tests for other stds such as gono or chlam?


Email 324: OFW and HIV Test

Hello Pozziepinoy.

I'm XXX. XX yrs old working here in XXX (somewhere in the middle east),,,,gusto ko sanang mag pa hiv test pag nag vacation ako next month,,,kasi XX yrs nako dito ,,,,meron naman kaming medical test dito every 2 years,,,,which is good,,,kaso im now finishing my last contract sa XXX,,,gusto ko sana mag pa test bago ako mag renew ng contract ,,,kasi mahirap kung dito pa nila ma detect kung meron ka,,,kasi youll be sent to prison,,,,tapos deretso deport with out giving you the chance to pack your belongings,,kung ano yung suot mo yun lang ang dala mo,,,ganon sila dito ka strict,,,ive passed the medical test 3 times already,,,but this time,,,,im not so sure kung ,,,,,,,,based sa mga na search ko regarding hiv,,,wala naman akong nakikitang mga simtomas or na feel,,,its just those feelings na hinde mo ma explain,,,kasi i admit im not an angel here in XXX napakaraming tukso dito ,,,SOBRANG dami nila,,,,heheheeee,,,protection,,,??? medyo mnsan nakakalimutan,,,kasi sa spur of the moment ,,,hinde mo na sya maalala,,,,or talagang nagiging stupid lang talaga ang tao pag nandyan na yung hot moment,,,,but seriously im very willing to take the test dyan sa pinas,,,is it free,,??? what will happen kung positive ang tao,,,,how long will it take to know the result,,,is it days or hours lang,,,,can i wait for the result the same day,,??/hinde ba nakakahiya at my age  to be tested,,baka naman pag nalaman nilang positive ang tao mag layuan na sila ,,,>???

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Email 323: Traveling to Singapore and Malaysia


Last year, I booked a ticket to Singapore and Malaysia for a tour scheduled mid this year. I got tested HIV+ early this year. I've learned that these countries have strict regulations regarding entry of foreigners who are HIV+. Once proven HIV+, foreigners are immediately deported. Although HIV test is not required once arrival esp. when the stay is less than 10 days, they screen pills and medications. There is an option of getting a prescription letter from the doctor explaining that you have a chronic disease and need to take the pills daily. I'm just wondering if anyone has done this before? Were they successful in entering these countries? Or should I just cancel the whole trip? Thanks! Your blog is very informative and inspiring. 

Again, thank you!

ADVISORY: SET Postponement!


APRIL 13 & 14, 2013


NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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The People Like Us!

Perfect song for The People Like Us!

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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Image by YouTube

Friday, April 12, 2013

Email 322: HIV and Employment


I just wanna know if the result shows that I’m positive for HIV kung makakahanap pa din ba ako ng trabaho and how about the medical that company requires? Ano yung best na dapat kong gawin kasi kung positive man ako ayoko makita ang sarili ko na parang inutil instead of that gusto ko I prove sa sarili ko na kahit meron akong ganitong sakit kaya ko pa din magwork and mabigyan ko ang family ko ng magandang buhay.


HIV Anxiety Syndrome?

I have been assisting a handful of people who have had low risk encounters with the same sex or prostitutes and yet are exhibiting symptoms that usually linked with HIV. There is almost always signs of depressed immune system as they get sick all the time, some with even oral thrush and rashes but on the HIV testing, their results were all non reactive. Still, the anxiety lingers and these people still experience the HIV-like symptoms.

Email 321: About Adherence

Dear friend,

I happened to read your advice on how to stay adherent to ARV medications. This is so helpful to me. I just started the medication. Thanks God i dont have much side effect. But one thing i need to get your advice is how to always stay adherent.

Now I take ARV at 22:30 everyday and i sleep around 23h. Some days i feel very tired when I want to have an earlier sleep like 22h. Do u think I can take ARV during 22h - 22h30 and it's still considered good adherence?

Look forward to your advice

Thanks a lot


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Questionnaire About the SET Experience!





There is Light At The End of the Tunnel!

Hi Pozzie,

Good day to you and Tag!

It's been two months and 2 days since I was first diagnosed with HIV. I know I have a long way to go and visiting your website whenever I can kept my sanity intact.  I have read several stories and I too have my own.  I don't know if it is fear that is driving me away from completing my baseline tests or it's just the busy schedule.  I have been guilty these past few days because I know for the fact that I have to finish my baseline tests the soonest possible time.

RA 8504: Philippine AIDS Prevention and Control Act of 1998

Email 320: My Past and My Non Reactive Result


I'm 20 and a graduate of BSHRM, I was amazed by the stories that i read in your blog, I was moved and  kinda scared about the things i found out. 

Email 319: My Story, CD4 and Support Groups

Hello Pozziepinoy and viewers

By the way my name is D. A 24 y/o bisexual guy.. Im living in Taguig.

My story begins in this way...

I volunteered to donate blood for my cousin, whom was infected of Dengue 6 months ago. On March 2013, I received a text re: screening test findings and talk to Dr. C or A ASAP. April 1 ( hoping it was a fools day ) I met Dr. C . She told me that I am HIV + by EIA. I was confused if western blot was included in the test. But I am sure that my blood was also referred to RITM for re check and it is also " reactive ". The pathologist urge me to have HIV test by my own.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Email 318: Questions About the HIV Test

Hello Pozziepinoy,

I was the one you've been chatting with before in your Blog's chat room.

Me and my partner together with our friends will be having HIV test on Saturday at the RITM satellite office. I have a few questions about the facility.

1. Is it okay if we bring our own syringe/needle to extract blood from us?
2. Do they have counsellors prior to the test?
3. How do they reveal the results? Is it by group or do they have private rooms/cubicles to discuss the results?

Thank you in advance and more power.



Can't Be A BYSTANDER Anymore!

This email was sent in response to the blog entry: 

I CANNOT be a bystander and in my own "little"way, tho I have a few friends/contact I have to "TELL" about this situation. 

I am an auntie whose nephew has just been diagnosed with hiv/aids. Tho he is now on ARVs, my heart is so pained and burdened, and I share with him his suffering in silence (no other family member or friends know. It's the stigma). 

We spread in our facebook accounts... "Let's pray for this person who has cancer or this pet who has experienced cruelty from humans". But even though I am old and "dumb" about this computer technology, I will do something... I have to! I cannot be a bystander anymore. 

So, THANK YOU, POZZIEPINOY. For your blog and for being simply there for all of us, even to the family and friends who are supporting those with hiv/aids. 

God bless you, and all of us!