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    TRR Love Fund is the arm of the foundation which provides medical assistance to the financially challenged PLHIV.

  • Care assistance for HIV Test

    The Care Assistant Program involves assistance to HIV testing and HIV and AIDS Treatment hubs in the Philippines. Our volunteers schedule the client to the clinic or hub, assist with the procedure in the clinic or hub and conduct peer counseling


    With the TRR Hotline Numbers, our volunteers answer concerns and inquiries about HIV and AIDS, do counselling, refers clients to nearest HIV Testing facility, HIV and AIDS Treatment Hub and government and NGO organizations for support


    The foundation volunteers conduct one-on-one counseling either on the phone or in person. They also conduct group counseling


    The support group talk (SGT) is a program that involves giving HIV lectures by guest speakers, discuss topics about HIV, care, treatment and support, discussion issues related to HIV


    The foundation's outreach program is geared towards providing support to our fellow PLHIV's in the HIV and AIDS Treatment Hubs. Volunteers hand out of donations of medicines and special gifts to PLHIV, give inspirational talks by invited guests to a group of PLHIV, bonding over snacks or meal, visit the sick who are confined in the hospital

  • Referral System

    As part of treatment, the foundation's referral program involves our volunteers referring clients to specialized doctors who are HIV friendly. The foundation has it's own list of specialty doctors of low cost for the indigent PLHIV.

  • Online Support Group

    The foundation has a private Online Support Group in facebook. This group of advocates, supporters, counselors, health Workers and PLHIV

  • Home Health

    Aside from client counselling, the foundation volunteers also do family counselling and home visitation for awareness and continuance of care.

  • Health Fitness

    The foundation believes in holistic approach to treatment and care, thus inclusion of these programs: yoga, dance, swimming, jogging and running, boot camp workouts


    As part of awareness and education program, the foundation organizes its own national events to coincide with the international AIDS events: World AIDS Day and International AIDS Candlelight Memorial

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Email 562: FREE Baseline Tests?


i was just dx with hiv and my doctor wants some test such as cd4 , viral load, hbsag and cbc he told me it will cost roughly 10k and he referred me to natl kidney inst... do u have suggestion where can i have them for free?  Thanks im hopeful for ur quick response.


Facebook Group?

Hi Pozziepinoy.

I just want to ask if you know some group/s on facebook that promote HIV advocacy in the Philippines?



Hi there.

Thank you for your email. You can check out our FB Group, The Red Ribbon. It is an international group of advocates, supporters and PLHIV's. It is a private group so just add me first, pozziepinoy in FB , then just private message me there that you want to join the The REd Ribbon group.

I hope that you were able to answer your question. Feel free to email me again if you have other concerns.

Stay healthy,

Thank You!

Dear Pozziepinoy,

After 6 months of trial on arvs, finally, I have my cd4 test again and from 303 it jumped to 619!! I'm so thankful to God that my cocktails did work after a change on the combination. I did what my good doctor (Dr. D) told me and she did a great job on my meds combination. She is an angel, pagkausap ko siya gumagaan ang loob ko and after that test she told me na...okay, from this day on huwag mo ng isipin na me disease ka, live normal. Because the arvs works on me na, but of course, kasama pa din ang healthy living which it became my way of life na. Meron din kaba pag me konting nararamdaman but if I think na wala ito and isipin ko na my arvs are here to help me, gumagaan ang pakiramdam ko. I don't think my arvs as meds, Vitamins ang turing ko sa kanya. At ang pinaka importante ay Faith ke God...tried and tested talaga ang taimtim na dasal. I've learned so much, huwag mong iisipin na me sakit ka, take your meds, live healthy, smile and have faith.

Napakalaking tulong ng blog na ito at nakilala ko si Pozzie. He helped me a lot. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and to Dr. Ditangco and the men and women of RITM....God bless you all! 


PLHIV Story: Love Yourself!

Let me share my story before I become a pozzie. Okay ba?! Plsss. :D

I came from a perfect relationship with a perfect guy that everybody wishes to have in their life. For me, my love story is such a fairy tale to share. I was a freshman student during my college days and member of sociocivic orgs in the university. I'm also an officer of the Student Council, the USC. I come from a poor family. Salat sa buhay na ang mga kamag anak lang namen ang nagpapaaral saken. I'm a discreet bisexual. My ultimate crush was a sophomore - he's a campus crush. He's very known in the university esp. sa mundo ng mga bisexuals and gays because he's a bisexual, too. He sings well, matalino, cool and super galing pumorma. He also comes from a very decent and well-to-do family. Super suplado, mayabang at egocentric siya, maybe because alam nya na obrang gwapo nya.

I've met him because of a big event in the univ. and the being an officer of the Student Council, part ako ng organizing team. The first day I personally met him was really terrible. He was requesting the entire USC naunahin ang performance niya. He will sing kasi sa event na yun. And as head, I followed the original flow of the program. Nagalit siya. Nagsagutan kame. "Not my lost, Mr. officer." Sabe niya saken. I replied back, "WOW! Mas lalong hindi lost ng council ang performance mo, hambog!". Walked out siya. After 2 days I texted him. I apologized. He accepted my apology. Since then, we started texting each other hangang umabot sa peek of courting each other. Hatid sa classroom. Sabay uuwe. Kaen sa labas. Dated sa mga parks. In short, naging kame. Madamig nagalit saken. Madameng issues. But those things made us stronger. Behing the "suplado" image he has sa university as campus crush, he's the sweetest and most caring guy ever. When he was in his on board OJT, he wrote ton of letters at inipon niya ito at binigay saken when he carrived from the vessel. Nung bday ko, grabe yung mga surpirses. We always go out. Watched movies and dinner dates. There was a time na umuulan, nagkatampuhan kame. He waited sa labas ng gate namen from 8PM to 2AM just to say "sorry". Syempre basang basa siya nun. It was such a perfect relationship.

Friday, August 30, 2013

The Love Fund: August 2013 Report

Here is the list of the beneficiaries of The Love Fund for the month of August 2013:

Patient's Direct Assistance:

1. R10vtc: asthmatic patient, assisted with maintenance inhaler
2. R13aaj: asthma patient, was given financial assistance for his medicines
3. New Patient "J", confined in the hospital up to now, is being given assistance for his medicines, food and laboratory tests.

Prophylaxis Assistance: 

(each patient was given 30 pieces of Cotrimoxazole)

1. R13rmd2
2. R13jam2
3. R11nre
4. R13rcr2
5. R13jsm
6. R13rmg2
7. R13jam22
8. R13ras3
9. R13dbd
10. R13mtv
11. R13eoa
12. R13jid
13. R13cga
14. R12agv
15. R13dgr
16. R12mda
17. R13rsn
18. R13eta
19. R13gtr
20. R13uba

PCSO Assistance:

We assisted patients who were confined in the hospital through PCSO for all their hospital bills, medical and laboratory bills.

1. FEB
2. NVA
3. PGS
4. HD
5. JPS

To all the donors of The Love Fund, thank you very much. We always report back where all your donations, both monetary donations and medicine contributions are really going for transparency. 

If you want to donate to The Love Fund, please click the link below. 

There are a lot of PLHIV's who are needing our help and this is the best venue to give assistance and lend a helping hand to them.

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


If you have comments or questions, please click this link:

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YOU Can Take Charge of Your Life

I would like to applaud those who are living their lives successfully and productively even with HIV. They are my true heroes. They are the true fighters of our society. They are the real unacknowledged individuals who possess courage of conviction and commitment to life.

In the world we are living in, a way of taking charge of one's health and life starts with the HIV Test. By taking the HIV test, we are being responsible. By taking the HIV test, we will be  holding the steering wheel of our lives. By taking the HIV test, we are the "BOSS" of our health. By taking the HIV test, we are showing the world how we value our lives and how we value our relationships with our family, loved ones and our friends.

There are a few people who have lost their lives like with all other diseases, but majority of PLHIV's are now living their lives normally and successfully. HIV not a death sentence anymore, unless people don't listen to the call to take the HIV test. By taking the HIV test EARLY, early intervention can be made and early and fast improvements of health can be attained. By taking the HIV test EARLY, people will avoid the crashing down of the immune system and prevent the emergence of the opportunistic infections that come with it. By taking the HIV test EARLY, one can be in control of his or her health and not HIV controlling it.

YOU CAN TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE BY TAKING THE HIV TEST NOW. Do not think anymore. If you think you have been exposed and if you have a risky lifestyle, just take it. Plan a trip to the HIV testing center not next month, but TODAY. Don't give the "stigma" as an excuse to not taking it. Do not be embarrassed of going to the HIV testing center. Do not lower down your head but instead be proud that you are taking the test. It is your life and you need to value it by taking the HIV test. 

Be in control and take charge of your health, not tomorrow, not next week or next month, but NOW!

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


If you have comments or questions, please click this link:

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PLHIV Story: Make Life Meaningful!

Hi pozzie,

It is been a while since I last share something in your blog due to my busy schedule, but I had promised myself to write again after I've got my follow up cd4 count, whether It will be good one or bad. I'm proud to tell that from 268, it goes up to 502, which my ID physician commended which coincedentally came also to the institution I belong.... what a small world haha. though it is good, I believe it can still rise a bit higher if I was able to have a daily 8 hour of sleep, which is usually hard to do - juggling studies ( I'm taking a 2nd degree), practicing my profession and a bit of social life if time permits.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Philippine HIV and AIDS Registry: July 2013 Report

The Philippine HIV and AIDS Registry of the Department of Health National Epidemiology Center just released today it’s July 2013 Report.

In July 2013, it was reported that there were 449 new HIV cases in the Philippines. This is 18 cases higher than last month, June 2013 report. This is also 62% higher as compared to the same period last year and the HIGHEST number of cases reported in a month.

96% of the cases reported were male, with 91.75% reported mode of transmission as sexual contact. 84% of the cases were men having sex with men (MSM) with 9% symptomatic at the time of the reporting.

The regions with the most cases were the NCR, Region 3 and Region 4A. There are now 14,474 reported HIV cases from 1984 to 2013 with 1,341 were AIDS cases.

For more details, check out the full report below.

(Source: Philippine HIV and AIDS Registry, DOH-NEC, July 2013 Report)

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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Email 560: On Anal Wart Removal

sir ask ko lang po kung may anal warts removal sa ritm malate??  
and magkano po kaya ang aabuting cost?? student pa po kasi ako baka di po  
kayanin ng budget ko.. salamat po ng madami


SIr, I would like to ask if RITM Malate has anal wart removal procedures. How much is the cost? I am still a srtudent and my budget may not be able t cover it. Thank you so much.

Email 559: Questions About Me

Hello pozziepinoy,

Your blog is a haven for PLHIV and sana mawala na yung stigma surrounding HIV.
Tanong ko lang kung ilang months or years ka bago nadiagnose after ng exposure mo.  And nung nadiagnose ka, may oral thrush ka na noon?

Stay healthy and God bless you more. You are an inspiration to many.

Thank you.


Hello Pozziepinoy.

Your blog is a haven for PLHIV's and I hope that the stigma surrounding HIV will disappear.

I would like to ask if how many months or years were you diagnosed after your exposure. Also, when you got diagnosed, did you have an oral thrush?

Stay healthy and God bless you more. You are an inspiration to many.

Thank you.

Email 558: Concerned About Liver Isues

Good morning, 

Pozzie tatanung ko lang. Its my 6th day sa ARV Treatment ko, worried lang ako kasi yung 2nd med na nireseta sakin ay nevirapine and ayon sa mga nababasa ko it can highly damage yung liver? Pagbalik ba namin sa doctor for refill i check nya ba kami kung nagkaroon kami ng liver damage and kung kailangan ng ALT test? How much yung ALT test sa RITM- ARG o free ba sya? And what if mataas ang ALT mo what do they usually advice you?



Good morning.

Pozzie can I ask you. It's my 6th day with my ARV treatment. I am worried because my 2nd medicine that was prescribed to me was nevirapine and from what I have been reading, it can highly damage the liver. When I come back to the doctor for refill, will they check if I have liver damage and if I need an ALT test? How much is the ALT in RITM-ARG or is it free? What if the ALT is high? What do they usually advice you.

Email 557: Coming to Live in the Philippines

Dear Pozziepinoy,

I was very impressed by your courage to come out and create such an informative blog in the Philippines. I know that the issue of HIV is taboo there and could cause discrimination.

Please, let me introduce myself. I have been living with AIDS/HIV for more than 30 years. Here in the US we call those people like me long term survivors. I am in perfect health at 63 and know that I might live many more years as longevity is a trait in my family from Egypt.

Email 556: HIV Test Fees

hi. i'm XXX. ask ko lang po if may bAyad po bAng mag pa check up kung HIV+ OR HIV-. mag kanu po b ung bAyad ? MSM po ako.  at ask ku din po malibAn s HIV anu pa po ang kailangan pa check ? please help me thank you.


Hi. I'm XXX. I would like to ask if there is a fee for the HIV test? I'm an MSM and aside from HIV, what other tests should I get? Please help me. 

Thank you.

Email 555: Cebu Pozzie

Dear Poziepinoy,

Again and again, I'm the OFW who were deported from UAE to Philippines for being diagnosed HIV Positive last June though that was the most tragic thing that happened in my life, but that's the time also when I have experience the extreme happiness in my entire life after the Police freed me at the Airport. A very great journey indeed for at first I have questioned God, why of all the people on earth, I'm the chosen one to suffer from HIV.

Anyhow, being a Nurse here in Cebu for 6 years both employed in the academe and in hospitals, my fear of not having the consultation the time I landed in Cebu is because of my fear that my Former students, reviewees, co workers, our previous residents will know my status and reveal to the whole Cebu Island that I am positive. 

Email 554: What's Next?


found this site from watching some clips on youtube.

Is there any place that you can recommend for me to do the HIV thing yung medication po i have been tested here in overseas and found out to be postive i want to go back to phils to seek medication po sana but I got no idea where and how to do it. Thanks a lot

Email 553: How Long to Wait?

Hi sir i have a question about HIV... This month I got an HIV test, the result is negative but im still worrying because my friend told me na kaylnagan daw po is 6 months bago daw ako   Ako may pa test...  Kasi I had a unprotected sex yong nag training  po kami sa u.s. i think last week of may po ata ng may kami ng sex ng american co-worker ko . Then wala pa naman ako na experience na mga symptoms.. So napaparaniod parin ako kung ayos na ba yong 3months..   So my question is " How long to wait before testing for HIV ?" 


Hi Sir.

I Have a question about HIV. This month I got an HIV test. The result was negative but I'm still worrying because my friend told me that it has to be 6 months before I get tested. I had unprotected sex when we had a training in the US. I think it was on the last week of May when I had sex with my american co-worker. However, I don't experience any symptoms. So I am getting paranoid if 3 months is enough. So my question is "how long to wait before testing for HIV"?

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

With Hope

Another "Star" has found his place in the sky, will be shining bright and will make the dark sky spectacular tonight... 

You are home, where you are safe, where you are at peace.

May all my readers say a prayer for him tonight....

This song is from us, your family and friends....

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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We Need You!

We need you. 

The UN Secretary General's Special Envoy on HIV and AIDS for Asia and the Pacific, Dr. Prasada Rao, will be on official mission to the Philippines on 26-30 August 2013. He will have meetings with high level government officials from the Executive and Legislative branches of government, as well as meetings with civil society alliances, including religious leaders, to discuss the HIV epidemic in the Philippines. 

From today, @UNAIDS_AP will be sending a series of tweets about HIV in the Philippines and urging action to #stopHIV. These include: 

#HIV is growing in the #Philippines. Find out more – pls RT
• #HIV is rapidly expanding among men who have sex with men #MSM in the #Philippines. #stopHIV – pls RT
• #HIV is rapidly expanding among people who inject drugs #PWID in the #Philippines. #stopHIV – pls RT
• Since 2006, the rate of #HIV infection reduced in most countries but increased 10x in the #Philippines. #stopHIV - pls RT
• Less than 25% of men who have sex with men in the #Philippines know their #HIV status. More testing is vital to #stopHIV - pls RT
• Less than 15% of #Filipinos who inject drugs in the #Philippines know their #HIV status. More testing is vital to #stopHIV - pls RT
• Every 2 hours, someone in the #Philippines gets #HIV. #stopHIV - pls RT
• In the #Philippines, we only need P4,000 per person to prevent #HIV while treatment costs P25,000. HIV prevention NOW. #stopHIV - pls RT
• We can end #AIDS in the #Philippines. Commit to invest more to #stopHIV – pls RT
• By 2012, #Philippines is still in the list of 9 countries with increasing #HIV incidence. Invest more to #stopHIV - pls RT
• Bring #HIV into the #Philippines' national consciousness. Talk about #HIV and #AIDS. #stopHIV - pls RT
• Remove barriers to access to HIV programmess. Stop #stigma. Talk about #HIV and #AIDS. #stopHIV - pls RT

How you can help? 

1. Follow @UNAIDS_AP and retweet as many messages as possible over the next few days
2. Invite your Pinoy friends or friends interested in the issue of HIV in the Philippines to follow @UNAIDS_AP
3. Tweet as many of the above messages yourself 
3. Share this Facebook message 

Head over to Twitter now:

Thank you and see you there!

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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