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    The foundation believes in holistic approach to treatment and care, thus inclusion of these programs: yoga, dance, swimming, jogging and running, boot camp workouts


    As part of awareness and education program, the foundation organizes its own national events to coincide with the international AIDS events: World AIDS Day and International AIDS Candlelight Memorial

Monday, September 30, 2013

Philippine HIV & AIDS Registry: August 2013 Report

The Philippine HIV and AIDS Registry of the Department of Health National Epidemiology Center (DOH-NEC), just released its August report.

The data presented showed that there were 382 new HIV cases in the country. This is 67 lower than the previous months data (449 reported cases in July 2013). 

From the report, most of the 382 cases were male (96%), and 341 cases (89%) had sexual contact as the mode of transmission. Males having sex with males (MSM) comprised 87% the cases, and 6% of the total cases were asymptomatic at the time of reporting.

The bulk of the cases from the National Capital Region (41%), Region VII (17%) and Region IVA (13%). 

There are 14,856 HIV cases from 1984-2013 with 1,362 cases reported as AIDS.

For the full report please click the images below:

(Source Philippine HIV and AIDS Registry, DOH-NEC, August 2013 Report)

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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PLHIV Story: My Update

Hi Pozzie,

I finally went to RITM-ARG Alabang last Friday.. did some baseline test and the dreaded CD4 count. Since this is my first visit the doctor is requiring me to have additional test like syphilis etc. I found out that my CD4 count is 55 I know that's very low. Hopefully when i get back this Tuesday i can finally start my ARV since the result for the tests will be out tuesday. I also met some pozzies, got to talk to them, heard their stories.. and i also met one of my friends in some unfortunate instances in all places i saw him in arg. He first recognized me, hes having his cd4 count that day. He told me he found out that hes + last january and hes still not on arv cause his cd4 is still high around 500.well im glad i saw familiar face and i finally talk to someone about what im going through.

Ill update you when i get back this Tuesday. Hopefully ill start my arv. Stay healthy.


Sunday, September 29, 2013

Email 646: Had an Encounter with a PLHIV

Call me Mr. X. it was JUNE of this year I had contact with sogmebody.. nakilala ko lang po sya sa bus. tinanung ko sya kung my sakit sya?. ang sabi nya ehh. wala my napansin akong rashes sa balat nya ang sabi nya ehh. "skin asthma" daw un.. then nagkarun kami ng quikee contact pero "insertive fellatio" lang ung nangyari. mga couple of minutes lang yung contact.. after noon. we exchange no. 

Email 645: My Pulmonologist


Good day! I saw your page when I browsed for chronic cough specialist here in the Philippines. I'm hiv negative but suffering chronic cough. I just wanna ask for the contact details of your pulmonologist just to try his/her service. Thank you. and hope for your reply. 


Email 644: Worried About Having Unprotected Sex

Hello Pozzie,

Good day!

First of all I would like to commend your blog. I have read a lot about HIV / AIDS lately and I am really thankful because it is very inspiring, informative and educational.

Moving on, I would like to raise some questions regarding my situation. I am a really alarmed and anxious.

Email 643: Conclusiveness at 87 days?

Hi Sir Pozzie,

Good day!

I would like to ask if my HIV including HBSAG and Sy tests made last August 24 (70 days post exposure) and September 9 (87 days post exposure) at RITM-MALATE  were already conclusive? (Thank GOD result was non Reactive).

I had an experienced an oral sex from a Masseur last June 14 (actually my 1st time). I got scared and attacking with anxiety..currently I experienced nerve and muscle pains..One thing I have Diabetes and taking up meds, do this illness affect my current test?

Hope you can answer my querries..

More power and God Bless


Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Love Fund: September 2013 Report

Here is the September 2013 Report of Beneficiaries of The Love fund


1.R13jtd  "J" was assisted with admission fees, medicines, laboratory, and hospital bills nya
2.R13aaj bronco-asthmatic patient: was helped with his meds
3. r10vtc asthma patient: was assited with his inhaler inhaler
4. r07msd inpatient: was assisted with hospital bills and laboratory fees
5. "S" new patient, was helped with her medicines
6.r13 asc3 "A/J" was given transportation fares 2x and food and expenses
7. r11abq was assisted with medicines



1.r13eba    - 30 pcs
2.r12asc    - 30 pcs
3.r13eoa    - 30 pcs
4. r11nre    - 30 pcs
5.r13jom    - 30 pcs
6.r10mcg   - 30 pcs
7.r13rmm5  - 40 pcs


1.r11nre      - 30 pcs
2.r12mnd    - 29 pcs
3. r11ajl       - 30 pcs
4.r13rsn       - 30 pcs
5.r13jbe       - 16 pcs
6.r13rmb2   - 30 pcs
7.r13dcs     - 30 pcs
8.r13ras3    - 30 pcs
9.r13jds      - 30 pcs
10. r13eta  - 30 pcs
11. r13aba4  - 30 pcs
12.r13mcl     - 30 pcs
13.r13mab   - 30 pcs
14.r13uvf     - 30 pcs


1. R12MADA 
2. KFZ
6. R13DCD

Thank you to all the donors of The Love Fund. Your monetary donations and donations of medicines are all going to our fellow indigent PLHIV's.

Do donate to The Love Fund, please click the link below:

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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Friday, September 27, 2013

PLHIV Story: Story of Vans

Hi guys,

I was diagnosed positive  last May 30, 2013, together with the diagnosis, I have HBV and had Sy 2nd degree. I thought, these are the only STIs I have. Surprisingly, I have anal warts, too. I decided to schedule my surgical warts removal on December this year in Makati Med but my attending doctor is not aware that I have anal warts because I'm too shy to share it with him. 

Email 642: HIV Testing Site in CDO

Dear Pozzie Pinoy,

I am scared to death I have contracted HIV from an unknown person, whom I met online.  Although, symptoms of HIV are non specific, I can't help but feel that what I am experiencing is HIV related.  Please help me locate an anonymous testing site in CDO. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance. 


Email 641: Protecting My Identity

Hi. Just want to ask, if I go to Klinika Bernardo for HI test, is it possible not give personal details, even my true name?


Email 640: PGH-SAGIP as Hub of Choice


2 months ako nadiagnose ako na HIV+. Until now hindi pa din ako pumupunta sa RITM dahil sa work ko and sobrang layo sa totoo lang naiisip ko from NORTH to SOUTH ng Metro.Gusto ko na talaga malaman ang CD4 ko. Tanong  ko lang pozzie kung pwede sa PGH-Sagip na lang ako pumunta ipakita ko yung results ng test ko galing sa RITM satellite clinic? 


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Email 639: HIV Test, 5 Days Post Exposure


I had unprotected sex 5 days ago. Is it okay to get tested already? Kinakabahan kasi ako nagkaroon ako ng sorethroat i think meron plema sa lalamunan ko.. (translation: I am scared since I am having sore throat and I think theres phlegm in my throat).

I'm planning to get tested this sat on the RITM satellite clinic since its free (I'm not a patient there is it still free?). If the result will be negative, is it still possible for to have it? (i'll abstain from sex since it really got me scared)


What does my CD4 count mean?

(Source: 100 Questions and Answers About HIV and AIDS, 2nd Ed., by Joel Gallant, M.D., MPH)

Your blood contains red blood cells (RBC's), white blood celles (WBC's) and platelets. Lymphocytes are a type of WBC, and the CD4 cell is a type of lymphocyte, the one most affected by HIV. The CD4 count measures the health of your immune system. It should be checked regularly (usually every 3 to 6 months) if you're not on therapy because it measures the amount of damage done by HIV and iit is the most important test for deciding whether you need to start ART or prophylaxis (prevention) for opportunistic infections. The CD4 count almost always increases with effective ART, but how much it will increase is hard to predict.

Once you're on ART, the viral load becomes more important than the CD4 count as a measure of your response. If you're viral load is undetectable - the goal of therapy - it's unlikely that you would make any changes based on the CD4 count. An ideal response to ART is to have an undetectable viral load and a CD$ that's above 500. When you reach that goal, its not necessary to measure the CD4 count more than once a year.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Email 638: HIV Test in Dubai

hello there. 

I'm XXX. I have met a nice Filipino guy in Dubai and we want to start a relationship. We would like to take a hiv test together and get results together. Do you know of any places in Dubai?


Care Assistance Program - Hubs

Want to be assisted 
for FREE
RITM-ARG, Alabang
for your  
baseline tests, CD4 and consultation?


Please contact 

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


Want to be ASSISTED for the HIV TEST?? 
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Email l 637: Want a CD4 Test Even When negative!

Hi Pozziepinoy. 

Pwede po ba at paano makaka pacheck ng CD4 kahit negative ang hiv test result? Thanks po.


Hi Pozziepinoy.

Is it possible and how can I check my CD4 even though my HIv test result is negative?

Thank you.

Email 636: HIV Test in RITM Satellite Clinic


Just want to ask about the free HIV test being conducted in the RITM Satellite clinic.

- What do you call these test?
- How many are the test?
- How long does the test usually take?

Hope you can answer my questions.


Email 635: What Can I Do?

Hi Pozziepinoy.

Tawagin nyo na lang po akung si JayAr. Nagkarun po ako ng unprotected insertive fellatio sa isang HIV positive mayron po akong nakitang rashes sa balat nya. According sa research maliit ang chance na mgkarun ako ng hiv. ngpatest na po ako after 2 months and its negative. sana after ng 5 months negative parin po.. anu po bang yung action ko para maging negative ako ayokong mag antay ng walang ginagawa. i appreciate your responce..


Email 634: Interactions Between Medicines and HIV Test

Hello po. 

Magtatanong lang. Kung may iniinom akong gamot, makaka apekto ba to sa HIV test results ko? Kung sakali, anong mga gamot ang pwedeng maka apekto sa test results ko?  
Kinakabahan kasi ako

Salamat po



I would like to ask a question. If I am to take medicines, will it affect the HIV test results?
If ever, what medicines can affect the result? I am just scared.

Thank you.

Email 633: Flu Vaccine and HIV Test

I want to take the HIV test. I recently had a flu vaccination. Would this have any effect? If yes, how long should I wait?


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Looking for Volunteers!!!!


The Project Red Ribbon 
is looking for 
for our 

If you want to be a volunteer assistant 
to the 
please call 
Marky Manlangit: 0916-346-2538

If you want to be a volunteer assistant 
to the 
HIV/AIDS Treatment Hubs 
please call 
Gerald Santos: 0917-899-0473

If you want to be a volunteer 
for the
Emergency Care Program 
please email or call:
Pozziepinoy: 0916-286-2066

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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HIV/AIDS and the Common Cold

I know a lot of PLHIV's are having colds and cough nowadays because of the weather here in the Philippines. A lot of them have been texting me as they have bouts of fever, cough, flu and colds. Some are really scared as sometimes their illnesses will last for more than 2 weeks.
I for one, got scared when I had a cold and was coughing for 2 weeks. Even though my CD4 is way above 550 and my viral load undetectable, even the common cold gave me a scare. I got scared because my pneumonia started with a persistent dry cough. I called Dr. Ditangco and she told me that it was just the common cold and I can take some over the counter colds medications. I took her advice, but after 3 days with persistent dry cough, Tag and I decided to seek consult with my pulmonologist who managed my pneumonia 2 years ago.

Email 632: To Go to The Hub or Not?

Hi Pozzie,

I just got my confirmatory test and im planning to go ritm alabang soon. But right now i have rashes.. my derma prescribed prednisone, antihistamine, and derma ointments. Btw this derma dont know that im hiv + and im not really sure if i can tell her that because shes my hmo doctor.. so if she knew that im a pozzie my consultation will not be covered by my hmo. So im still undecided whether to tell her or not..

Right now my medication are co-tri 2x a day (as prophylaxis since i havent had my cd4 and vl yet) and my meds for rashes.. so im not really sure if can go to the treatment hub since im taking prednisone im afraid it might alter the result of my test or should i treat my rashes first then go to the treatment hub? Please help me.


Email 631: How To Know if One Has HIV?

papano po malalaman na may hiv ang isang tao ang isa pa wala po ako pera pang check up sana matulungan nyo po ako


How would a person know if he or she has HIV. One more thing, I don't have money for a check up. Please help me.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Email 630: CD4 Test Result in PGH-SAGIP

Hi Sir,

Good Day!

We are one of your blogs avid reader. Thank you very much for the very informative blog!
My brother is a HIV+ patient, he had the CD4 Test at Sagip PGH last Aug 28, 2013.
May we know when would be the result be released? if after one month and still not yet released, May we know where can we follow-up it?
Hoping for your soonest reply.

Best Regards,

Email 629: Are my HIV Tests Conclusive?

Good day!

pozzie let me tell to you my story. last week of october 2012 i had an unprotected sex with this guy then december 2012 i take my 1st hiv test non reactive naman siya tapos january to february we had sex again but now protected sex lahat. then may 2013 nag take ulit ako ng hiv test and non reactive ulit ang result my question is...

1. conclusive na ba ung hiv test ko?
2. may ilang symptoms ako na naramdaman like chill, sorethroat, backpain  
pero paminsan minsan lang. is it a sign that im hiv positive?
3. yung last protected sex ko is february pero i noticed some blood on my  
anus when i wiped it pero a day after wala na. is it possible that im  
infected now with hiv with regards on that incidence?
4. nag pa test yung partner ko negative nman siya. pwede bang ako magkaroon  
ng hiv tapos siya wala kahit siya lang yung partner ko eversince?
5. panu ba napapasa ang hiv? pwede bang magsimula siya sa katawan ng taong  
walang virus kahit negative yung partner niya?

thanks in advance