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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Email 726: Vaccinations Even with Pneumonia

Hi Pozzie,

I was just diagnosed last Oct 27, 2013. I had my CD4 test last October 29 and it went so low, 46 to be exact. I was advised of the following vaccines


I'm wondering which vaccine should I have first? I have pneumonia as of now.

And if you know a clinic that I can get this vaccines in a lower price, please let me know.


Email 725: Having Fever on Trial Period

Good Day!!!

I'm Mike, i would like to ask if you had fever on your first week that you're taking your ART Meds? If not, what are the side effects that you've experience on the ART meds that you're taking?

Thanks and Best Regards,

Email 724: Feeling the Side Effects of Efavirenz

Hi. Thank you for all the encouragement and the information that your blog provides, and it has been a great help in my journey since last September when I was confirmed to be HIV+.

I recently had my change of ARV since Nevirapine gave me the expected fever and rashes. Just yesterday I started taking Efavirenz as a new measure.

I took the Efav last night by 10PM and tried to sleep and I noticed that when I was roused from slumber at about 1AM I was really dizzy like I was high on something and I was kept in this state even after I woke up at 8AM to take my Lami/Zido this morning. What's weird is that as I am writing to you now at about 3PM I am still a bit tipsy and rather "floating" or aloof in thoughts...

Is this normal for the first take of Efav? Is there any measure to lessen this experience?

Thank you very much and God keep you.

-Maroon Boy

Email 723: Wants to Join the Support Group

Hi pozzie. I am one of your avid followers and blog reader.

I appreciate your time responding to all the questions where i and many others get a lot of positive information from. Its uplifting.

I want to attend your upcoming activities about inspirational stories of hiv positive people. As of now,. I am still down and depressed,.i want someone to talk to who is as well in the same situation as i am. I hope you can help me join attend any events. I so much want to learn about my case.


ADVISORY: New Schedule of CD4 Test in RITM-ARG


Please be advised that the
NEW CD4 Testing Schedule 
is from
8:30 - 9:30 am
November 4, 2013

This advisory 
is approved by
Dr. Rossana Ditangco

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

ADVISORY: RITM Satellite Clinic Closed on November 1 and 2, 2013


will be CLOSED on
November 1, 2013 (Friday)
November 2, 2013 (Saturday)
Clinic will resume its operations
November 3, 2013 (Sunday)

This advisory has been approved by
Dr. Rossana Ditangco
Head, RITM-ARG/ RITM Satellite Clinic

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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ADVISORY:Philippine Government HIV/AIDS Hubs Closed on November 1, 2013


Please be advised that
will be closed on
November 1, 2013

To those who have a scheduled ARV refill, consultation, diagnostic tests,
PLEASE come to the facilities this week.


NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

PLHIV Story: Live Your Life

I had three immature relationships before I had surrendered myself to the guy which I loved so much but chose to break up after a year of being together.

Numerous issues caused everything. The greatest was because I learned the lifestyle of being a "call boy" despite of being a good student in UP. I felt so small and decided to partway with him.

Upon our break-up, I was this freely man who tend to hook up with everyone. Be it on bars, malls, CRs, etc. My experience with him changed a lot from me. That was worst. After a year of enjoying the singlehood of me, I was engaged to use of drugs. And that was at that time only. Again, unsafe sex. Because of those crystallyzed drugs, I was not able to sleep for days. Until I experienced diffuculty in releasing urine. So I had the infection so called gonorrhea (and for the second time since the first was when I am with my one-year boyfriend). I immediately went to a social hygiene clinic in Cubao (since i can't afford to go to UPHS -Infirmary because I have been there for my treatment before). It was by the end of March 2012.

PLHIV Story: Acceptance, Courage and Faith

Hi Pozziepinoy, thank you sa blog mo kasi napakalaking tulong sa mga PLHIV at saka dun sa mga curious. Napaka daming topic na nakaka enlighten. If I'm not mistaken you had an interview for TV5's Positive (primer). Anyway po, I'm 28 years old, diagnosed with hiv last Sept. 20, 2013. I have a partner for 5 years. I just want to share yung mga naramdaman ko, mga symptoms na nagmanifest until ma diagnose ako. August 2012, nakakaramdam na ako ng Malaise, though hindi ako nilalagnat or anything unsual that time. October 2013, nagkaroon ako ng herpes zoster, gumaling naman din after 2 weeks. I'm not  a party goer, i drink occasionally and not a smoker, pero madalas puyat because the line of work. 

Until April 2013, I had a tubercolosis. Napapadalas yung night sweats ko. August 2013, nakakaramdam na ako ng shortness of breath i thought sa dahil sa tb. After one month lumalala pa sya until i- admit na ako sa Medical City. Emergency room pa lang the attending physician ask me if i had an hiv test before, hindi ako kinabahan, i just ageed to do the test asap. That very hour tinawag ko agad yung buong family ko, i brief them about my current situation and what to expect. walang nalungkot sa amin, we just prayed altogether and pina sa diyos na lang namin ang lahat. I was diagnosed with PCP and another series of herpes zoster, after 5 days I was discharged from the hospital and continue my medications. The initial test is positive, I immediately inform my partner and my family about it, good thing that in our family were open.They've been very supportive. October 22nd, western blot confirmed me and on that day I was cleared with my tubercolosis and my rashes because of herpes zoster already dried. My mom accompanied me to get my arv's. Tomorrow, October 30,2013 i will be starting my arv's with cd4 count of 30, weight of 45kgs. 

Kaya ko gusto i share yung story ko para lahat tayo maging aware and how important to have a strong support group such as our family. People should learn the real definition of the word "ACCEPTANCE"  "COURAGE" and "FAITH". 

thank pozziepinoy i will update you on my numbers and health status.

Philippine HIV and AIDS Registry: September 2013 Report

The September 2013 Philippine HIV and AIDS Registry of the Department of Health - National Epidemiology Center, just came out today.

From the report, there are 427 new HIV cases in the country which is 35% higher than the same period last year. 94% cases were male, with 413 (97%) cases reported as sexual contact as the mode of transmission. males having sex with males comprise 84% of the cases. The bulk of the cases came from the NCR (52%), Region IVA (14%), Region III & Region VII (both 7%).

From 1984-2013, there were 15,283 cases reported, of which 13,880 (91%) were asymptomatic and 1,403 (9%) were AIDS cases. From january 1984 to September 2013 there were 847 deaths reported.

For more details refer to the actual registry below.

(Source: Philippine HIV and AIDS Registry, Department of Health-National Epidemiology Center)

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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Monday, October 28, 2013

Email 722: PLHIV Wants to Gain Muscles

May tanong po ako pag poz po ba tas nag work out possible pang lumake katawan? I mean possible ba mag ka muscle? Kahit uminom ng creatine, amino, tas whey protien.?



I have a question. If one is a PLHIV and starts working out, would it be possible to get a big body? What I meant was can one develop muscles? Even if one takes creatine, amino and whey protein?

Email 721: Looking to Meet other PLHIV's

wish i could meet u and other people like us.. i wanna hear more stories and advice.. im a 23 year old guy. i have a bf he had 2x negative so far.. hiv may scare me every day.. but it changes my ways for good.. made me a better man.. loved those i took for granted.. leads me to a better path..             

the world is so small everyone knows who and like me i feel like i have to protect my loved ones from the stigma.. i was never isolated so far but i cnt take it if someone experience it cause of me. my condition..  and so im thankful for this blog for shedding some light..

Email 720: Wants to Settle Down in The Philippines


I have been hiv + for 9 years. I am on meds and doing just fine. I will be retiring from the military very soon and my girl friend and I would like to get married and live in the Philippines, well she is all ready there, (she's Filipino). I will have my own health insurance and all that stuff, my question is if we are married, CAN I live in the Philippines with her or not? legally that is. Thank you so much for all your help and for all you do for others! 

P.S. I have been to all the government sites and it doesn't really say, only a test is required, so confusing.


Email 719: Worried and Wants Assistance

Hi . 

Ako nga po pala si mark . mga ilang months na din po ako nag babasa ng blog nyo at ngayon lang din ako nag karoon ng lakas ng loob na mga message sa inyo . alam ko po kasi na meron ako nito (hiv) ano po kaya ang magandang gawin gusto ko mag pacheck pero d ko alam pano umpisahan pano sasabihin pano gagawin siguro dahil natatakot lang din ako . meron kaya kayong kakilala na may karamdaman din gaya ko na sinasamahan nila mag pa check yung mga kagaya ? 

salamat and godbless po.



I am Mark. I have been reading your blog for months now and it is only now that I had the courage to send you a message. I know that I have HIV. What should I do? I would like to get tested but I don't know where to start, what to say and what to do, maybe because I am scared. Do you know somebody who has the same feelings as I do who can assist me for the check up?

Thank you and God bless.

Email 718: Where to Take the HIV Test?

good day po. :) 

ask ko lang po, san po ako pwede magpa HIV test. i'm from San mateo rizal. i'm only 19 and aminado po ako ng expose ako sa unprotected sex. napansin ko po kasi naging sakitin ako nitong mga nkaraang buwan. :( pero po hindi naman po sa iba ibang lalake. sa naging BF ko lang po. i need your help po natatakot po ako. :(


Good day.

I would like to ask when I can take the HIV test? I'm from San Mateo, Rizal. I'm only 19 years old and I admit that I had unprotected sex before. I observe that I have been sick these past months. I didn't have sex with different guys but only to my boyfriend.

I need your help. I am scared.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

My HIV Test Experience

Hi pozziepinoy! 

I just want to update you on my status and to thank you for posting my letter (698) to your blog and most especially for your advice. 

I took the test last monday, october 21 with the assistance of jake rn. I txted him and asked a few advice and he volunteered to assist me since he will be there on the area. I was very nervous that it took a while for me to look for the hact office. During the counselling ive learned a lot about hiv although i have already read a dozen article about it. And last thursday i got the result, i am so happy that it was NON-REACTIVE. Indeed you are right, that there is no way of knowing your status except by getting tested. 

Now, im starting to live my life to the fullest, thanking GOD for the new life, new oppurtunities. I will always remember the lesson ive learned on this experience.

Goodluck to you and may the good LORD bless you.


The Love Fund: October 2013 Report

Here is the list of the beneficiaries of The Love Fund this October 2013. Thank you to all our donors for helping our fellow PLHIV's.


1. "vince"-for his medicines
2. R12asc3 "jake": food and transportation to and from the PAFPI Shelter; assisted with his medicines for his gastrointestinal problems; assisted with his confinement in RITM because of his reaction to nevirapine, his food and transportation
3. "Ernesto" new patient: meds, ER fees, laboratory and medicine
4. R13mlm: HV Vaccine, transpo going to his province , consultation fee for dermatologist
5. R11dgc: derma patient who asked for medicines
6. R12jlc: cryptomeningitis patient with brain infection, was assisted with medicines
7. "B": medicine and antibiotics  
8. "J" transpo, food and ER fees 
9. " Guilbert": courier of ARV's from Alabang to Ozamis city.


Cotrimoxazole 30pcs:

1. R13dDEG
3. R13RFM
4. R08MTS
6. R13ADM
7.R13 ASP
8. R13MVE
10. R13WSM
12.R13 JPR3
17. R13DCS
18. R13MSB
19 R13AOD
20. R08027
21 R13CLS
22. R13 RAS2
23 R13RMD2
24. R13JQD
25. R13ECP
26. R12JSG2
28. R13MME

29. R13RGY
30. R13NRE
32 R13JMD
33. R13EBA2
34 R13 JPV
35 R13MEA
36 R13RRL




3. R10VTC
7. "B"


1. AD
2. DV
3. LB

Once again, thanks to all donors. If you want to donate to The Love Fund, please click the
link below:

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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Care Assistance Program Video for HIV Testing!

The Care Assistance Program of The Red Ribbon:

Video courtesy of Steve.

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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