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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Online Support Group In Action

Hi Pozzie,

I badly need help. I was diagnosed last February and I have been drinking medications for OI which is TB for the past two months now which means its no longer contagious. My hub is RITM in Alabang and its also my TB-DOTS hub. The last time I was there I was given a box of TB treatment tablets to last me a month but I did not anticipate that I will run out of them during this holy week. All along I thought they will be open even during the holy week because its a hospital but yesterday I called them and they said that from Maundy Thursday until Easter Sunday they will be closed. I have been panicking since yesterday. I worry that because of this stress I may also miss my ARVs. I will no longer have any TB meds to drink from tomorrow until Sunday. I hope you or maybe a reader of your blog can help me.

Encouraged To Take the Test!

Hi Pozzie,

I found your site back in January 2013. It gave me the "push" to get tested. I got tested at RITM Malate. It was nerve-wracking (to say the least); I even thought of backing out. My result was NON-REACTIVE, though I still need to repeat it since I was still in the window period. Regardless, I was happy and thankful.

Story of Alexis

Hi Pozzie! 

My name is Alexis and like everyone here I was also diagnosed HIV + abroad  just January this year. At first, it was really hard knowing that I have this kind of disease. It was hard accepting that my life will end so soon, my dreams are slowly fading and my life is full of darkness. I begun to think of killing myself, I was about to end my life because for me it is now of no use and it is already messed up. I really don't know what to do, I don't have work anymore because I cant renew my visa simply because of my misfortune. I am nowhere to be found, until I approach GOD and tell Him all my burdens. I asked Him to help me carry it because I couldn't make it alone. Immediately He respond on my prayers, He uses my friends to help me surpass  all of this.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Email 304: Waiting and Treatment Hubs

hi pozzie.... having a great day.....?

anyway can I ask you something.... I was diagnosed hiv+ wt is the 1st step that I need to do..? (my blood extraction done on one of the private diagnostics center in mnla, and they just forward it to san lazaro SACCL for confirmatory) after having the confirmatory results, the doctor from the diagnostic center is advising me to coordinate to the San Lazaro SACCL. but im thinking that there might be better place to go like what i have read on ur blogs, like ritm-arg and ritm sat clinic.... or should I find a private doctor 1st?

thanks for ur time...

Email 303: Cure for HIV?

Hi Pozziepinoy.

I 've been reading your blog since last year. Reason why I took my 1st test in December. It was non-reactive, though baka window period pa.

Planning to take it again this April.

Regardless of the results, would just like to know if until now, wala pa rin bang gamot for HIV (is there no medicine yet for HIV) or something that can prevent it from becoming an AIDS? Thanks po.


Email 302: Is the HIV Test Accurate?

Hi Pozzie,

Is the HIV test in RITM accurate? I took the test and It was negative. But I took it 2-3 weeks after contact. Was that accurate?


Email 301: A Friend Needs Help

Hi Pozzie,

I hope you can help me. I am working here abroad. I have a friend who was recently diagnosed as HIV positive. What lead for him to be diagnosed with HIV is his multiple infections. The HIV doctor told him he can not undergo ARV or cocktails because he has hepatitis and his kidney is very weak also. Right now he is undergoing treatment for these two illnesses so he can undergo ARV soon.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Email 300: Traveling to HK with ARV's

Hi Pozzie,

Its been a while since I shared my HIV story on your blog and I'm quite thankful I didn't encounter any side effects esp rashes from my arvs (Nevi, Teno, Lami combo) especially from the nevirapine - just like what others have said that appearance of  side effects were case to case basis and drinking lots and lots of fluid to help my body clear up the toxins, & quitting [smoking] (been 4 months since I have lighted my last cigar... yehey) does really help a lot.

I'll be going abroad for a vacation and this is my first time to travel with a medication. though I know that HK doesn't have any restrictions on poz people, I still have this paranoia there will be an airport problems due to my medications and I will be outed to my relatives (my immediate family does know my status and I'm lucky they are very supportive).

Any Idea on the things I need to secure first in relation to my medications?

Thanks in advance

Email 299: Fourth Gen HIV Test?

Good day po.

I was reading your blog for a few weeks now. I am worried about my HIV status.
I have a protected anal sex last February 28 with someone i met in the chatroom. I was the bottom.

My anxiety is killing me and as I make a research I came across 4th generation ELISA test which can give you an accurate result 28 days after possible exposure.
Can you please help me find a medical facility in Manila which can do the said test? 



The Story of Alex

Hi Pozzie!

I just want to say thank you for having this blog. I tested positive 10 days ago and right now I'm on my second day of ARV. Because of the things I learned from reading your blog I was able to immediately act, have myself tested, finished all my labs and now I'm taking my ARVs. You are an inspiration. I met Philip thru your blog and I must say he is really kind, nice and supportive. He is beaming with positivity. :)

I just want to share my story. I decided to create my own online journal to chronicle my journey. And as a matter of courtesy to you for being my inspiration I want to share to you my first post. Here it is:

Thursday, March 28, 2013

A & M's Journey of Love, Commitment, Courage and Hope

I met A & M, 9 or 10 months ago in RITM-ARG, when I was still personally assisting PLHIV's. At that moment, I was with a PLHIV who donated milk formula milk, diapers (for a PLHIV kid) and money to The Love Fund when I accidentally bumped into them, seeing them both there talking to Ate Ellen in the clinic. 

A and I were already corresponding prior to that. It started with A's email, asking questions about HIV. Like what I have been doing for the past year and 6 months, I tried to answer all his questions for M, guiding both of them with the process of treatment. I told them where to go, explained the process, guided them with the labs and ARV's. 

When I first met them that morning, I didn't hesitate introducing myself as eversince I communicated with A, I was wowed by the couple's commitment to one another. A's being there for M reminded me of Tag's love for me during the early days of my treatment and I felt that It was an honor for me to see love in action right in front of me.

From then on, A would always update me on M's condition through phone calls or text messages. If I need support for The Love Fund, they would open their hearts and help out.

A month ago, when I went to Dr. D's clinic, I once again bumped into A & M. Both of them were delighted to see me and they really looked more relaxed. M seemed to be in better shape unlike the first time I saw him. I was glad to see both them, looking good and happy.

Tonight I received a letter from A and I want to share his letter to all my readers:

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My HIV Test Experience

Hello Pozzie!

Gusto ko sanang i-share yung experience ko sa RITM Malate.

Honestly, ayoko talaga magpa test. Di ko ata kakayanin pag nag positive ako. I'm too young para mamatay. Nahihiya din ako sa parents ko pag nalaman nila na HIV positive ako. Basta ang daming tumatakbo sa isip ko. Ang dami kong nai-imagine. Buti na lang nakita ko yung blog mo. Sobrang na-educate ako, na-inspire sa mga story, at syempre na-encourage para magpa test. All thanks sa blog mo! :)

The Love Fund: March 2013 Report

Here is the list of patients that have been helped by The Love Fund this March 2013:

1. r10vtc- medicine for bronchial asthma
2.r13rsg- new patient was assisted for hepa b laboratory because he has jaundice 
3.  r13aaj- derma problem
4. r10art- antihistamine for allergic reaction to seafood 
5. Three (3) patients were helped for the courier ng ARV's to Quezon, Davao, and Ilo-ilo City.

For the cotrimoxazole donation:

1. r13aaj 50pcs
2.r13jpq 30pcs
3. r13rjm        30pcs
4. r13jtl           30pcs
5. r13hml       30pcs
6. r12nti 30pcs
7. r10aap3 14pcs
8. r13hml       16pcs


RP: Hospitalization bills with multiple infection
DN: Hopitalization bills with multiple infection

Once again, thank you to all who donated to The Love Fund.

If you want to help our fellow PLHIV's, please click the link below:

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


If you have comments or questions, please click this link:

© Copyright. All Rights Reserved by Pozziepinoy 2012


Monday, March 25, 2013

Email 298: CD4 and VL Tests in RITM-ARG

Hello Pozziepinoy. 

I just wanna ask if the CD4 and viral load tests are offered freely sa RITM-ARG? Kasi ang mahal sa Makati Med and PGH... Php6500 and Php2700 respectively ...



Hello Pozziepinoy.

I just want to ask if the CD4 and VL tests are offered freely in RITM-ARG? They are expensive in Makati Medicala Center and PGH, Php6,500 and Php2,700 respectively.


PLHIV Story: Getting Better Now!

Hello Pozzie. 

I want to share my story. Well 2 yrs ago I was diagnosed that I am HIV positive, binaliwala ko for 2 yrs. :( until dumating un time n nanghina nko. Pneumonia, herpes, t.b.- yan ang npgdaanan ko. kala ko deads nko nun nag ka pneumonia ko kasi ndi nko mkadilat at mka tayu to see my doc. Until un nga sinundo ako ng ate ko pra dalin sa Unciano Hospital. Haaaay the day na nlmn ko na positive ako.. So depress gusto ko ng tumakbo ng tumakbo.... Natakot ako insip ko bka I rehab ako sa SLH....

But now I'm taking ARV sa tulong ng isang kaibigan at ng RITM.... But still taking meds sa TB ko for one month plang :) pro nramdamn ko n un pgbabago ng ktawan ko....


Email 297: Needs an Infectious DIsease Doctor


I emailed earlier about genital area concerns.

I've tested for HIV and it's non reactive. But I still feel something down there so is there any Infectious disease specialist you can recommend? and STD tests I should take and how much it would cost me?


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Email 296: Conflicted

I have just tested positive for HIV and will be going to ARG this coming week for further tests. Im conflicted and am contemplating ending my life to avoid the shame my family will face for my condition. Especially my parents. Is there a way to overcome this and live?



Hi Pozzie.

It's me again at this is my third time to send you e mail . This is different now .nung nakita ko ang reply mo sa e mail ko di na ako ngdalawang isip na mgpacheck . 

Sobrang napagaan mo ang pakiramdam ko  khit na di ko pa alam ang result . Naisip ko na pwede ko pa din makasama ang family ko kng may HIV man ako. 

Saturday, March 23, 2013


It is real. It is out there. It resides with all kinds of people. It doesn't choose.

It is the Holy Week again! It is the time of long vacation again in the country. This is usually the peak time that people go to the different beaches in the country because of the summer heat! However, there are famous places in the country which have been given new names because of the huge population of MSM's (men having sex with men) and heterosexuals who usually flock there, flaunting their buff and lean muscled, sexy bodies and of course have sex everywhere, sometimes under the influence of booze and drugs.

It is real. It is out there. It resides with all kinds of people. It doesn't choose.

It is ok to have fun but we should all be responsible to ourselves and to others. The cases of HIV in the Philippine is still on the rise. From the January 2013 report of the HIV and AIDS Registry of the DOH-NEC, there were 380 new cases of HIV and 25 cases of AIDS in the Philippines, with 82% coming from the MSM group. Sexual contact comprise 99% of the total cases.

It is real. It is out there. It resides with all kinds of people. It doesn't choose.

BE RESPONSIBLE! Use CONDOMS and LUBRICANTS when having sex. Drugs, alcoholic drinking and sex are bad combinations. Make sure to check the cleanliness and sanitation of tattoo places. Don't share needles!!!

HIV is REAL. HIV is out there. HIV resides with all kinds of people. HIV doesn't choose.

We don't have to be infected while we are having fun during these busy weeks. All we have to do is to be RESPONSIBLE with all our actions!

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


If you have comments or questions, please click this link:

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Forgetting ARV's?

I have received a lot of emails and text messages from PLHIV's, asking for advices whenever they have missed their doses of ARV's or took another pill instead during a scheduled intake. We all know the importance of ARV adherence to HIV treatment and our doctors keep on reminding us to follow strictly the prescribed timing of all our medicines.

Email 295: Possible Acute Infection and the HIV Test


Been reading your blog and it's sad that I had to undergo this stage of paranoia before changing my habits. You see, I had unprotected sex a week ago and I right now I have fever and cough.

How soon can I get an HIV test done? I've been reading things from the internet, most of which tell me that HIV can be detected at least three months from exposure. Can HIV be detected a week after exposure, and if yes, are such tests available here in the country? In particular, can the RITM satellite office perform such tests?

I've been quite paranoid lately and I wanted to get a test a soon as possible.


Email 295: Woman's Concerns

Hi Pozziepinoy.

Thanks for the reply. Nag wowork po kse ako kaya di po ako mkapagpacheckup. Pero plan ko na po after Holy Week sana . Kung may makasex po ba ako ng may HIV o AIDS e gaano po kabilis na mahawa ako at gaano katagal bago may symptoms na lumabas o maramdaman ko . Dec po kase 2011 ung pinaghihinalaan ko na nakahawa sa akin kng meron man po ako noon . how much po ba ang hiv test mgkaiba po ba ang price sa babae at lalaki .ngaun po mau cough na naman ako . pero naalala ko po nahihirapan din ako huminga noon . tpos ang blood pressure ko po medyo mataas ngaun lging 130\90 or 140\90 which is mataas daw po 32 yrs old pa lng po ako . ang rashes ko po ngsimula sa balikat tpos parang lumapad sya na medyo mapula pati po sa dibdib ko. wala akong mapagsabihan na iba , kse bka iwasan nila ako at pag usapan . 

Thanks po. 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Be Prepared This Holy Week!

Are you prepared for the Holy Week? Are you ready for the long vacation? 

For all the PLHIV's in the Philippines, here are some reminders and tips for the long Holy Week vacation:

1. Make you sure you have enough supply of ARV's at home.

2. Hubs are closed on Thursday, Friday and weekends during the Holy Week.
    a. Make sure that you have ARV's that will last until the week after the Holy Week.
    b. If you don't have enough ARV's, make sure to plan a visit to your hub immediately.
    c. If you have opportunistic infections, make sure to plan a consultation with the HIV doctor prior to the vacation days so you will know what to do in case something happens.

3. HIV doctors will also be off work
    a. Plan a visit if you need to prior to the vacation days.
    b. Ask for any contact number or emergency hotline in case you need to contact a doctor during the Holy Week.

4. On travelling:
    a. Make sure that you have ARV's in all your luggages in case you lose one.
    b. If there will be any time zone differences, please consult your HIV doctor so you can plan on how to take your ARV's.
    c. Make sure that you have your timers with you.

If you have other questions, please contact me ASAP: POZZIEPINOY. Just in case you run out of ARV's during the Holy Week and you have nobody to turn to, call me at 0916-286-2066.

You can also check out these previous blog entries:
1. Stupid Mistake
2. ARV's and Time Zones

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


If you have comments or questions, please click this link:

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Email 294: Oral, Anal Sex and Disclosure to Partner

Hi Pozziepinoy,
Good morning!

Your blog is such a winner when it comes to giving advices on PLHIVs like us. I sent you emails before and I was diagnosed with HIV last February.  However, due to some curiosity, I have few questions about safe sex and how safe will it become in my case.  I would like to enumerate them below.

Email 293: Do I have HIV?

Hi Pozziepinoy.

nguguluhan ako at ntatakot kse may nababasa ako sa mga senyales ng hiv ay ngyayari sa akin ngaun ; may ubo ako na halos 3 mos na ngpacheck up ako at ng antibiotics na pero ganun pa din at may mga tumutubo sa aking rashes ; gusto ko pong mgpatingin , ntatakot ako na maiwan ko agad ang family ko esp ang dalawa kong anak  pls need your advice.


Email 292: Genital Area Concerns


I had protected sex at the end of january. After a couple of weeks, I started feeling something in my genital area, specifically, occasional pain sa tip ng penis and medyo mainit yung genital area pati yung groin area.

Email 291: HIV and Elevated SGPT,SGOT and WBC

Hello Pozzie.

I recently got my cbc result and it showed an elevated level of SGOT and SGPT. Furthermore, my WBC count is quite high as well. Could this be an indicator of HIV infection? Thanks pozzie!


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Schedule of PGH-SAGIP This Holy Week



March 25 (Monday): Open
March 26 (Tuesday): Open
March 27 (Wednesday): Open
March 28-31: Closed

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


If you have comments or questions, please click this link:

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Schedule of RITM Satellite Clinic and RITM ARG This Lenten Season


MARCH 24-31, 2013


Malate, Manila

March 24 (Sunday): Open
March 25 (Monday ): Open
March 26-30 (Tues-Sat): Closed
March 31: Open


Alabang, Muntinlupa

March 25 (Monday): Open
March 26 (Tuesday): Open
March 27 (Wednesday): Open (no CD4)
March 28-29 (Thurs & Fri): Closed

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


If you have comments or questions, please click this link:

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Diet for PLHIV's?


I just want to ask about what to eat if you have HIV. Can you give me a menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner for typical Pinoy like me? I'm not really cooking but I'm willing to cook and follow instructions for my diet. I hope you can give me recipes that have available ingredients in our local market because I'm not really familiar with herbs and spices.
I hope you can help me please.


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Email 290: Cost of ARV's for Foreigners

I am a foreigner living in the Philippines and I need ARVs.  I understand that they are free for Filipinos who have PhilHealth.  I am not eligible to enroll in PhilHealth.  I understand that I can get treatment in the Philippines and will have to pay for the ARVs.  Can you please tell me what the costs are?  Can I get a 90 day supply.  I cannot find this information on this.

Thank you so much.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Email 289: Needs Biopsy

Hi Pozziepinoy.

May tumubo po na black patch sa binti ko actually nagpunta na ako sa RITM at kahit sila hindi maidentify kung psoriasis po ito o hindi at need magpa BIOPSY.. san po kaya meron na mura? thanks.


Q & A

I have received emails with short questions so I decided to answer them all in one email. Here are some of the questions:

1. How much are the meds?
a. If you are talking about the HIV medicines or the antiretrovirals or ARV's, they are FREE nationwide, as long as you are a Filipino or a permanent resident in the country. The reason why they are free is because they are subsidized by the Global Fund up to now. The requirement for you to avail of the FREE ARV's are the confirmatory result which was done here in the Philippines and a certificate of permanent residency if you are a foreigner.

Email 287: Getting Sick!

Hi Pozzie.

I was diagnosed last 2009 na hepab reactive kya sinabihan kmi na mgpaprofile ako pati ung husband ko pero cya negative ung result kya nagpavaccine kmi pero di nya natapos kasi lumipat kmi ng bahay hanggang ngaun di na kmi nagpacheckup. Ako wala naramdaman pero cya madalas cya magkasaskit possible po ba na nahawaan ko na cya? kapag reactive po ba positive pa rin po ba kpag nagpaconfirmatory test hindi ko pa po nagawa mgpaconfirmatory kasi wala po ako idea kung ano dapat ko gawin at saan ako dapat magpatest at estimate cost, sana po matulungan nyo po ako. salamat po.