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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Email 443: Don't Know What to Do

I currently in dubai for work but suddenly my medical reuslts on HIV was possitive. Nagulat ako sa sinabi ng dr na infected nga daw ako ng HIV.  Pauwi na ako in few weeks. The doctor advice me na magpatest ulit sa pinas PCR daw hindi ko alam kung ano ang gagawin ko sobrang hiyang hiya ako sa mga kapatid ko na kumuha sa akin.

Email 442: Help in Taking the HIV Test


just want to have some help on taking the test, i'm kinda bit scared coz i got the flu like symtoms now, and want to verify before its too late.


Email 441: The New Year Smoke

New Year's eve is just around the corner. So as the smoke and powder from firecrackers.  What risks do PLHIV get from smoke? Could long exposure cause cold, cough, pneumonia? Should PLHIV (especially with low CD4) just stay indoor during New Year's eve?


Email 440: On Taking ARV's

Dear Pozzie Pinoy,

I began taking ARV drugs last December 22. Upon doctor's advice, I take these drugs around 11 am and around 11 pm. I haven't experienced any side effects to this day. However, I do not take these drugs at exactly 11. I recall having taken them about 11:35 pm at one time and around 10:45 pm at another. My friend told me that I should have taken the drugs at exactly 11:00. I am quite confused because my doctor told me that I can take the drugs between 10 and 12. What should I do? And what repercussions will there be? Thank you.

Email 439: Questions About ARV's

hello pozzie, i am in my trial period for efav.

i take my lami zido at 8am and 8pm then later on take efav 9pm

i feel so dizzy waking up until afternoon or even until dinner time. im on my third week of taking the efav 

i can describe the feeling like being tipsy after a couple of drinks,.and it does not go away,. does it mean the meds dont wont for me or just bec my cd4 count is low 74,. it is really taking time to adjust? 

i am willing to undergo medication pozzie, i need ur help,. has someone advised u of the sme situation? prolonged dizziness?  

Email 438: Oral Sex with a Masseur

hi pozzie, 

i just engaged in an oral sex with a masseur, i haven't felt any semen in my mouth since di sya nagpalabas ng cum, but when i went home, i had canker's sore pala in my mouth, im just afraid that i might acquire hiv or any stds because of this. im soo scared right now i can't seem to sleep thinking about it. what can you advise me to do?and how much do tests for hiv usually costs? 

I'm from bacolod btw. thanks for your response pozzie, it will be very helpful.


Email 437: ARV Side Effects

hi pozziepinoy,

i have questions regarding the side effects of having an hiv. i was hospitalized last august 2013 and diagnosed of ptb then my doctor consulted me to take cd4 test and hiv test. after the result of those tests im positive first week of december this year. right now im taking arv last december 18, but I'm sometimes i felt tired and dizzy and one of my concern the itchiness part of my body. what can i do? i want to take exercise but my body is not doing good


Email 436: Side Effects?

I'm taking lamuvidine and efavirenz now and i feel that my stomach and head hurts?...what shall i do?...ty...



Thank you for your email.

You need to see your HIV doctor or visit your HIV Treatment hub as soon as possible. What you may be feeling are side effects of the ARV's that you are taking or could be something else. ONLY your HIV doctor who holds your medical history can decide on this matter.

I hope I was able to answer your concerns. Feel free to email me again if you have other questions.

Stay healthy,

Email 435: New Member


I went to RITM Malate alone yesterday to get myself tested after reading your blog and it was positive.

I just hope everything will be okay for me.

Thanks for all the information you provided in your blog.

New Member

Don't Be Scared!

Here My Story

Year 2010, sa hindi inaasahang pagkakataon, 

Ilang araw na masakit yung daluyan ng aking pag-ihi,masakit siya tapos parang may lumalabas na kulay green then may lumalabas din na kulay dilaw na maputi, dalawang linggo ko yun tinitiis, akala ko nga nung una UTI siya, pero hindi pala,kaya ang ginawa ko nung panhon na yun, nagresearch ako tungkol dun sa sakit na nararanasan ko that time, Sexual Transmit Disease/Infection.

Worried na worried ako that time, di makakain ng maayos, di makatulog ng maayos, madalas ako na nasa CR, iyak lang ako ng iyak nung mga oras na sumasakit siya,Kaya nagdecide na ako magpacheck up. Tama nga ang nabasa ko tungkol sa nararamdaman ko that time, STD/I ang findings nung Doctor na tumingin sa akin, ikinuwento ko sa kanya kung paano ko nakuha ang sakit.

Nakuha ko yung sakit na yun sa isang tao na may sakit, sa panandaliang makaraos, sakit pala ang aabutin ko.Kaya simula nun naging maging maingat ako sa mga taong nakikila ko at napagbibigyan para lang makaraos.

Sinimulan ko na Yearly ang magpaHIV Screen Test, from 2010 hanggang ngayon 2013.

Negative/Non-Reactive po ako.

Pero lately Sept 16, supposed to be dapat magpapacheck up ako, few weeks before that worried ako, parang nangangayat ako, di makatulog ng maayos, di makakain, kasi wala akong time para magpacheck up ulit, kaya one time nagdecide na ako magpacheck up sa Manila Social Hygiene Clinic, kabado, ninenerbiyos ako that time kahit nung kinuhanan ako ng blood sample for that HIV Screen Test. Nawala lahat ng pag aalinlangan ko nung ipinakita na sa akin yung result at nangako Ako sa sarili ko na gagawin kong ihemplo at pagkakaingatan ang sarili ko, iwas na sa mga bagay na alam kong mali.

Sana huwag po tayong matakot o mangamba kung may ganito kayong pag-aalinlangan sa mga sarili nyo.

Ibinahagi ko po  ito para mas lalo natin paigtingin ang Kampanya laban sa pagtaas at pagdami ng bilang ng may mga ganitong Case. Kaisa po ako sa laban na ito ng boung PLHIV Community.

Salamat po ng marami.


NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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Monday, December 30, 2013

Email 434: HIV and Touring Singapore

Hello Pozzie, First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR.

I would like to ask the process i need to do to keep my self safe and discreet with this disease if i travel as a tourist abroad. I already booked a flight in Singapore this February 2014. I am very much afraid to carry my medicines along with me as if i am carrying an illegal drugs (lol). Please help me what to do? Thank You so much!


Email 433: Looking for Support

Hi Pozzie,  good day!  I recently went to RITM Satellite clinic, my results were reactive for HIV and HBV, I then got my tests done after a week at RITM Alabang, my CD4 count result is at 219. I haven't been given ARV's yet because my X-ray and sputum test results wouldn't be available after a week,  also I haven't done my PPD test as well. I'm kind of getting paranoid during this one week wait time. I have a lot of questions running in my mind right now,  I haven't been getting enough support from my ex who's also positive to whom I may or may not have gotten this from. I hope to hear from you soon.  Thanks Pozzie!!!

Also if you know some support groups to help me get through this,  that'll help a lot.  Thanks again...

Email 432: Itchy Throat after Oral Sex

hi there pozzie.

i have been following your posts in your websites and i am totally happy that i have stumbled upon it, last friday, i had an encounter with a masseur, although it is just oral sex, my throat right now is very itchy and i am just scared that i might have contracted any std because of that. i didn't feel any pre cum or semen in my mouth as he did not ejaculated, although during that time, i have canker sores in my mouth.

Email 431: Took the Test and Want to Help Others

Dear Poz,

First of all I would like to thank you for your continuous effort to answer the concerns of a lot of people regarding hiv and educating this generation, and i'm really proud of your for being strong in this battle.

First off all i would like to share my hiv test experience and encourage everybody to gather all their courage to take the test as well. 

For the past year of my life, i have been stigmatized. Stigmatized because of my possible exposure to the virus. Stigmatized because of the fear of rejection from my friends, family, the society. Stigmatized because of fear of losing all my hopes, my future, my dreams. And this stigma has been a hindrance for every individual to take the test. I think everyone feels the same way. I've been there.

Philippine HIV & AIDS Registry: November 2013 Report

The Philippine HIV & AIDS Registry of the Department of Health - National Epidemiology Center (DOH-NEC) just came out with its November 2013 Report.

In the report, there were 384 new HIV cases in the country. 96% of the cases were males, with 98.6% cases by sexual contact, males having sex with males comprise 83% of the cases. 91% of the cases were asymptomatic at the time of reporting.

For more details, please refer to the actual report below:

(Source: Philippine HIV andAIDS Registry, DOH-NEC)

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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Friday, December 20, 2013

Email 430: To Take It or Not?


My partner and I had an unprotected sex last saturday december 7, 2013. I am scared about HIV since that was my first experience. I am also not sure of my partner's condition if he is positive or negative. I would like to know when is the best time to get tested for HIV since i read on the net the best is after 2weeks? What are The signs and symptoms? And how much does it cost for the test. 

Please, i need to know. It's bothering me. I cant sleep. :( 

Email 429: Scared to Take the HIV Test

Natatakot po ako mag pa test kaso po may mga sintomas ako nang hiv simula pa nung september until now..natatakot po talaga ko ano pong gagawin ko



I am scared to take the test although I have symptoms of HIV since Septmeber. I am really scared. What should I do?


Email 428: Negative Yet Still Doubtful

Hi Pinoy,

I'm not from the Philippines, I'm from Vietnam but please answer me I don't know where to go now.
I wanna ask you about my tests. I had unprotected with a prostitute 5 years ago.
I had my first test after 13 months post, and it came back negative and followed up by few more tests. All negative using rapid test Alere determine hiv1/2.

But since 2011 till now, I'm experiencing alot symptoms. I have no other risk activities. 

I get tested few more times using better methods
2013: Serodia hiv 1/2 - negative
2013: Axsym meia ab/ag hiv 1/2 - negative

The questions is:
Do i still need to test for hiv by taking better method?
Have you ever seen someone has hiv but tested negative after many years post risk?

Thanks, hope I get my answers soon


Email 427: To Take Isoniazid or Not?

Good day. I just came from RITM today for refill. The Dr noticed from my chart that im not yet taking izo. I would to ask your opinion regarding taking isoniazid as prophylaxis. The Dr told me that this is like having vaccine for the diasease.  At first i was hesitant to take the prescription but eventually convinced to accept it. I was not able to ask if i could start taking it after i finished my cotri so that my liver and kidney will not overwork.  My X ray and sputum test are both ok.  Please give me some words. 

Good Bless to you.

Email 426: HIV Issues with Employment

Hi Pozziepinoy,

I just want to share a story. I am working abroad in an HR and mostly we recruit foreign employees but before a certain employee can join our Company, a country where I am base the requirement is HIV test. May mga hired employees kami minsan na positive sa HIV and as a result pinapauwi sa Pilipinas dahil bawal dito sa ibang bansa although our company doesn’t require for HIV test.

Email 425: Holiday Schedule of RITM

Good Day, i just want to ask the regular schedule of RITM Alabang this December? Thanks and More Power Pozzie


Hi jcbr13.

Thank you for your email.

Here is the schedule of both RITM Satellite Clinic and RITM-ARG:

I hope I was able to answer your concerns. Feel free to email me again if you have other questions.

Stay healthy,

MY HIV Test Experience

Dear Pinoy Pozzie,

I'm 30 years old, married and straight. 

My anxiety with having hiv started when i had sexual intercourse with a prostitute during the stag party of my office mate. I was so drunk at that time that i forgot how to use the  
condom properly. that was 2011. 

i got married in 2012 and had baby this year. my anxiety still lingered. i was thinking what if i am postive, what will happen to my family and to our finances. then, in the first week of december this year, i developed a swollen lymph node on my left neck. my paranoia exacerbated when all the sites in the internet regarding hiv aids include swollen lymph nodes as one of the symptoms of hiv. i had sleepless nights. i did not go to work for a week. it was then that i stumbled upon your blog. i literally read ALL your blog entries. that was how paranoid i was. but your blog gave so enough courage and inspiration to undergo an hiv test. at first i planned to take the test at the ritm satellite clinic. 

Email 424: Looking for a Dentist

Hi PozzieP,

Glad I stumbled upon your blog! I've been looking in Google for an answer to my question for hours now and have been left wanting of a more setting-appropriate response; funny, because I've been browsing inattentively through forums addressed primarily for American members, when there are so many blogs in our local community here dedicated in reaching out to our fellow brethren. I'm late to discover you've been doing the Lord's work!

Email 423: Relative Needs ARV


I have a relative that is HIV positive and needs to be on the retro antiviral treatment. His CD4 count is 300 but i don't know his viral load. I heard that the government is giving a free anti retro viral meds at San Lazaro Hospital. How true is this? I want him to avail this medicine to help to slow down the virus and help to extend his life. I hope that it is free, I also heard that this medicine is very expensive. I would really appreciate your help with regards to this matter. thank you very much.My email address is XXX.


Email 422: On PhilHealth Membership

Good day poz,

Regarding philhealth membership.

Is it ok if you pay as an indivual payor, while employed? How can it be happened if your employed , dont you think there will be a problem regarding details of the members? If you will apply for a new membership or new account from the HR? One is employed and the other one is individual payor but same membership number? And or the philhealth will give another membership number to the HR.
Thank you! Quite confused.  Please help.

Email 421: Baguio HIV/AIDS Hub?

sa baguio san yung hub nyo?



Where is your hub in Baguio?


Hi Mark.

Thank you for your email.

The HIV/AIDS Treatment hub in baguio City is in Baguio General Hospital. You may contact our Care Manager in Baguio City if you need assistance: Ryan: 09063045277.

I hope I was able to answer your concerns. Feel free to email me again if you have other questions.

Stay healthy,

Email 420: Confused and Needs Help!


im newly diagnose last nov. Sa totoo lang im so depress pero right now i feel ok na. . Marami pa din tanong sa isip ko. Until now di pa din ako ng papatest ng cd4 ko sa alabang kasi baka may bayad.  Wala ako idea. Tapos sa med. Di ko alam ko paano or magkano magagastos ko. Im so confused. Help naman po. 



 I’m newly diagnosed with HIV last November. To be honest, I am so depressed but right now, I feel ok. I think a lot. Up to now, I haven;t taken the CD4 test in Alabang because of the fee. I have no idea. Then the medicines. I don’t know what or how much would they cost me. I’m so confused. Please help me.

Thank you.  

Email 419: Do I Need A Retest?

Hi pozzie,

I email you before that i was engaged my first sexual intercourse last July 2012 but its totally protected sex. We did Oral sex and Finger stimulation protected his finger by condom he attempted anal sex but i cant. I dont have any sexual engagement for almost one year until now. I was tested HIV @ SAGIP PGH after 6 weeks of exposure before and it turns out Non Reactive 0.3 result because i experienced flu like, and strange feeling. The counselor there told me that i will not undergo for the hiv test again. Now im so paranoid of thinking that i might be infected the virus, i got dry cough, clugged nose, swollen lympnodes  behind my ears but its not painful & feeling shortness breaths now. Do i repeat the test? Any recommendation for testing center? Just wanna ask if SAGIP has a machine to revealed the result for an hour coz before i wait 5 -7 days for the result. Pls help me. 
Thank you so much.


Email 417: Losing Hope!


I need your help. I'm starting to loose my confidence due to some side effects of ARVs. I have wound-like / blisters in my arms and in my face. What are my options to hide these wounds aside from wearing long sleeves and make-up?

Thank you!

Email 416: What Should I Do?

Hi Pozziepinoy,

My name is Yumi and I need your help and your advise, I went to the clinic last December 12 to have my HIV testing and I went back yesterday (December 18) to get the result, they told me that they need to re confirm the result so they need to get another blood from me. I know in my heart that I am infected, because a few years back, I got herpes and the doctor told me that it will remain in my system, I got tested that time and the result is negative. I had a boyfriend that time and just this year we broke up, we lasted for 3 years and for 3 years I have been loyal with him, after my relationship, I was engaged with different sexual activities with other men, I would go on 3sum and have other partner every other day. there are times that I am not protected. I receive a message from a sexual partner asking me if I am sick and he told me that I should get tested and so I did last December 12. I am still optimistic that the result will be negative but yesterday is a different story, when they told me that they need blood again to re confirm I knew that I am screwed.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Thank You!

Thanks to all who joined the 1st Red Ribbon Luau Christmas Party 2013 last December 13, 2013 in Quezon City. Thanks to all the support groups, advocates and the three celebrities, Enzo Pineda, Lovely Embuscado and Lousie delos Reyes who graced our party! Thanks to our food sponsors. Thanks to Ms. Regine Tolentino for proving the gowns of our fabulous contestants! Another memorable party for all of us!! Getting bigger, better and more fabulous every time!

To all, you made the PLHIV community feel that we are not alone. We used to isolate ourselves, have our own parties, have our own gatherings, like we are different from the rest. But now all of you made us worthy to live our lives and to fight our fights with all of you holding our hands and cheering for us! Never will the PLHIV community, under The Red Ribbon Care Management Program, will hide behind the HIV mask!

-We are all in this together-

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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Email 415: Where to Get Treatment

Hi, my friend just got diagnosed with H.I.V. I would like to know where to go for a therapy. Thank you.


Hi Anne.

Thank you for your email.

You can get treatment in any of the HIV/AIDS Treatment Hubs nearest you. Just make sure to bring your HIV confirmatory test result when you get there.

If you want to be assisted, you can call at Gerald: 0917-899-0473 for the Care Assistance Program of The Red Ribbon. We personally assist the newly diagnosed PLHIV's so they can get through with the process of treatment easily.

I hope I was able to answer your concerns. Feel free to email me again if you have other questions.

Stay healthy,

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Red Ribbon Luau Christmas Party!


The Red Ribbon's
Luau Christmas Party2013


Friday, December 13, 2013 
starting at 6pm


#23 Tambis Street, Area 9, 
Luzon Avenue, Quezon City

What to Expect:

 Dance Party
Pool Party
Beauty Pageant
Fun Games
Sumptuous Meal & Snacks
Photo Booth
Ice Cream Sorbetero



NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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