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The cases of HIV and AIDS in the Philippines are still on the rise. The government can only do so much to stop this. It has become a social concern and we all need to be involved... and FAST!.

How can you help in stopping this?

1. Conduct HIV and AIDS Awareness
    a. Give a talk
    b. Distribute handouts and flyers
    c. Design and post posters
    d. Distribute FREE condoms
2. Take the HIV Test
3. Invite others to take the HIV Test
4. Protect yourself and others by:
    a. Wearing a condom during sex
    b. Avoid drugs and alcohol before and during sex
    c. If you opt to, abstain from sex
    d. Be faithful to your partner

The Project Red Ribbon Care Management Foundation Inc. (TRR) is geared towards helping individuals and companies and organization in their fight against the spread of HIV and AIDS. With its "Get to ZERO, NOW!" campaign, it is trying to mobilize everyone to come together and fight, with aggressive action against this disease.

How can TRR help?

1. It conducts HIV and AIDS Awareness in:
    a. Schools
    b. Offices
    c. Barangays
    d. Organizations
2. Assists in HIV Testing
3. Individual counselling through our TRR 24/7 HIV Hotline Numbers
4. Help write the HIV in the Workplace Policy of companies
5. Involve companies through their Corporate Social Responsibility Programs to TRR's
    a. Volunteer Programs
        i. Care Management
        ii. HIV and AIDS Awareness Campaigns and Events
       iii. Outreach Programs
    b. Programs:
        i. Blood Drive for the benefit of patients with HIV and AIDS
        ii. Love Fund donations to assist indigent persons living with HIV (PLHIV) for their
            medical needs
        iii. Support our volunteers
6. Provide FREE condoms for distribution to establishments, clinics, companies, etc.
7. Make flyers and posters for your companies and organizations

There are things to be done. We need to take action now and together, we can all stop this virus from spreading and killing people especially the youth.

If you are interested in helping us so we can help others, please call our hotline numbers, or email us at


"We act FAST when we CARE"


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