We Smile at All Obstacles!

Posted by Pozziepinoy on 7:58 AM
A couple of months ago, we tried partnering with a Church based organization. It was agreed that with our partnership, people in selected population will be assisted for their medical needs. TRR and its care managers were so elated that we started getting indigent members of these certain population to be given assistance.

Unfortunately a certain group of individuals blocked this assistance, perhaps spread rumors about TRR or may have given the church-based organization some wrong information about us. The initial list of 30 people living with HIV, who we have submitted for approval for assistance, their needs ranging from PhilHealth payment, milk formula and diapers, vaccinations, laboratory were then not given. TRR then had to tell these unfortunate people, their guardians and mothers, that the partnership didn't materialize at all even with constant follow ups through text and email but our contacts stopped replying although the need is great and a matter of life and death.

TRR is not here to complain at all. We smile at all the gestures, bad or good that other people bestow to us. This article is intended to educate our readers that what TRR is doing is hard, but it becomes even harder when others block our efforts to help others, for whatever reason and purpose, even though everybody knows among the HIV community, among the LGBTI organizations, all the hospital and clinics and advocacy groups that TRR is just a volunteer group and that we do the advocacy just to help those in need.

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September 2011- September 2015
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