Laguna Medical Center: A Caring HIV and AIDS Treatment Hub in the South

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Project Red Ribbon searches for facilities that could carry our Care Programs and deliver the best HIV services possible to people living with HIV. We partner with facilities that offer help to our clients and are genuinely compassionate and passionate in delivering quality services.

This year, Project Red Ribbon has partnered with the Laguna Medical Center in Sta. Cruz, Laguna. The HIV and AIDS Treatment Hub is new and is a hospital-based hub and we highly recommend that clients from Laguna, and nearby provinces like Cavite and Quezon should try to enroll in this hub. 

Our qualifications for partnership with treatment hubs are the following:

1. HACT Chair should have a caring heart and the compassion to help the needy.
2. The referral system of the hub is established in meeting the needs of the economically challenged people living with HIV.
3. The hospital-based hub has all the laboratory tests required in identifying the opportunistic infections associated with HIV.
4. The treatment hub can access services from government agencies to help with the medical needs of the clients
5. The entire hospital staff won't reject clients with HIV especially in taking in clients in the wards or for emergency medical operations.
6. The HACT Team is willing to absorb our care programs in order to help their clients.
7. The Hub can help with the access of medicines for opportunistic infections associated with HIV.
8. The Hub files and have an active PhilHealth system in place.

LMC offers:

1. FREE HIV screening and testing
2. FREE HIV consultation and counseling
3. FREE CD4 test 
4. Assistance with Medicines and baseline tests
5. Offers:
    a. Fundoscopy for diagnosis of CMV Retinitis
    b. Anal Warts Removal (HPV treatment)
    c. Hospital-friendly wards for confinement
6. Economically challenged PLHIV should bring their barangay indigency certificate to be 
    assisted for their:
    a. PhilHealth
    b. Medicines and other laboratory tests


Laguna Medical Center
30 J. de Leon St.
Sta. Cruz, Laguna
(near the Provincial Capitol of Laguna)

Contact numbers:
(049) 543-3351

Look for 
Dra. Donna Catherine Ortiz
Nurse Rodel Urriza

For Direct Assistance, please call our 
Care Manager Gerald at 

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