PIACM 2017: Our Commemoration

Posted by Pozziepinoy on 7:54 PM
This is our commemoration...
Please share and say "Para sayo (mention a friends name who we have lost because of AIDS) ....
This is for all of them.
The Philippine International AIDS Candlelight Memorial 2017 of Project Red Ribbon.
This is the culminating video of all the 14 real-life stories of the PIACM 2017 videos. The names are real as provided by our Care Manager Mr. Gerald Santos.
We do hope that everyone will learn from these stories, to love oneself, accept others and stop the stigma and discrimination against HIV and AIDS.. We hope that the stories change each one's perspective about HIV and AIDS and learn that through compassion, we can save the lives of our loved ones, friends and coworkers.

-Project Red Ribbon-