The Love Fund: May 2014 Report

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The Project Red Ribbon Care Management Program (TRR) was able to help 34 persons with HIV (PLHIV) with medical assistance amounting to more than P500,000 (almost $12,000) in May 2014 alone in RITM-ARG.  The advocacy group since it's inception in September 2011, has now reached almost 5 million pesos (around $116,000) worth of medical assistance to our indigent PLHIV through The Love Fund and it's partnership with the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO). 

The Love Fund is the heart and soul of TRR. It is through the donations of our generous brothers and sisters that we are able to help those who are in need. The Love Fund provides assistance by providing emergency lab tests and medicines, transportation to indigent to and from the hospital, courier of ARV's to provinces, vaccinations, etc.

The table below shows the clients who have been assisted in RITM-ARG alone. This list doesn't include those that TRR has helped last month from PGH, San Lazaro Hospital, The Medical City, St, Lukes Hospital, Makati Medical Center and provincial hospitals in the country, nor those clients who had been personally assisted by our Care Manager Gerald who assisted PLHIV through the donations of our PLHIV peers from the TRR group.

Note: The Project Red Ribbon always post the beneficiaries and the amount that has been provided to their clients for transparency purposes. We collate all reports and post them here in the website. 

Our volunteers don't get anything from the donations in The Love Fund. Volunteers don't have allowances. Their food and transportation come from their own pocket and all donations of The Love Fund go directly to all the indigent clients that TRR assist.

Thank you to all our donors! You are saving lives in the Philippines!

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