Worrying Doesn't Help!

Posted by Pozziepinoy on 8:38 PM
Good Day!

Hi! I just got my results of my HIV Screening and it turns out I'm POSITIVE...... I already prepared myself about it, since the results was bit delayed.. Thanks to your blog I found the strength and the encouragement to move forward. I never had regrets of having this disease because it's my choice, it's the way of life I've chosen. It's a mistake I've made so I have to face it.

I just want to share my journey while I'm waiting for the results... There are times that you keep on thinking about , but WORRYING DOESN'T HELP,  It would help for those who are not yet tested and they think they have the symptoms, I suggest to check BLOGS or WEBSITES to give you a brief background of HIV/AIDS, you would read POSITIVE posts and reviews that would help you ease the burden so that on that BIG DAY you are prepared for the results.

I have quoted a simple message in one of the blogs I've read.... It goes like this ....

"Don't think that having HIV/AIDS is like a DEATH SENTENCE. Just think that having HIV/AIDS is like having DIABETES :) you just need maintenance to keep you going and be normal nothing to worry about "

I hope I have motivated some ... Guys don't be afraid of being tested, as what my doctor said before " IT'S BETTER TO BE TESTED ASAP FOR PREVENTION". I always believe  that GOD gave me this to have a REALIZATION of the life I've chosen.

God Bless!


NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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