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hi, PP 

i am seaferer ,25 male ..

last april 9 2014 our ship arrived in thailand that night we make a party with my fellow filipino crew we just 5 pinoy in this ship so that night a lot of thai girls came onboard and join with us. i got drunk and i was engaged unsafe sex one of those girl. after that about an hour i notice the girl her body was very hot she have a fever that i nevermind.. 3days after we departed from thailand which i noticed i feel unsual severe headache in a sense that u cant able to sleep, but i dont really mind about it that i suspected a result of fatigue because of several days that i dont have proper rest. 

April 23 2014 exactly 2 weeks after my exposure i developed a rashes allover my chest,in my left arm,butt and in my right foot... that day alot of things come in my mind what if this an hiv symptoms?So i waited until we arrive in japan to make some search about hiv.. and what i have found about hiv is exactly what i suffer that time the rashes run about 2 weeks and not itchy april 29 the next symptoms was came out i have a mouth ulcer followed by severe joint pain,nusea,mild fever,diarrhea,sore throat. since april until now almost 5 months i suffered an intense infection sinusitis,tonsilitis and my ears was sometimes very painful..  my contract will expire this coming december and i dont know if i can sustain until dec.. I know my life will change either i die sooner because i feel my body became weaker as the day pass by. I am not concern about my self i more on to those poeple rely on me my family and my son who's just 1year old. i cant support them anymore..   

I concluded that i have HIV even i not yet undergo an hiv test base on my symptoms i plan to have test if i got home .. anyway i gain alot of knowledge from your site which give me courage to continue to live my life.  give me some advice  what to do .. thanks in advance for your promt reply.



Hi assasin.

Thank you for your email. Thank you for reading the blog and sharing your concern with me and my readers.

I have received a lot of questions that are similar to your story. Having sex is fun, and sometimes we forget to use condoms during the height of this pleasurable act especially when we are with strangers. Worse thing is that we already know the repercussions, the risks of having unprotected sex, and yet when we are hooked in that moment, when we use our urge instead of our mind, we still do it. The worst part of the situation is when one is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This compounds the situation as judgement is clouded by these substances, that there is only regret after doing it, hours after the act. Whatever knowledge one has about the risks of having unprotected sex becomes a thing of the past because of this. In the Philippines, there is increased use of recreational drugs, crystal meth, poppers, ecstacy, etc which are definitely deadly combination with sex. The youth is the group mostly affected because of immaturity of judgement, uncontrolled libido,  interests in sexual experimentation.

Going back to your concern, like what I said, your experience is a bad combination of unprotected sex and alcohol intoxication. During the sexual act, your judgement had been clouded thus you put your health in danger. You may have contracted something, not necessarily HIV but any of the other sexually transmitted diseases too. HIV on the other hand, no matter how many articles you read on the internet have non specific symptoms. This means that your rashes, fatigue, mouth sores, diarrhea, and the rest of your documented symptoms maybe HIV related but maybe another infection too. 

There is no other way but to consult a doctor and have you examined. The doctor is the only one who can really know what is wrong with you based on your past medical history and the lab tests that he or she will prescribe you. Only your doctor can specifically give the right tests to get the best diagnosis of what you are experiencing. Trust me, there is no other way but this. Sometimes the internet is full of information that will make you more scared. It may lead you to the right direction, but for me the best direction is going to an infectious disease doctor and subject yourself to a full assessment of your condition.

I know that your work is an obstacle for you right now as you are working on a ship. I hope you don't mind me asking, but have you asked your ship doctor for his or her opinion? You said you have been sick, so why not have a consultation there? Another possibility is when you dock, can you request for a check up in one of the hospitals? I know you have insurance and you can do this as of curse any illness can compromise work habits.

As a person, I know your concerns. One, you don't want to tell the risky behavior to someone you don't know. Two, you don't want to find out you have a serious infection especially when it will pose a threat to work. I do understand that but we have to realize that health is our life. Without good health, we can't do anything. If you are the bread winner of your family, without good health, how can you support them. As a husband and partner, without good health, how can you protect your wife and your family. All the time, I hear that from people that the Project Red Ribbon Care Management Foundation Inc (TRR) has been  assisting. "I have to work because I have to finance my medicines. I have no time for check ups because I have meetings. I will do it next month when my schedule permits." Boom, when they come for their consultations, their infection is already widespread and chronic that they have to spend a lot of money treating their infection, ending up long leaves from work or even eventually quitting their job as they get hospitalized for weeks. I am not here to scare you but that the reality that TRR has been facing for the longest time.

Now, the choice is yours. December is the end of your contract and that is 4 months from now. Either you get a consultation now, and get treatment now or delay it for four months which may aggravate your health condition which will eat up your finances, the thing that you have been working for, for your family and 1 year old baby. Like what I said, we can't assume if it is HIV as only the HIV test can determine that, not your symptoms. But in case it is HIV, I assure you, TRR can help you when you are back in the country. To help you relax your mind, in the Philippines, we know some health facilities that offer FREE HIV test. Here HIV medicines are also FREE. Some HIV/AIDS Treatment Hub offers FREE laboratory test. What is not free here is the treatment and hospitalization for infections brought about by the weakness of the immune system which is secondary to having HIV. But, trust me TRR can help you as we have been doing for people who have HIV in the Philippines. Trust me too that you will live a long life even with HIV if you get treatment.

Life is what we make it. Decisions that we make now can impact our future. Now I put the decision on your hands.

I do hope to hear more from you. If you have other concerns, please email me again.

Stay healthy,

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I hope I was able to answer your concerns. Feel free to email me again if you have other questions.

Stay healthy,

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