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I'm 20yo. I got sick last June and I suspect that I have contracted the virus due to unprotected sex I had 12 days prior to being hospitalized (which was actually my first ever sex... talk about bad luck). I'm really scared that this could be it. The doctor suspects it to but suggested to take the test again after 3 months since I tested negative at the hospital.  

My 3 month window period ends on September 1st week and I'm planning to be tested again on one of those days. Just in case I turn out positive (since I have already cried for a month about it and have fully accepted it na), is it ok to have my baseline tests at RITM-ARG but submit myself to another hospital for the actual treatment?

Thank you.

I was a fool but isn't this too unfair? to be hit on my first.



Hi LagingMalas.

Thank you for your email. Thank you for finding and reading the blog. 

First, I would like to say that I am proud of you for taking the HIV test and being honest with you doctor. I always tell my readers and during the support group talks that taking the HIV test is the greatest decision one will take as it is a way controlling one's life. Like you, by taking the HIV test, you are proactive in taking control of your life, with our without the virus.

Sometimes it really takes one unprotected sex before one gets the virus. It is quite risky right now knowing the fact that there are increasing number of cases of HIV in the country and there are a lot of people, especially the youth, who are engaged in unprotected sex with multiple partners, or are combining recreational drugs with unprotected sex.

Going back to your case, you got sick with just one risky encounter. There is a chance that you got infected with HIV but like what I always tell my readers, only the HIV test can really tell if you have it or not. This also means that except for the flu like symptoms after the initial unprotected sex, no one can tell based on other symptoms that one has HIV, that is why it is important for one to get tested. However, in most cases, because HIV is a slow replicating virus, the body is slow in producing the HIV antibodies which are the ones being detected by the HIV test. Thus it usually takes around 3 months to finally confirm if one has it or now. That is the reason why also, your HIV test turned out negative and your doctor adviced you to retake the test 3 months post exposure or after your unprotected sex.

With regards to taking the baseline tests in RITM-ARG, of course you may opt to take them in ARG and later on transfer to another hub. What they request from their clients is the continuity of care, thus if you are going to transfer, you would need to get a transfer of documents permission from RITM-ARG and acceptance of you in the other hub facility. In that way, they can trace your whereabouts not like other who just disappear after the baseline. That won't help the hubs in their reporting process to the Department of Health.

For now, just live your life and hope for the best. I am glad that you already cried it our and told yourself that no matter what, you will accept it. You are a strong willed person and I really do wish you well. Let us know if you need help later on. If you need people to talk to, you may call our counselling numbers:  


If you want to join a private HIV support group in Facebook, please add me, Pozzie Pinoy and request to be added in the group. We have a lot of PLHIV, counselors, HIV doctors, advocates and supporters who you can talk to.

I hope I was able to answer your concerns. Feel free to email me again if you have other questions.

Stay healthy,

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