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just call me anonymous a simple, athletic, smart guy.,,, i will be 32 this may.,,, i would like to share my stories.,,, to everyone, especially to straight guy like me that hiv can be acquire not only on gay sex and msm but also on female as well..

During my college year i was a happy go lucky guy... after school and practice at the gym,... i always love to hang out and party,.... i go to different bar and places to drink with my colleague friends and classmate and meet some interesting,smart  and beautiful women.,,, More often those hang outs and hook ups ended on some hot and steamed sex ( with or without protection ) in the belief that hiv can only be acquire in gay and msm sex....

After graduation i worked in different company and corporation and i enhance my knowledge in the field of accounting and engineering.,,,  And during those time that i worked in the company i focus my self to my work and to my job until at the age of 28...

During my 28th year i celebrate my  birthday with my college friends, we hang out in the same bar that we used to  hangouts during our college years and mesmerized all the happy moments we shared and all the naughty things we did during college.. ... Because of  my situation and my ambition  in focusing on my career i forgot to get married and find the woman i will be for the rest of my life....

Because im still single and most of my college friends are already stable in their family they decided to gave me present... a girl.,,, a girl that they meet only at the net.,,, they make a phone call on this girl during my party and invite her to attend the celebration... in short its a present..,,, a present that changed my life forever..,,,

That night when all my college friends are gone me and this girl decided to go to the hotel and  have a fucking session  i forgot to buy some condom at the near by store in short """ Nag sex kami ng wala akong gamit na proteksyon """ Because of all the stress and the pleasure of having sex again siguro mga three times kami nag sex nung gabing iyon. I fall asleep on the hotel and woke up at 9 am...,,, when i wake up shes gone and  she only left is a piece of paper saying "" Nice job sir i will never forget  you "" my kiss mark pa sa dulo..,,, hahaha..,,

Akala ko cya na yung babaeng makaksama ko habang buhay i contact all my college friends and get her number but her number is already out of reach... We also decided to look her facebook account but it is already deleted no one knows were she lives or her background... Akala ko talaga cya na yun the one na sinasabi....

After 8 months of my birth day i encounter the worst fever on my life i thought it just a fever because of too much stress on my work... then after a few months i encounter colds,night sweat,dry cough different rashes on my body and on my face,lose to much weight, fatigue, lack of energy etc.,,.,,, then when i consult a doctor i was diagnosed with tuberculosis on lymph node.,,, they conduct  an operation to remove the lymph node on my neck...  and because of this circumstances the company advise me to take a rest... and  i take my leave for almost two months on my work.,,, and continue my medication on my tb then after six months of my medication i came back to my company and continue my work...

After three months  on feeling healthy and felt that i overcome my tb.,, i encounterdry cough again and colds... the night sweat.,,, and continue to lose more weight, mouth sore etc..,, then when i consult to the hospital they found out that i have a pneumonia on both lungs and advised me for my immediate confinement on the hospital.,,, the hospital staff conduct series of test cbc,sugar spgt,, etc.,,, and after a series of test they advise me to go to a private hospital because my pneumonia is different on the pneumonia that they encounter so i decided to go to  a private hospital.,,,

 on the private hospital the doctor ask me about my status my life.,,, my hobbies my sex exprience etc.,, i told him everything then he suggest me to conduct a hiv test.,,, in my knowledge na hindi,, wala naman ako nun at paniguradong wala ako nun at hindi ako mahahwa kasi nga alam ko naman kung saan nakukuha yun eh  pumayag ako then after three days i found out that i am positive.,,, i was shocked and cried in front of my doctor and ask him why me.,,, hindi naman ako gay i dont have any experience on gay or on same sex pero paano ko nakuha yun then he told me that hiv can also be acquire on vaginal fluid.,,, after hearing that i felt down on my seat and woke up i was already on a private room and i already confine at the hospital... 

The doctor advised me to contact my immediate family and tell my situation at first i decided not to tell them but because of the counseling and advise of my doctor i agree and they call may parents and my sister and tell my situation my parents and my sister accept my situation and help me to overcome my stress and depression... 

Today i already recover on my pneumonia my last test was superb and i have a high cd4.,,, im still working on the company i work before and hoping to have a bright future a head...

i would like to share this story and say that hiv can be acquire in any aspect even your, a straight guy, a girl, a gay, bisexuall etc.. 

Being a HIV positive its not a curse.,,, just live your life.,, continue to love your family and love ones.. and last but not the least always pray to god and give him thanks and praises... DEfinetly you will over come your situation and will continue your life at the fullest...Ang panalanngin ko nalang is makilala ko yung the one ko kahit HIV positive ako hindi pa rin ako mawawalan ng pagasa.,,, God has a plan to each and everyone of us.. Kaya hold on to him and every thing will be alright.

Hoping sana may mapulot kayong aral sa strory ko salamat god bless sa inyong lahat and take care.....

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