Hypochondriasis and HIV Test

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My name is XXX, 21 , my last unprotected sex experience was january 2 with my ex and february 15 with my current BF which is working abroad, without thinking , we did it , unprotected..  , 

I am tested march, and the result is negative, but now , I have a swollen lymph node on my neck and few skin rashes. I also have a disorder, i am hypochondriac, its an anxiety , that when I felt something in my body, like rashes, cough, colds, or anything little , I panic in to a level that it feels like im going to die in a week. 

Im at the lowest point of my life, I think I cant handle it if I will be diagnosed as positive. please , God, I need someone to talk to about this, someone that can make me feel better and explain things to me.. I know that it takes 3 months to have that diagnosed with the tests, but Im afraid that its too late for that,, please help me I am freaking out,, I cant sleep for days,, i have been checked up by many doctors , but they say they cant find anything and they all say that these are just stress, I am stressed because of this things I am experiencing right now, 

help me please




Thank you for your email. Thank you for reading the blog. 

I understand what you are going through as TRR Foundation has assisted a lot of people who have experienced what you are going through right now. Trust me when I say that it is troubling and stressful especially when you don't know your status, add the dilemma of the waiting period that one has to experience. In your case, it is compounded by your hypochondriasis, thus anything you feel becomes more intense and magnified.

Three things that I need you to do. 

First, since you have been seen by a lot of doctors and they have told you that it is just stress, then you may opt to see a psychiatrist to whom you can talk to and who can give you an expert's advice on how to deal with stress and hypochondriasis. Trust me, it can alleviate your fears and help you manage your stress. This is on the priority list because, whatever I tell you to do will just add more stress to you and other symptoms may arise because of the additional stress that has been put to you. Best approach is to have a concrete stress management program or any prescription provided by a psychiatrist to you in managing your stress levels.

Second, you can talk to any of the TRR's counselors. Their numbers are written below. They can tell you all about HIV and AIDS, the window period of the HIV test, etc. They can also tell you that HIV has non specific symptoms and that 3 months post exposure with HIV doesn't mean that it is too late for you. Our counselors are here to listen to you and won't judge nor discriminate you. 

Third, read more about HIV and AIDS. Information can be empowering. Here in TRR's website, you will find a lot of people's stories similar to yours and perhaps you can identify with them through their experiences and learn from them in dealing with stress especially during the waiting period of the HIV test.

Everyone has different ways of dealing with HIV, stress and life. We all just have to take a step at a time, and with the proper guidance and counseling, I know you will be fine.

I hope I was able to answer your concerns. Feel free to email me again if you have other questions.

Stay healthy,


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