PhilHealth Packages for PLHIV

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For the 2 months, The Project Red Ribbon Care Management Foundation (TRR) has been spearheading the revisions of the PhilHealth packages both for out-patient (OHAT) and in-patient coverage. For the sake of those who don't know what TRR is all about, the Foundation is geared towards improving the quality of lives of people living with HIV (HIV) and has been a driving force of health and wellness in the PLHIV community in the Philippines. 

For the past 4 years since TRR started as an advocacy group and bloomed into a full blooded Foundation, we have been helping our economically challenged PLHIV for their medical needs through the TRR Love Fund and our partner PCSO. When TRR because a Foundation in July 2014, TRR has provided medical assistance worth P101,079.79 and PCSO assistance of P1,049,900. However, TRR found out that we are just addressing the the symptoms and not the root causes of the health care problems here in the country.

PhilHealth caught the attention of TRR and during our meeting with the President and CEO of PhilHealth Atty. Padilla, we discussed on how we can review and make recommendations on how to make the best coverage plan for PLHIV.

3 months have passed and we are now on the verge of finalizing everything after 3 tedious meetings. Trust me, the coverage is expansive and even the Department of Health - National AIDS/STI Prevention and Control Program was so excited about the undertaking. It will address a lot of issues (and concerns, if I may put it) concerning PLHIV. As the president of the TRR Foundation, I want to spill it out right now, however, I can wait for another month until it has been signed by the President of PhilHealth.

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