Hub far From Home

Posted by Pozziepinoy on 10:54 PM
Magandang araw po, Pozziepinoy. Very thankful po ako na nakita koi tong poage mo. Malaking tulong ito sa mga positibong kagaya ko. Kaya po ako sumulat ay para makahingi po ng konting tulong. Mejo mabigat po kasi sa part ko na ishoulder yung ipapadalang gamut (ARV’s) mula Maynila papunta sa probinsya naming every 2 months (LBC). Wala pa po akong trabaho dahil kakarecover ko lang.

Sana po matulungan ninyo ako. Tatanawin kong malaking utang na loo bang anumang tulong na inyong ipapaabot. Maraming salamat po.



Hi Jay.

Thank you for sending me an email. Thank you for reading the blog.

You know what, your concern is also the concern of most people from the hubs. Of course it is really hard to travel to and from the HIV and AIDS treatment Hubs if you are financially challenged. This directly also poses a threat to adherence to  HIV Treatment.

However, there are things that you may want to do, so that you will be able to still get your medicines.

1    1. You may opt to transfer hubs. Like what we always tell our clients during counseling, accessibility is the most important. If you are far from the hub, you may try to enroll in another hub that is near you. This will enable you to do more frequent trips instead. With less burden to your finances.

2    2. You may ask your current hub if they can send you through courier. Some hubs do it for a minimum price.

3    3. You may need to seek the assistance of your family and support system. Sometimes, we tend to keep our disease to ourselves that we forget that we have families who can help and support us, in times of need. Give them the opportunity to help you. Let them share their love for you by asking them .

4    4. You may also ask you Mayor or Barangay captain for assistance. Some of our clients really ask for help and they really had been given help, especially if you are economically challenged. All you have to do is to prove that you really can’t afford it .

5    5. There is stock limitations now, but as soon as it normalizes, you can ask your treatment hub for more supply up to 6 months. You just have to explain to them your current financial status and I really know that they will understand.

Don’t despair. There are really ways to do it. All you need is guts and the will to fight and you will be ok.

I hope I was able to answer your concern. Please feel free to email me again if you have other questions.