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Hi, i'm "Juan", 19 years old and currently studying as a senior student (yes, i might march this graduation season, hopefully). I wrote to you because i am profoundly in need of help, like I am totally freaking out right now; it actually messes my life. For I fear that I might have it. So here's my story.

I recently had a dengue fever which lasted for about a week, but before i was diagnosed of that viral infection I, first, had a 40 degree high-fever which lasted for about 5 days until the doctor suggested to transfuse 4 bags of blood on me. That did not do so well so a day after, they decided to transfuse another 4 bags of blood. Because of that my system got back on track, I did not have a fever anymore and my dengue fever already was treated. So two days after the transfusion, I was discharged out of the hospital already. When I got home, I still feel a little unwell but I definitely have improved from the past days of being dehydrated and not being able to eat. Since then, I still feel dizzy now and then; I sometimes could not keep my balance and I feel extremely hungry most of the time, idk  
if these are side effects of my prescriptions which are Vitamins and Metronidazole, which forgot to mention is for my diarrhea, 'cause while having a dengue fever I also had a diarrhea (lasted for days) which is now treated because of the said drug.

Now, I feel this weird pins and needles like pain on my hands and sometimes on my feet, I think they are my nerves and I have researched about it just now and it says that it might be a first clinical sign of HIV.

Please don't preach but before all these happened, I've had risky sexual encounters; months ago and the recent one was that night before I got sick. I was just extremely lonely that's why I've done 'em.

I wanna get tested but i don't know where or when or how. If someone could please kindly help this poor young man that is me. Please, keep your preaching to yourself, I know how stupid i have been but please do understand that I am just a young lonely guy who's seeking for love and care. I couldn't tell my mom now since my medical expenses overwhelmed her, 

still is.


Hi Juan.

Thank you for your email. Thank you for reading the blog.

I will just go directly to the point. 

1. Get tested. You won't know your health status if you won't take action. Listed below are the HIV testing sites that you may go to.

2. If you are scared to go there alone, please contact the hotline numbers so you can be assisted.


3. I know you are scared about the expenses, so you might as well go to a FREE HIV testing center. You may go to the clinics listed above. The hospitals that offer HIV testing have fees. However, there may be queues so just have patience.

4. For now, worry not about the future, but just focus on the job that you need to do now.

I hope I was able to directly answer your concerns without being preachy. Feel free to email me again if you have other questions.

Stay healthy,

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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