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Good day pozzie,

Ako nga pla si Bren, Hirap man i-admit pero I think I'm gay. I just keep it discrete para na rin di ako layuan o ikahiya sa amin.

Nagkaroon ako ng sexual encounter sa isang discrete gay sa manila. I did have sex with him not only for pleasure but kailangan ko rin ng matutuluyan nung gabi na yun. Galing din kasi from our province and went to Manila dahil may overseas job interview ako.
He look so clean and knowing that he is working sa isang fitness center. Though I know ill be getting into trouble I gave him a try. Third time ko tong matry makipagsex sa kapwa ko guy and may second time to try anal sex.

A week after that sex I feel a burning sensation when I pee then a greenish thick liquid discharges oit my penis. I know this are symptoms of clap. Pero di ko inintindi at inisip ko na mawawala rin after a week and wala akong pera for consultation.
Umabot po ng more than a month and still I have those symptoms but this time white discharges na sya and medyo excessive na. Frequent n lng ung burning sensation.
I searched some topics about hiv and my case and luckily nkita ko blog mo. But it seems na di na maxadong active. Hope this email is still active para nman masagot mga doubts ko.

I just want to ask: since i know that i have gonorrhea and maybe clymhedia. Do I still have to consult a doctor? I really know i have to but it cost money and right now kapos ako. Do they give prscription without their consultation or yung mga gamot for my case are over the counter lng?

I really wabt to go to RITM kado manggaling pa ako dito sa La Union so tlgang gagastos ako siguro almost 5k I can afford it pero para lng tlga for that medication. Nilalaan ko kadi ung pera ko to look for job now kaya laging nauudlot balak ko magpacheck up.
Another question:  How much kaya will it cost from consultation to medication? Balak ko before the end of sept eh ill go to ritm.

Hope na mabasa new to and i can received an answer as soon as possible.
Im so glad at ginawa mo ung blog and every post binabasa ko.

Thanks for your concern in advance and God bless you for your very charitable deeds.



Thank you for your email. Thank you for finding the blog and sharing your story and concerns with me and my reader.

Actually, it is really easy to make an assumption on what the cause of our symptoms is. The internet is a big library where we can find almost anything. However, like what I said, there are things that we need to consider and not all information that we find in the internet is really factual or may be applied to our local setting. Sometimes, the experience of others because almost as if it is the real thing. It may cloud our judgment and create fears and may lead us to creating our own speculations without really knowing the truth.

Doctors are the professional resources of information, based on long years of studying, getting a license and their vast experience with their patients. They know what to look for, what lab tests to prescribe and what medicines to give. They understand that every patient is unique and different from one another, thus symptoms of one may not equate to a specific diagnosis without further laboratory findings. Thus, we need to trust them more than anything else.

Now going back to your case, even though you are speculating about certain diseases, I would highly recommend for you to go and get consultation with a doctor. Don't prolong the diagnosis and treatment and please don't self medicate. 

You know that you are financially challenged but think of it this way. If you prolong the treatment and your condition becomes worse, you may end up spending more for the lab tests and for the medications. You don't have to go to Manila for consultation and treatment. La Union, Ilocos and Baguio have good hospitals with infectious disease doctors that you can get consultation with. Spare the extra money by just getting medical attention near your place. I can't answer how much your medicines are because like what I said, you need to go to the doctor first and have a final diagnosis of what you are experiencing.

Once again, thank you for your email and I do hope that you follow what I told you to do.

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I hope I was able to answer your concerns. Feel free to email me again if you have other questions.

Stay healthy,

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