On Genital Warts

Posted by Pozziepinoy on 3:42 PM

hi sir pozzie good day po.. i was diagnosed with hiv early this year.. thanks to your blog i found encouragement and courage to fight this battle knowing that im not alone and there are people out there willing to help.. but recently i developed genital warts may i know where are the places that can help me with the treatment and im also on a tight budget  
because i quit my job fearing they would fire me if they found out.. thanks a lot sir pozzie and more power to you..



Hi John.

Thank you for your email. Thank you for sharing your concern with me and my readers. 

I am happy that you found the blog and got encouraged and found the courage to fight for your health. It is really true that when you feel that you are not alone, you will find this inner strength in you to, to live your new journey with HIV.

Now let us talk about your concern.

Human papillomavirus (HPV), the cause of genital warts are frequent for people living with HIV. The problem is that it recurs even after surgery, thus the PLHIV will have to keep on coming back to the doctor and have it removed. Sometimes it would cause a few thousand pesos to have these removed depending on the size and location of the genital warts and this is really burdensome to the PLHIV.

The Project Red Ribbon Care Management Foundation Inc. (TRR Foundation), has a list of doctors and clinics that can remove these genital warts for cheap. If you are interested, you may call our TRR Care Manager, Gerald at 0917-899-0473 and ask where you can have your genital warts removed. 

I really do hope that you keep on reading the blog and find inspiration from the stories here. Also, please email us again once you had your genital warts removed so we can share your experience to others.

Stay healthy,