Skin Itchiness and Redness

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im starting arv po,.pumasa aq sa trial,.but after two days ngka alergy aq,.normal nmn cbc at urine q maliban sa wbc,.pls reply po,.Nu po ggawin koh,.sabi ng doctor dto sa amin,.(2 hrs travel kase kami to davao kya d aq sa hact pumunra) sabi ng doctor reactions lng daw tong redness sa body qo na makati,.pls advice



I'm (I have) started ARV's. I passed the trial, but after two days, I had an allergic reaction. My CBC and urine tests were normal except for the WBC. Please reply. What should I do? The doctor here (the travel time to Davao is 2 hours thats why I didn't go the the HACT). The doctor here said that the skin redness and body itchiness is a reaction to the meds.



Hi Bom.

Thank you for your email. Thank you for reading the blog.

You need urgent attention though. Please go to back to your HIV and AIDS Treatment Hub in Davao and get a consultation with the ID doctor there. Any side effect should be taken seriously and need to be assessed by the HIV doctor who has you medical records.

There are different side effects of the antiretroviral medicines (ARV). Some are mild and will just disappear and some are really serious. Some side effects need to be addressed by changing the cocktail or replacing one medicine that may be suspected to be the "culprit". Some side effects need hospitalization for further monitoring. Thus it is imperative for the person living with HIV (PLHIV) to seek consult immediately with his or her HIV doctor who has his medical records. Some would would go to other doctors for accessibility issues, however, it is very important to disclose to the doctor your HIV status and the medicines you are taking for appropriate action.

Thus, it is always adviced to get the contact numbers of your doctor from the hub in case there are side effects of the ARV's. It is important that the health care provider knows what's going on with you for further assessment and proper guidance. Always remember that, especially in the early periods of HIV treatment, there should be strong communication between the PLHIV and his HIV doctor. It is a partnership for health monitoring and supervision.

Now going back to you Bom, please go back to your hub. You may also call our TRR Hotline numbers for proper guidance. We may also link you up with the Davao Hub if you want.


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I hope I was able to answer your concerns. Feel free to email me again if you have other questions.

Stay healthy,

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