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hello po!

gusto ko lang po i share nararamdaman ko sa katawan ko.ilan weeks na po nagkasikt ako, masakit ulo, yung tiyan ko parang kinakabag na hanggang ngayon nararamdaman, nagkaroon ako ng diarrhea,tinubuan ako ng kulani sa bandand baba ng panga.pero natanggal na rin nung mejo na recover ako.pero meron akong kulani sa likod ng tenga  
ko. pagkaka alam ko.bata palang ako anjan na yan.ang kinatatakot ko po ay yung pamamayat ako at sa tiyan ko na diko maexplain ang pakiramdam.so gusto ko sana itanung kung possibble, na mayron nako?tanong ko lng po sana yung RITM clinic,saan ko po mahanap?may nabasa kasi ako comment na free hiv test dun. thanks po ng marami




I would like to share what I am feeling in my body. For the past weeks I have been getting sick, with headaches, gassy belly up to now, having frequent diarrhea, nodules have emerged below my jaw (which suddenly disappeared), nodules at the back of my ear. From what I know, I had those nodules since I was a kid. What makes me worried is my sudden loss of weight and my problem with my belly which I can't explain. I would like to know if I have it (HIV)? I would also like to know about RITM Clinic and where would I find it. I read it from the comments here that they have free HIV test there. Thank you very much.



Hi Joe.

Thank you for your email. Thank you for finding the blog and sharing your story with me and my readers.

First of all, I would like to share to every one that HIV really has non-specific symptoms. This simply means that there are no specific signs emerging that are really related to HIV as  even from our experience as a Care Program for HIV and AIDS, our clients had different presentations. However, still there are times that because HIV is a virus, these common symptoms emerge such as high grade fever or flu like symptoms at the start of the infection. Later on, as the HIV progresses and become more active in the body, other common signs emerge like weight loss, diarrhea and presence of nodules. However, like what I said, since HIV has non-specific symptoms, these symptoms can be anything and can point to a myriad of illnesses. 

The only way to know if one has HIV is the HIV test. Period. Doctors may suspect you to have HIV however, if the HIV test becomes negative, then you don't have it. It is as simple as that. Thus, it is important for one to get an HIV test fast to know his or her status.

Now, going back to your concern, the best way to know your condition is to get the HIV test. You don't need to get a referral to get it, just go to the HIV testing center nearest you. Below is the list of the HIV test centers:

You asked about RITM Clinics. There are two RITM Satellite Clinics: one in Malate and one in Mandaluyong. Both offer free testing and the result comes out only in 2 hours. If you want to know how to get there, you may call our hotline numbers. You may also request our hotline managers if you need assistance.

TRR Hotline Numbers below:


I hope I was able to answer your concerns. Feel free to email me again if you have other questions.

Stay healthy,

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