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hi good day..

I got tested (screened) for HIV last Oct 29,2014 and it turned out na nag  
react ako sa screening test...my last exposure to unprotected sex was mga  
1st or 2nd quarter last year (2013). Inadvice ako nila na to take the ELISA  
and Western Blot test ( which was sent to San Lazaro)... a month after  
(December 5,2014) bumalik ako sa clinic para makuha ang result.. tapos  
nakita ko sa ELISA and WESTERN BLOT TEST ko is BOTH NONREACTIVE..Lubos po  
ang aking pasasalamat sa DIOS at nag NEGATIVE ang dalawa kong exam. Mai  
marami parin po akong tanong sa sarili ko, sana po ma tulungan nyo po ako  
sa NONREACTIVE na result.

1. Ibig sabihin po ba ng NonReactive wala TALAGA AKONG HIV INFECTION?
2. Ano po ba yung Window Period? Pasok pa po ba ako dun?
3. Mai posibilidad po ba na mag.react parin po ako sa HIV Screening?  
(Nakaka trauma na po kasi mag pa medical ulit)
4. Bakit po ba nagrerereact sa SCREENING test?
6. NONREACTIVE - meaning di ko NAKUHA ang INFECTION?? - TAMA PO BA ang pag  
ka analize ko?




Hi there.

Thank you for your email. Thank you for reading the blog.

I am glad that you took the HIV test. Though it was a year later, still you had the courage of taking it. Whats good about your story is after your last unprotected sex, you didn't do it again which helped saved your health and protected others as well.

Now let us go to your questions. I will answer them in the order that you asked them.

1. a non-reactive result in the HIV test simply means you don't have the HIV virus especially in your case wherein you are way beyond the window period.

2. The window period for HIV is the period wherein the body once exposed to the HIV produces enough HIV antibodies to be detected by the HIV test. This usually at 3 months post exposure. 

3. A person may get a reactive result in the screening and get a non reactive test in the elisa and western blot test. That is why the blood sample needs to be sent to SACCL in San lazaro to make the further testing to make sure that the blood has HIV or not.

4. It is possible for a blood sample to be reactive on the screening test when it fact, after confirmation the blood sample is negative. This can happen with antibody tests when the test picks up antibodies for other infectious agents. 

5. The Western Blot is the confirmatory test for HIV test. This is done in SACCL in San Lazaro Hospital. Usually it takes 2 weeks to a month before the confirmatory result comes out.

6. Non reactive means you don't have the HIV.

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I hope I was able to answer your concerns. Feel free to email me again if you have other questions.

Happy Holidays,

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