TRR World AIDS Day Philippines 2014: A Weeklong Observance

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The TRR World AIDS Day Philippines 2014 was observed for not just a day but an entire week of events, campaigns and the the culminating event, its WAD Ceremonies. 

November 28, Friday: 
GIZ Partnered with TRR

For 2 consecutive years, the German International Agency (GIZ) partnered with TRR for their World AIDS Day 2014 and this year it was entitled Teen's Day for World AIDS Day. TRR prepared and facilitated the entire program for GIZ which involved Teenagers and Parents on simultaneous sessions in the morning and a joint session in the afternoon. The event discussed on separate groups the issues on HIV and AIDS, how each group can contribute to the prevention of HIV and AIDS, the teens recommendations to parents and vice versa, and working as a family in preventing HIV and AIDS. 

November 29, Saturday: 
TRR with the UP Student Council

With it's theme "Engaging the Youth in Getting to Zero", TRR once again partnered with the University Student Council of UP Diliman and started its fan sign campaigns for students. Together with some representatives of UP Diliman, we talked to individuals and small groups of students about HIV and AIDS situation in the Philippines, why the need for HIV testing and why we need to engage the students.

November 30, Sunday: 
TRR Continued it's Fan signing campaign

Involving the youth organizations in preventing HIV and AIDS became the focus of TRR WAD 2014. Thus through our linkages, we started full force the fan sign campaigns all over the Philippines. We got our support from our friends from Baguio, all over Metro Manila to Visayas and Mindanao.

December 1, Monday: 
TRR Partnered with RITM-ARG for their WAD in Adamson University.

TRR attended the WAD in Adamson University, with representatives and performances from 7 different universities, as it aligned with the theme of TRR WAD Philippines 2014, "Engaging the Youth in getting to Zero". During the event, TRR unveiled for the very first time the TRR Red Ribbon 2014 for all the students to see. TRR explained the meaning of the TRR Red Ribbon to the students and explained why the youth needs to be engaged with the country's fight against the spread of HIV and AIDS.

December 2: 
DZBB GMA7 Guesting

TRR Guested on DZBB GMA7 live radio broadcast with two of our managers. They talked about HIV and AIDS situation in the Philippines, gave testimonials and promoted the TRR WAD 2014.

December 4, Thursday:
Guesting on 9TV About HIV and AIDS, The Project Red Ribbon Foundation and the TRR WAD 2014

December 6, Saturday:
Metro Manila Pride

December 7, Sunday: 
TRR World AIDS Day Philippines 2014

This was the culminating event for TRR for World AIDS Day Philippines 2014. It was held at Liwasang Aurora, Quezon Memorial Circle in Quezon City with the support of QC Mayor Herbert Bautista. It started at exactly 3pm and ended at around 8:05pm. There were more than 1,500 people who attended TRR WAD 2014. The highlights of the events were the:

           1. 1st TRR AIDS Walk 2014
           2. WAD Speeches
           3. Ceremonial TRR Red Ribbon March
           4. Ceremonial TRR Commitment Banner March
               a. Previous WAD Commitment Banner
               b. Previous IACM Commitment Banner
           5. Commemoration Ceremonies
               a. Formation of the TRR Red Ribbon AIDS Sign
               b. Lighting of Candles
               c. Prayers
                   i. For the HIV and AIDS Programs in the Philippines
                  ii. For those who died of AIDS
                 iii. For those who are still living with HIV, the PLHIV community
                  iv. For the youth as TRR engages them and pose a challenge to them
          6. Commitment Ceremonies
              a. Pledge of Commitment from the different organizations
              b. Pledge of Commitment from the youth
          7. Singing of the WAD Theme: "Kabataan"
          8. Commitment Signing of the TRR World AIDS Day Banner 2014

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