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Effective January 5, 2015, your RITM-ARG will implement a new system for ARV REFILL.

1) All ARG clients who are on regular/ scheduled refills (ie not on treatment trial) may now call the:

Globe 0917 714 6962
Smart 09497098730

2) The hotline is open Monday to Friday from 8AM to 2PM. Kindly look for Ms Lyn or Ms Maram. NOT AVAILABLE on weekends and holidays

3) You will be asked regarding your ARV intake (date of last refill, how many pills left, missed pills, etc) 

4) Schedule your ARV pick-up. 
NOTE: your ARVs will be ready for pick-up after 24 hours. 

5) You may get your ARV refill from the RITM pharmacy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays. SHOW your orange card and ARG code to the pharmacist.

Additional Reminders: 

1. This system only applies to regular refills.
2. If you need consults or should you have any other concerns, please visit the clinic.
3. The clinic follows the usual clinic hours. M-F 8am-2pm except weekends and holidays.
    ARG clinic follows the Philippine Holidays.

For further questions, please do call our TRR Hotline Numbers below:


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