Dilemma of HIV Hubs

Posted by Pozziepinoy on 5:51 PM
Is this a "state of the nation" of our HIV/AIDS Treatment Hubs in the country now? That pozzies will have to pay for both the CD4 and lab tests. 

We need clarification here whether this is part of the OHAT package of PhilHealth or just a new policy of San Lazaro Hospital SACCL or not. 

The next question is will other hubs follow suit since we all know now that the Global Fund will end this year and PhilHealth will take charge of all our ARV's and lab tests starting Y2013. Will PhilHealth be very strict with the requirements??

We are confused as of the moment. We need answers. 

Pictures taken by a fellow poz (with permision) Fred @pozandliving (http://positibo.wordpress.com/)

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