Condom and Lubricant Distribution

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The Project Red Ribbon is distributing FREE condoms and lubricants every Wednesday at the TRR Office to:

LGBTI clans and organizations
HIV Edaucation and Awareness Talks in
    a. Schools
    b. Offices
    c. Barangays
    LGBTI gatherings
TRR Activities

If you want to get FREE condoms and lubricants or help us distribute them in LGBTI events, please call the TRR office every Wednesdays from 10am to 6pm at 02-656-7297.  

TRR Office Address:

Unit 607 Lumiere Suites
#21 General Capinpin Street
Barangay San Antonio, Pasig City

If you have upcoming LGBTI events, we can also help you distribute condoms, lubricants and the TRR HIV flyers.

"We act FAST when we CARE"


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