TRR Support Group Talk: A Holistic Program Designed to Improve the Quality of Life of PLHIV

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The Project Red Ribbon's Support Group Talk has emerged to be a powerful venue to empower individuals with HIV. It is a holistic program designed to help improve the quality of life of people living with HIV.

Benefits of SGT:

1. Provides a support system especially to those who have not disclosed their HIV status to their families and friends.
2. Provides a channel to tell their personal stories
3. Provides psychological support
4. Provides a venue for interpersonal relationships among peers
5. Gain knowledge about HIV and AIDS: 
    a. Basic treatment procedures
    b. PhilHealth Coverage
    c. Knowledge about Opportunistic Infections
    d. Referral systems
    e. HIV law
    f. Improve Health:
       i. Nutrition
      ii. Mind and Body Exercise
      iii. Prevention of infections and diseases
      iv. Safe Sex
6. Gain sense of belongingness in a group

Techniques Used in the TRR Support Group Talk:

1. Therapeutic Use of Self
2. Therapeutic Use of Activity: Projective Structures Activities are used such as:
    a. Art (painting, clay, pens, etc)
    b. Music
3. Therapeutic Use of Group
4. Lectures
5. Guest Speakers


1. Certified Counselors
2. Teachers
3. Psychologists
4. Life Coaches
6. Doctors

Who Benefits from the TRR SGT?

1. Newly Diagnosed PLHIV
2. Family and friends of PLHIV
3. PLHIV on maintenance therapy
4. Members of Organizations or schools who want to learn about the lives of PLHIV

Schedule of SGT:

The Project Red Ribbon has weekly Support Group Talks. As part of the partnership with the Department of Health-National AIDS/STI Prevention and Control Program, TRR will be starting to replicate the SGT in different hubs, also on a weekly basis. 

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