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Our responsibilities go beyond being a impassioned observer. Of what use is our clicking likes or maybe an occasional sharing if we do not go beyond those.

Ever since I became an advocate for this cause some 3+ years ago, I never stopped working proactively for the many causes that this group took. I focused on care because after all it is the heart and soul of TRR. There were and still are many challenges. But me and my team faced them all and conquered them. Not always with flying colors but we were happy doing it, albeit, countless drops of tears accompanied us during those times.
Fast forward to the present and we know that there were many who passed on to the after life, perhaps till now, we continue to remember and grieve for them. But many more were those who 3+ years ago are now living happy, normal lives again.

And therein lies the problem. For many of us who have decided to move on have all but remember that we have a greater responsibility to make sure that as the great byline of this group says it - we are all in this together. But are we?

Where are the other 50% of your peers now? The latest (December) official DOH registry only counted a few thousands who actually died. Of the nearly 40,000 officially registered as Filipinos living with HIV (aggregate total), also about half or 19,000+ were mentioned to be on ARV. Where are the rest of the people in the neighborhood. Who are these people in the neighborhood, as the old song from Sesame Street went. The official term, if I am not mistaken for this is LOSS TO FOLLOW UP.

There are and will be plenty of opinions and arguments over this topic. I do not wish to dwell on those, whatever they may be here, in this lengthy post. But I do wish to hit on a note closer to home. And that is you. Yes, you who is reading this post now.

I am quite sure you know someone who is another PLHIV. How well do you know this person as a PLHIV? Is he/she as adherent with his/her medications as you? Do you even bother or care to check or ask? If yes, then kudos to you. If no, then shame on you. And if you, yourself is the very person this post is referring to, give yourself and all of us a favor, reach out. Let us work together in finding a common solution to your problems. And to the rest, do your job. It is your responsibility to check on your peers and your friends on how are they doing.

And while we are on the topic. For goodness sakes, if you know of someone who you are so darn sure is likely HIV positive, it is also your responsibility to make sure this person gets tested AND treated.

Please do your share folks. After all, we are all in this together. It's the least you can do to make that byline still significant. Besides, it is the year of the cock.
Be different. Be significant.

Dr. Gerard
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