HIV Screening Chronicles: A 20 Year Old from South Mindanao

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Yesterday, Project Red Ribbon received a text message from a 20 year old, who got screened by one of our partners in South Mindanao. He said our number was given to him by the nurse who screened him in the clinic. He contacted us because his HIV Screening turned out to be positive.

Mark, (not his real name), said that he is not sexually active but had condomless sex before. However, he told us that he has been experiencing rashes, vomiting and frequent diarrhea already. Those symptoms may or may not be related to HIV but since he has not experienced those before, he took the courage to get screened. He told us that he somehow suspected the result but he had to do it. He asked questions if he will live for a long time, if we will be able to continue his work and won't get fired, if we will have children. One by one, we addressed his concerns, and finally told him to go to the treatment hub. We contacted the head nurse of the hub near him and asked him to assist Mark. 

Later on, we made a follow up and he was already being managed by the hub.

Mark story is one of the many stories that we receive in the hotline numbers or from our partners conducting the HIV Screening. We are so glad that right now, Project Red Ribbon is the most aggressive organization conducting HIV Screening in the entire country, and by doing so, we are able to help save live.

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