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Guys baka sakaling maka inspire. :) 

After almost dying in 2013, having a CD4 of 14 at pinagsabay na TB at Pneumonia na sakit... to the point na nagpaalam nako sa kapatid ko at nag sulat ng last will and testament kasi di nako maka lakad lols.

Im now UNDETECTABLE and my CD4 is above 800, perfect health ng liver and creatinin (which is yun ang dapat bantayan pag may Efav ang meds mo).

Mejo kinabahan lang ako kasi 1st Viral load test ko to kasi nag transfer ako sa BKK for work... (wag tuluran, laging mag patingin ng viral load!!) pero galing ni LORD!!! Sobrang happy kasi everything is good.

So tuloy tuloy lang ang buhay guys, di magtatapos ang life nyo sa HIV.

Gusto ko lang magpasalamat kay kuya Gerald Santos, ang Project Red Ribbon Care Manager sa help mo sakin nun.

Yun lang! :)Thank you Lord! dasal lang kayo mga ka blood brothers... 




Guys, maybe this would give inspiration.

After almost dying in 2013, having a CD4 of 14 together with TB (tuberculosis) and pneumonia which came to the point that I had to bid goodbye to my siblings and wrote my last will and testament because I couldn't walk anymore. LOL.

I am now undetectable and my CD4 is above 800, my liver in perfect health (shape) and creatinine, which should be monitored if one is taking a cocktail containing efavirens (an antiretroviral medicines).

I was a bit nervous because it was my first viral load (the test to determine the amount of HIV in the blood stream)because I transferred to bangkok for work... (don't do what I did... always monitor your viral load) but God is great! I am so happy because everything is good.

So life continues guys. It won't end with HIV.

I would like to thank Gerald Santos, the Project Red Ribbon Care Manager for giving help before.

That's it! :) Thank you Lord! Keep praying my blood brothers..




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If you want to join a private HIV support group in Facebook, please add Darwin Tenoria, the TRR Program Director and request to be added in the group. We have a lot of PLHIV, counselors, HIV doctors, advocates and supporters who you can talk to.

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