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Today, Project Red Ribbon went to Baguio City to check on the status of the HIV Screening Program of rainbow Barracks and Metropolitan Community Church of Metro Baguio. The Foundation also addressed the issues of treatment, care and support in the City.

Pastor Myke Sotero, Tita Boots Yabut and Gregory Rugay all mentioned their struggles with the Baguio General Hospital but the Foundation reiterated that when it comes to treatment policies of the hubs, the people living with HIv clients of the hubs shouldn't stand up and address those issues. It would be hard for even the Foundation to interfere without the accompanying evidences. Thus, we told our advocates to start empowering their clients.

The Foundation also visited Baguio Health Center, the social hygiene clinic of the city. We met Dr. Brillantes, the head of the clinic. We started educating Dr. Brillantes and the DOH-CAR representative Ms Cherry and the BGH representative Darwin on how to go about the process of transforming the clinic into a satellite treatment hubs. We laid down all the facts, from communicating with the regional office for validation, to completing all the requirements to the recommendation. of the Regional Health Office to the central office. We also discussed how the OHAT of Philhealth works.

During the meeting, the Foundation also discussed the community-based screening, or the HIV screening that its being conducted by Rainbow barracks and MCCMB. Ewe discussed it purpose and the referral mechanism.

Later in the afternoon, the Foundation had a courtesy call in the DOH-CAR. We discussed how Baguio City has become the pioneer implementor of the CBS all over the country since they are the first organization to fully implement it.

The day was fulfilling and the Foundation was able to link DOH-CAR, BGH, the Baguio Health Center and RB and MCCMB.


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