Importance of Counseling

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The Project Red Ribbon started with this blog. It started with online counseling by answering questions through email. This opened the doors to phone counseling, Facebook and twitter online counseling, personal counseling, group counseling and family counseling. For 6 years, the Foundation has been helping people who want to get tested and people seeking treatment and the behaviors in dealing with HIV.

Why is Counseling Important?

There are a lot of issues attached to HIV that need to be discussed.

1. Fear

The fear to get tested and to know the result is the greatest block to HIV diagnosis and self preservation. People are fearful because of many factors.

a. Fear to be judged. The fear to be typecasted as gay, homosexual or promiscuous is the most fearful of all. The fear to be pictured as someone like this, especially to someone who is "not out" or still has an identity issue, or yet want to be discreet as this is his right, complicates the situation of HIV.

b. The fear of the unknown. A lot of people because they are not aware of treatment and the life of a person with HIV becomes fearful of the future. Even with advancement in technology and medicines, up to now, a lot of Filipinos are scared that they will die of HIV. A lot of Filipinos that discrimination will hurt their career and the pursuit of their happiness and dreams.

c. The fear of persecution. Up to now, a lot of Filipinos still believe that they will be "persecuted" by their families and friends, will be pushed away by their partners and support system. This personal ideation is a barrier reef that makes one not to get tested for HIV in the first place.

2. Progress in Health Care.

A lot of people still believe that treatment of HIV is very costly. A lot of Filipinos still believe that having HIV for life is unsustainable. A lot still believe that there are challenges to acquisition to medicines and lab tests and medical consultation for people with HIV.

3. No more sex life and lasting relationship.

Many believe that having HIV becomes an obstacle to not having sex and have a lasting relationship, even having a family. A lot still don't believe that even with HIV, one can have a satisfying sexual intercourse and have a loving relationship and even get pregnant or bear children.

4. HIV Equals Death.

Though it's the 2017th now, Filipinos still believe that if one has HIV, then you will die. When in fact, having an early HIV testing and early treatment can attenuate or "tame" the virus, still a lot of Filipinos think otherwise. Some even commit suicide since they believe that why even try to manage HIV when it will still lead to death.

Effect of Counseling.

This is where counseling can come in. Counseling either one-on-one, or group or family counseling can ensure that:

1. Every information is laid out.
2. A person's concerns and fears can be understood and accepted as real and addressed with education.
3. Personal experiences of others will give the wisdom to accept the disease and the challenges.
4. Counseling can open up a person's mind to accept HIV, to understand the treatment, understand that there is an HIV Law in the Philippines to protect the rights of a person with HIV, that there is life even with HIV, and one can reach each and every one's God given potentials.

HIV is not only a physical disease but also it affects the mind of the person. HIV per se, doesn't kill, but the fear of the unknown will. Stigma and discrimination also kill, but proper education and counseling can combat it. Education and awareness equip one to have the armor of protection about ungrounded thoughts.

Now let us break our fears by:

1. Calling our hotline numbers.
2. Talking to our counsellors.
3. Meeting our volunteers in person.
4. Meeting a person with HIV.
5. Attending a support group talk (SGT).

Project Red Ribbon is willing to help. Allow us to help you so you can get an early HIV test and an early HIV Treatment. We are here at your service.


TRR HIV Hotline Numbers 


Office: TThS Phone Counselling
(02) 656-7297

If you want to join a private HIV support group in Facebook, please add Darwin Tenoria, the TRR Program Director and request to be added in the group. We have a lot of PLHIV, counselors, HIV doctors, advocates and supporters who you can talk to.

"Spreading Compassion"

-Project Red Ribbon-

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