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I just got diagnosed HIV positive and my cd4 now is below 200. 163 to be exact. Although I feel fine but I am too afraid to get sick since I always go out for work at night. I havent started my medication yet since I am still waiting for my next consultation 7 days from now. I am desparate to talk to someone. I feel like anytime I will die. Please help me.
Although I already opted in love yourself as my treatment hub it feels like they are too far and i cant easily talk to them if ever worst happens. Please help me. My cp number is XXX. I dont know how i will take care of myself. Im a call center agent and i am the only one taking care of my family.




First of all, thanks your for your email. Thank you for searching and finding the blog. The blog contains a lot of information related to HIV and AIDS and the programs in the Philippines. I do hope that you can browse and read topics here especially the stories and questions of our readers. Trust me, you will learn a lot from each story and each concern.

Now let me go to your email. Based on your what you sent me, you mentioned that your CD4 is blow 200. To the classification of CDC, any CD4 level below 200 is already AIDS level, even without the presence of opportunistic infections. Thus it is imperative that you get treatment specifically ARV treatment fast. I don't know why there is a wait of 7 days for your next consultation. Perhaps, you haven't completed your baseline tests yet. Well, you never mentioned anything so I just assumed that was the cause of the wait. Anyway, like what I said you need to start with the ARV treatment fast.

You then have an assignment. Look up the current antiretroviral meds that may be given to you. Research on how to take them and their side effects. Of course you will given the first line regimen so do your research on these medicines:

1. Nevirapine
2. Zidovudine
3. Lamivudine
4. Tenofovir
5. Efavirens

You will be given 3 of these as part of your regimen. So make sure to check on them.

I know it is hard at first, but acceptance will just come. It is ok to be depressed right now and think of all the bad things that might happen to you, but trust me, everything will be fine. Like in all my blog posts, it is important for you to have these:

1. Belief in yourself - that you will accept it, that you will get well and live a productive and meaningful life

2. Belief in your doctor - that your doctor will guide you and give you the best medical care

3. Belief in your medicines - that the ARVs will arrest your HIV and won't create havoc to your health as long as you are adherent.

4. Belief that others will help you - that there is community that will help you to go through your health and wellness.

Love Yourself Hub has counselors who can help you, but in case, you can contact the numbers below. They are the Project Red Ribbon counselors and they have been handling clients' issues for 6 years now. 

XXX, you will be fine. Even if you are the breadwinner, you will be great. Just have those beliefs that I mentioned above and you will be ok. Project Red Ribbon will be here for you no matter what. 

Stay healthy,


TRR HIV Hotline Numbers 


Office: TThS Phone Counselling
(02) 656-7297

If you want to join a private HIV support group in Facebook, please add Darwin Tenoria, the TRR Program Director and request to be added in the group. We have a lot of PLHIV, counselors, HIV doctors, advocates and supporters who you can talk to.

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-Project Red Ribbon-

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