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I want to get direct to the point. I am positive with HIV, i learned it since yesterday from the medical report of the medical clinic here in my host country. I want to be treated. I accepted this battle, as fate of my life. This is no man's choice. No one will be happy to have this. Yes, even I since the moment I received the medical result, all my dreams flash like a light, and then shuttered like a glass. I am working abroad since last August 26 last year. I am too young for this kind of life though because I am just 27 years old. I am too, to young to have this kind of virus. Anyway, now it is here, I have to accept it like a friend and companion. Though non of my relatives and family member knows about this because, I myself just knew it yesterday. I want to know how much is the cost of the medication if there is a free medication given to the Philippines to HIV patient like me who do not have the enough money save to be cured.




First of all, thank you for sending me an email and finding the blog. The Project Red Ribbon's website is a big resource of information about HIV and AIDS here in the Philippines. It contains a lot of personal stories, experiences and facts about HIV and AIDS.

I am proud of you for accepting HIV fast, based on the email that you sent me. Courage is very important in treatment of HIV as it corresponds to proper adherence and commitment to staying healthy all the time. Some patients and clients who Project Red Ribbon had assisted had a hard time accepting the infection. Some got depressed and led to more complications and progression of HIV leading to having AIDS-related infections. I do hope that you keep that positive spirit not only during treatment but all through out you new journey with HIV. That strong spirit of positivism will keep you happy, healthy and productive.

In response to your questions, let me share you the basic facts of HIV treatment here in the Philippines.

1. Antiretroviral medicines (ARV's) are FREE in the Philippines. This is subsidized by the Department of Health and will be soon part of the Philippine Health Insurance (PhilHealth).
2. HIV consultation in treatment hubs:
    a. FREE only in government treatment hubs
    b. Out of pocket payment in private hubs
3. HIV Baseline Tests or initial tests in treatment hubs
    a. Some offer free baseline tests
    b. Discounted in most treatment hubs: total price ranges from P5,000-P10,000
    c. Private Hubs: total cost ranges from P5,000-P15,000
4. Treatment of AIDS-related infections
    a. Hospitalization is not free 
    b. Medicines are not free (unless government hospitals have available FREE medicines)
    c. Ambulance service is not free.
5. Frequency of treatment:
    a. ARV's are prescribed for refill:
        i. Initially 2 weeks
       ii. 1 month (during first month)
       iii. every 3 months
    b. Semi-annual check up and laboratory tests in treatment hub

Though some services are not free, Project Red Ribbon has a strong referral system to the government welfare programs in case a client is economically challenged and has difficulty in paying for treatment of his or her AIDS-related conditions. This ensures that there is continuity of treatment from the baseline tests to all the other consultation and treatments moving forward.

XXX, when you come back to the Philippines, please call our hotline numbers so that our counselors can give you direction on the steps that you need to take. 

I hope I was able to answer your concerns. Feel free to email me again if you have other questions.

Stay healthy,


TRR HIV Hotline Numbers 


If you want to join a private HIV support group in Facebook, please add our Online Care Manager, Tomasito Ang Suta, or our Program Coordinator, Keren Augustin C. Blances and request to be added in the group. We have a lot of PLHIV, counselors, HIV doctors, advocates and supporters who you can talk to.

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