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Posted by Pozziepinoy on 6:35 PM
Hi Project Ribbon,

i need help from you. i have all the symptoms of HIV. i made a big mistake of my life. i am worried about my family and love ones. i have a beatiful family, beautiful wife and daughter. i am OFW, committed a sin to GOD and my family. i love them more than my life. i felt down today. crying to sleep and wake up crying. i dont want to go home this coming march 2016, im afraid i might contract the disease to my family. 

NEED HELP! I AM A BREADWINNER! i dont know how to handle it on my own.





Thank you for sending us an email and sharing your concern with us.

First of all, it is pretty hard to identify the symptoms of HIV as each one has different reactions to virus. Some during initial contact will have flu-like symptoms, some none at all. If you had unprotected sex and it was just recent, say just a few months, even the slightest symptom doesn't pertain to the virus itself. The only way to know if one has HIV or not is through the HIV test. Period. Not by symptoms. Period.

However, if you had unprotected sex for a long time and there are symptoms of AIDS-related infections, which are VERY specific to HIV and AIDS, then one can speculate a diagnosis, however, still not accurate. All infectious disease doctors will still prescribe you with the HIV test to finally conclude a diagnosis.

I know it is pretty hard for you. Like everyone, we all make mistakes. However, what is important is for us to rebound from those mistakes and come up with solutions to the possible repercussions of what we have done. In your case, be proactive and take the first step in knowing your HIV status. Take the test immediately so that finally you will know what you have or what you don't have. It is better to face it that to hide from all the fears. The fear of the unknown is the greatest obstacle and that is your barrier in knowing your true health condition.

I know its hard, but read back on what you wrote to me about. Think of your beautiful family, your wife and your daughter. You live not only for yourself but for them too. Take the chance and think of them as you take the HIV test. You need to be strong for yourself and for them. You are a breadwinner as you said but as the man of the family, you need to be the kind of a person that your family, your wife and your daughter look up to --- strong, courageous and responsible. You mad a mistake and you learn from it. That's what you need to learn from this point forward.

Come home. You need love and support. Get tested fast to know your health condition.
One of the greatest quotes that I learned from college days is this simple quote: FACE YOUR FEAR. Just do it. Make a commitment. You will be stronger, believe me.


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If you want to join a private HIV support group in Facebook, please add our Online Care Manager, Tomasito Ang Suta, or our Program Coordinator, Keren Augustin C. Blances and request to be added in the group. We have a lot of PLHIV, counselors, HIV doctors, advocates and supporters who you can talk to.

I hope I was able to answer your concerns. Feel free to email me again if you have other questions.

Stay healthy,

"We act FAST when we CARE"


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