Importance of Early HIV Testing

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Like what we discuss in all our HIV Education and Awareness Talks nationwide, we emphasize the importance of early HIV testing, not only among those who are at risk but to every body. We always request everyone to get tested as part of their annual medical exam, to make it a habit so that everyone will relax about the HIV test.

But why is it really important to take the HIV test early on or why do we advocate for a regular HIV testing. Let's talk about some scenarios here.

"Noel", called our TRR Hotline number and asked our counselors on what to do as he mentioned that he was having rashes all over his body. He suspected that he has AIDS already because of previous unprotected and that he needed to be confined. Our hotline counselors referred him to the nearest HIV testing center first, followed up on the result and when indeed he was diagnosed to have two strains HIV-1 and HIV-2, he was referred by our counselor to the nearest HIV and AIDS treatment hub. He was immediately confined and was diagnosed to have multiple opportunistic infections. TRR monitored him, assisted him in getting medical support from the government and mobilized the TRR Love Fund. He spent almost a month in the hospital, stopped working because he was already weak and was recuperating. He was alone in the hospital with our TRR Care Giver in the hospital watched over him day and night. His bill reached to more than P70,000.

This could have been prevented by early HIV Testing!

"Sarah", a mom with a 2 year old child called the TRR Hotline number. She suffered from an AIDS-related infection and passed on, leaving his 2 year old under the care of her neighbor. The neighbor asked our Care Manager serving an HIV Treatment hub for assistance as the child was diagnosed with HIV. TRR assisted the child for his blood transfusion, medicines, transportation, milk formula and diapers.

This could have been prevented by early HIV Testing!

"John" was already bedridden in a certain HIV Treatment hub when he was assisted by our Care Manager. He told us that he was so scared to take the HIV Test because he was so worried that his family would know about his sexuality and his disease. TRR assisted him with his hospitalization. He died two weeks later. His family, when they found out rushed to the hospital. In front of his limp and wasted body, they asked why he didn't tell them... why didn't he allowed them to love him back.

This could have been prevented by early testing!

Unfortunately, the Project Red Ribbon continuously experience this scenario every day. We had thousands of stories like these. Among the foundation's volunteers we ask ourselves why people are dying? Why, despite the information, people are not paying attention? These can all be prevented: people dying because of AIDS, people abandoning their kids because they pass away of AIDS, people have to suffer the high cost of treatment for AIDS-related infections, people have to be scared because of stigma and discrimination when they are already sick and dying.

If only all of us would understand and put in our minds and our hearts that early HIV Testing is a vital key in arresting the spread of this deadly infection, then we could prevent these things from happening. We can save lives if we take the HIV test early. We can save ourselves if we take the HIV test on a regular basis.

Let us all encourage people to take the HIV test, by becoming a model. Don't become part of the nation's statistics. We ALL should take the HIV test and share our experience to others.. show that it is very easy to get tested and there is nothing to be scared of as to what people will say. Stigma starts from all of us, so start erasing that and talk about HIV and AIDS. The more we talk about it, the more we can relax about it.

STOP the spread of HIV. Get tested now. Don't wait!


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If you want to join a private HIV support group in Facebook, please add our Online Care Manager, Tomasito Ang Suta, or our Program Coordinator, Keren Augustin C. Blances and request to be added in the group. We have a lot of PLHIV, counselors, HIV doctors, advocates and supporters who you can talk to.

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