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Finally. We will have a celebrity who will be a spokesperson for HIV and AIDS here in the Philippines. She is none other than the newly crowned Miss Universe 2015, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach!

Long Awaited

For years, the country has been waiting for someone to talk about the HIV and AIDS scene here in the country. Politicians including the President of the Philippines and most of the senators, congressmen, and the local government unit heads are not strong supporters of the cause, even with the growing epidemic, even with the pressure given by the international community. We lack a personality with a great following, who will be pushing for our strategies and reforms, pushing for the importance of early HIV testing and early treatment and committing to the HIV advocacy. We have been waiting for someone to come forward and with courage of conviction, voice out the real scenario of HIV in the Philippines.

Miss Universe 2015

Miss Wurtzbach's answer to the Miss Universe 2015 pageant, gave hope to the country:

"To be a miss universe is both an honor and responsibility. I will use my voice to influence the youth. I would shed light in causes like HIV. Show the world that I am confidently beautiful with a heart."

This answer was a statement. This answer gave her not only the Miss Universe crown, but she also was crowned as the HIV advocate of the Philippines.

Monitoring Her Reign

The country is elated that somebody has come forward for the cause. However, there is more to it than words. We will be needing action. The Project Red Ribbon will be monitoring her reign if she indeed is true to her words. Miss Wurtzbach, as a Foundation here in the Philippines serving people living with HIV on a national scale, we would like for you to see the "real" HIV scene. It is beyond words. It is beyond glamour. It is beyond pageantry. 

The courageous PLHIV who has been living proudly despite the stigma and discrimination, despite the inefficient health care services, despite the weak welfare programs, will be paying attention. Hope, we all have, that Miss Universe will take the challenge and make an impact to our country!


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