MY PLHIV Journey: This is my story R15-JCM2-ALPHA

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This is my Journey as a PLHIV ;)

July 18, 2015. Today I thought I Died.. :( … It was 6 months ago since i was diagnosed with minimal tuberculosis and almost done with the treatment when I caught another disease early july and it was pneumonia… My Infectious Disease doctor advised me to take the test but I always neglected to do so… 

July 18,2015, I decided to do that through RITM-Satellite Malate and I was with my friend XXX.. Told her if I got tested positive I’ll accept that… I filled out the necessary form and was having doubts to be tested. When I was about to be called (A number away from the last extract).. (actually I told XXX lets just go home) So the extraction is done, A counselor approached me and orient me about everything and ask us to be back after 2 hours for the results… XXX and I went to McDonalds to eat and told her lets just go home and lets just not get the results..hahaha lol :P 

Its 5:30 in the afternoon when we got back to the hub after 2 mins of waiting the same person who oriented me about what was going to happen called to announce the results and I asked him if XXX can join us and asked me back if its ok she’ll know my status… I said yes…turned out iam “REACTIVE”… XXX kept asking Paul (counselor) whats our next step …I didnt absorb the fact that i was positive until XXX asked me where are we going? Told her lets eat at aristocrat but while driving at nakpil street… I felt it was a flashback…I remebered all the things I’ve done when I'm younger and now im paying for it :( I stopped at the next 711 located at Gen. Malvar st and called XXX (XXX sister) told her what happened… Called XXX and told her I need to see her…I drove from malate to pasay without any word from XXX… Then my Best buddy XXX called and out from nowhere I was like a child again that seems I don’t know what to do, I was shedding in tears and depressed… the moment I heard XXX voice i felt destroyed and asked XXX to speak with her to explain everything… We went to XXX place to voice out… She never questioned me why and who…she just listened and cried with me… XXX and XXX arrived told them the sad new and left them this words “hey guys its not the end of the world after all, we have a lot more things to do than to weep”… Then I realized I already cut out lying about myself a long time ago… My fingers just dialed my mom’s mobile and she answered quickly told her I was Reactive and she accepted everything. Told me we’ll go through this as a family and together with your beloved friends. At first I asked God Why me? I know its a risk telling people I'm positive but my point is I have nothing to lose. My mom told me if you have lost people in the process, you wouldnt have lost people who mattered really…you’ll just lose people that has problems or issues with sick people...

July 19,2015....I messaged ate XXX and an hour later to XXX, mama XXX and ate XXX through facebook and I asked for an apology that I never listened to them at all. I know its my fault and have no reasons why should I get angry to God. Am feeling tired and exhausted today (its the virus that's taking over). They understand and left me good words to strive to live longer. I told my self “see you gained so much more…mom is right”. I'm having a hard time breathing and febrile at 40°c … I need to wait for a day to be checked by an specialist at RITM but for the mean time I'm choosing people whom to tell or not. 

Just a day before i got diagnosed and still my mind couldn't absorb the fact am Positive.. Am thinking of dying today :( on the other hand I’m thinking of the people I’ll left behind.. I couldnt bear to see my mom crying… I told myself if I have a chance to change anything… I would be safer in a way this disease wouldn’t enter my system. It already happened and I just need to move forward with it. I’ve read a few articles about the disease and it enlightened me that like diabetes and hypertension it can't be treated but controlled. I need to be ready taking tons of pills daily to keep my life moving forward… This happens for a reason I know God has reasons but would not question why…. Turned out I learned a valuable lesson that our life is precious and we should start appreciating everything we have…. 

July 20, 2015 R15-JCM2-ALPHA was born… at Research Institute for Tropical Medicine Alabang.. We arrived here at 7:00am and in line for over an hour for the Orange card for a fee of P250.00 registered at RITM-ARG #NL26 #C42… Means New Patient Number 26 and Consultation Number 42 for the day… Seen a few familiar faces from last saturdays (7/18/15) testing at  RITM-Satellite Malate. Most of them are wearing shades… Well as my vision isn't 20/20 am wearing my 250 grade binoculars lol…  I was holding my mom’s hand as I am nervous and still can’t accept the fact I’m positive. Then heard them calling NL26 my mom and I went inside the RITM-ARG room 8 vitals signs taken and some few briefing from Nurse James… He kept saying no matter what the numbers are keep fighting for your well being and the sake of your family that loves you a lot… I glimpsed on my side and it was mom and can’t help to shed in tears again. Since I’m currently on medications for PTB and brought my xray films and results with me. James told me that I might start taking Anti Retro Viral Treatment (ARVs) once my Cluster of Differentiation 4 (CD4) is out. Even explained to me that the numbers might be lower due to my current disease (PTB and Pneumonia). James handed me a booklet explaining what ARVs are for and how it will save my life. My blood got extracted and was instructed to wait till 2pm for the results. So my mom, stepdad and aunt ate at the hospital's cafeteria and saw a familiar face. Shoot its my ex but I don’t care :P He might be the reason why I’m infected lol. 1pm they are calling C42 and I met Dr. Jeffrey Garcia asked some few questions and asked me to put my pants down :P Ooops he just checked if I have hernia genital warts or lesions. Btw he’s goodlooking lol :P told me he’ll talk to me again once the CD4 results are out. 2pm passed still all 36 people waiting for the results still seated outside the RITM-ARG room 4 when a lady approached us for philhealth seminar it only took an hour though (it should be less than 15 minutes but questions are filing in for the presentor). While waiting outside I spoke with also a newly diagnosed patient and told me that he can't start on ARVs yet because his xray results got lost. He was the first person I spoke at the hub but unfortunately I havent got the chance to get his name. At around 4:30pm they called NL26 again for the results. It was a bit low than I expected, my first CD4 count is only 16… Shoot I shed in tears again due to I’m not only positive but it already progressed to the highest level. Mm.. 

After hearing the results from Dr. Garcia he prescribe me to take vitamin b complex together with my ARVs  Lamivudine+Zidovudine and Efavirenz to be taken twice a day for lamizido and once with no meal at bedtime for efavirenz… Be back after a month for the CBC results coz I’m currently on the trial period. On our way home I’m still on denial but with the thinking I need to live for my mom. I need to be strong and show them I can do this but my eyes are like broken faucets that can’t be turned off as tears kept flowing from it. My mom told me “please son fight for me…mommy loves you so much” those words will keep me fighting for my life. I love her so much that I don't want to see her suffer because of me. At home I received a call from my best bud “MJ” asking me how did it go? I answered her “we’ll have a lot more years to look for each other nothing to worry about! Thank you for being my other half. We are secret lovers after all lol” :P this day R15-JCM2-ALPHA is born… The day I need to take care myself much better.

August 11, 2015   RITM day 2 we went back to have my CBC checked as well am still feeling a lil bit exhausted just by walking 2 blocks away from home. Cris a volunteer from The Project Red Ribbon talked to my mom while we are waiting C36 to be called. Today am feeling better than the last few weeks. Cris told mom he is positive too but instead of giving up he stood up and help other people like us to accept our situation . He currently works as a volunteer personnel in behalf of TRR in assisting RITM-ARG patients. He told mom that I should attend a self empowerment training in order for me to know more about the do’s and dont’s of the disease.. I had my CBC done outside to make the process faster at RITM at 10:30 was called and james checked my results told me RBC went down and I will shift to another ARV cocktail.. So Dr. Garcia now prescribed a 3 in 1 ARV that contains Lamivudine+Tenofovir+Efavirenz to be taken OD (yes once a day) yey but still need to watch out my cholesterol and creatinine numbers… So Instructed me to have my Lipid Profile checked as well as creatinine with CBC to be seen on my next visit…as well as taking ferrous sulfate for 50 days(BID). 

September 9, 2015 RITM Day 3 lipid profile and creatinine done no need for numbers as the RITM-ARG staffs now allowed me to refill for a 3 month supply of ARV's still on LTE, RBC went up 2 points from last count however cholesterol drastically went up as per Nurse Renan that is the ARVs side effect :P and my body weight from 115 lbs on july 20,2015 now gained alot more at 140lbs :) (I never been this heavy since 2011) it means ARVs are working fine) will be back by last week of november for refill 

November 11, 2015 APEC week RITM day 4 scheduled ARVs for pick up and that was easy it only took me 10 minutes versus the almost an hour driving to the hub.... Its convenient since I pick the medicines at around 11:00 pm no one is around the hall nothing to be ashamed of :P

January 7, 2016   RITM day 5 almost my 6th mo being positive...yey...Arrived at :730am L28 C27 spent a bit longer till 12 nn ..… blood extracted for cd4 and consulted derma....unfortunately machine got  busted and they'll text us bout the results and when to be back.... I was a bit frustrated coz i want to know my numbers I want to know if Im getting better... Though I gained a lot from 115lbs baseline now at 167lbs overweight :P just continue azith and cotri for another week hang on ;) at 8:30pm received a great news from baseline cd4 16 now it went up to  117 ...(credits to cris mapa) i was just hoping to have it doubled but didnt expect a 501% increase.

January 14, 2016 RITM day 6 C38 met Dr. Garcia again he was happy that my numbers ended up with flying colors azith now discontinued and hanging on with cotri for another 6 mo  am a lot more better now ;).

Done with my Pneumonia, flu and and Hepa Vaccines (credits to arkid and nurse rennan ocheda) and the taguig social hygiene clinic.

Currently I'm feeling better and still cautious with the things I'm doing. I also started helping out our indigent blood brothers by donating to the TRR box once a week (this is my way of thanking God for extending my life). I'm also talking to some few PLHIVs through a Group Chat at facebook to encourage and share my story. I've met some few individuals from that group and become my closest friends... I also never thought I'll meet him there...its a great thing we're both pozzies and we understand each other a lot ;) we share the same alarm for meds (luckily we have the same meds LTE) and enjoy hanging out with each other. I learned that life is precious... 

Yes I'm Positive and I'm living my life positively with a purpose...My journey as a PLHIV just started... This is my story R15-JCM2-ALPHA... :) stay happy and think positive... We can all win this challenge... ;)


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