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During one of Project Red Ribbon's Family Support Group Talk (SGT) in the ward of an HIV and AIDS Treatment Hub, a mom verbalized that her son was slowly losing hope and his health was regressing. She said that she didn't know what to do anymore. She loves him very much but she felt helpless.

This is one scenario that the Foundation always experiences when it facilitates family SGT in wards, a core program of the foundation wherein parents and siblings of patients are gathered in one room, to get their views, give them direction in handling a loved one and provide a therapeutic group environment. Parents and family members are often caught off guard, when they find out that their sons or daughters are on a hospital bed, suffering from an AIDS related infection. All the time, families are confused on what the steps that need to be done, look at the expenses and see their loved ones suffer. 

During the Family Support Group Talk that we had, we asked parents and relatives to write a letter to their sons and daughters on how they love him or her. We told them that most of the time, the stigma, the disgrace that these kids feel and think make them lose hope. Imagine, they are confined. Their parents come inside the hospital room. They have HIV. They may be judged as gay or promiscuous. These poor kids have nothing to say anymore. They are weak and they are vulnerable. Their spirits are broken.

To break this, we told the parents to just tell their kids to write them and tell them about their love for him or her. We told the parents and relatives to see their kids and not look at HIV or their sexual orientation or gender identity. Look at them as their loved one... their son or daughter, their relative. Go beyond what is obvious to give hope and acceptance. Love unconditionally. Love them with no judgement.

During the Family Support Group, the relatives started became emotional. But in the end they knew what to do.

Love conquers all. Even HIV and the stigma attached to it.

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