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The Out-patient HIV and AIDS Treatment package or OHAT of the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation provides benefits for the treatment of a person living with HIV. By being a member, one gets a package amounting to P30,000 for laboratory tests and hospitalization. The Treatment hub remits this amount per client which is then utilized to make the services for free as long as it is covered by the package.

However, there is more to it that just that.

Based on the guidelines of the OHAT Package, the PhilHealth can:

1. Also make each Treatment Hub establish a trust fund which can be utilized for purchasing of antiretroviral medicines when the client threshold level reaches its limit in which the Department of Health won't be able to provide free antiretroviral medicines for all.

2. Enables a treatment hub to utilize the OHAT for the expensive laboratory tests such as the CD4 test and Viral Load test.

3. Enables the treatment hub to also utilize it for the treatment hubs' manpower.

4. Enables the treatment hubs to use it for any HIV and AIDS related programs and equipments.

Outside OHAT, PhilHealth benefits can also be used for the coverage of the treatment of other opportunistic infections. 

During Project Red Ribbon's visit to the MDG/ OHAT Team of PhilHealth, we asked how indigent PLHIV's can get PhilHeath if they are not employed or can't even pay for the PhilHealth premiums because of indigence.

It was relayed to us that, 

1. A non-PhilHealth member who is indigent and who gets hospitalized can get into the Point of Care Program of PhilHealth, in which the entire year of membership is waived to avail of the OHAT package. All hospitals know this and the family members of the client just need to go to the social worker for assistance.

2. A non-PhilHealth member who is indigent and wants to avail of the OHAT and is not hospitalized, can go to the Department of Social Welfare and Development and have his or her name listed in the indigent program of DSDW. This list is submitted every year to PhilHealth and PhilHealth then waives the membership of all indigent clients in the list for a year.

3. A non-PhilHealth member who is indigent can request assistance from his or her local government agency for assistance. Some cities in the National Capital Region pays for PhilHealth memberships to  their indigent residents.

4. A non-PhilHealth member who is indigent can request assistance from his or her mayor, barangay captain, congressman and senator for PhilHealth payments.

The benefits of having PhilHealth for a person living with HIV are multitude and there is no excuse now for somebody without PhilHealth to not avail it and not have OHAT. Being economically challenged is not an obstacle. One just needs to work around, talk to people and approach agencies that can help them.


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