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Hi, PP!

Good day!

I have been on ARV (efav-lami-teno) for six (6) months now and I just had my regular check up a while back. Based on my recent lab results, my doctor (from MMC) concluded that my health is greatly improving, i.e., my cd4 percentage has increased from 12% to almost 18% and my viral load has become "undetectable" (after 6 months). I feel blessed and overwhelmingly elated.

I have some questions though: 
1) why is it that when I had my ARV refill this afternoon, I was only given a month's supply by the MMC pharmacy? By the way, MMC used to give me 3 month's supply of ARV. 

2) Is there a shortage of 3-in-1 pill /ARV in the country? 

3) If so, would you know if the government has already taken measures to remedy the situation? 

4) What do you suggest we can do to help solve this predicament? 

Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon. 

MMC Resident


Hi MMC Resident.

Thank you for your email. Thank you for taking the time to read the blog.

As we all know, HIV and AIDS Treatment Hubs all over the country are restricting their prescription of ARV's from 2 weeks to 1 month only, especially with the lami-teno cocktails as they are still waiting for the next delivery of these ARV's. It has been reported that there will be a delivery this May, so we should just stand by. If you are really bothered by it, you can talk to your ID doctor in MMC to hear it from her or him so you can get assurance. That answers your first question.

For the second question, there is no shortage of the 3-in-1 pill in the country. Hubs are just restricting their prescription as necessary, one, because of the increased need and second, the next batch is still on its way. We are all just used to getting the 3 month refills that is why we are all bothered by this.

The government has been alerted about this and I really believe that they are already doing something about it. Emergency procurement has been made for lamivudine and tenofovir in RITM-ARG and these medicines are now being distributed in the hub.

What we can do is to keep on reporting and monitoring the hub supplies of the hubs. If there are stock issues, you can report it to us at so we can have a database on the current situation. Just state the hubs name, start of the changes in prescription of arvs, and specific name of ARV involved so that we can collate them ad report it to DOH. Being vigilant as a PLHIV is the best move that we all can do for now. TRR is here to represent all of us.

I hope I was able to answer your concerns. Feel free to email me again if you have other questions.

Stay healthy,

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