For You, "Arthur"

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I recently heard that a friend's brother passed away because of AIDS last year. My friend, Arthur told my partner Tag about it and Tag disclosed my status to him and told him about the blog and my advocacy. Arthur said that they had been reading the blog before and was helped by it. Though sad that Arthur's brother still passed away, I'm still glad that somehow, I was able to reach them through the blog.

Arthur and his family still won't have peace of mind because of what happened. I tried to reach out a lot of times and requested to talk but I guess he is not ready for it.

So to you Arthur, this is for you:

Sometimes we tend to blame ourselves for what happened to our loved ones. It is normal to feel as it is human nature to be their 'protector'. But there are always limitations to it. Everybody makes his or her own decisions in life and nobody needs to be blamed for their mistakes or failures. We are all here to succumb the inevitable and as human beings we stand up once again when we stumble, brush all the dirt and continue living our own lives.

Having a brother who died of HIV is a burden to another sibling. The saddest part is when we know we could have done something to prevent it to happen. But life has it's own tricks and these we really can't control. What we can control now is how we can deal with it and move on.

It is ok to be sad now, as sadness is one of the greatest of human emotions. However, turn your sadness to make you strong in the future. as human beings, the struggles we have with all the emotions of sadness with it makes us all stronger and better individuals.

Now what can you do?

Talk about it. Talking helps with the acceptance. I told you Arthur that you can talk to me or to anyone who understands the disease. I have a support group who you can go to. You can listen to their stories. You can hear their struggles. You can see how they are living their lives. We will be here for you if you need us. You can vent out everything, cry out all the emotions that you have, speak about HIV in front of us without inhibitions. Trust me it will help unburden your heart. Trust me you will feel relieved.

Help others. It is always good to unburden one's heart from all the heartaches by helping others. Remember, HIV took your brother away from all of you. So don't allow HIV to do it to others too. Like me, this has become my advocacy. Remember when I told you through text that I was able to turn something that is so bad into something that is so good? I never allowed the doors to shut down on me because of HIV, instead I destroyed one big wall and allowed the light to shine on me. It opened a lot of positivities. The people that I have helped gave me peace of mind. The people who are now healthy and back on their feet again, make me enjoy life more.

Embrace his death. Arthur, your brother I am sure is in a better place. Be happy for him. I know too, that he will be happier seeing all of you moving on and living your lives. 

I will be here. Waiting for your call. Waiting to hold your hand and give you my embrace. Will be here to guide you through this. Just reach out to me.

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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