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The Project Red Ribbon Care Management Program (TRR) based in Manila, Philippines was able to successful hold the 31st International AIDS Candlelight 2014 in UP Sunken Garden and Grandstand, in Quezon City, Philippines last May 18, 2014 from 10am to 8pm.

Listed below were the highlights of our event:

1. Event was participated in by 35 different organizations, companies, foundations, schools 
    and groups.
2. Free HIV Counselling and Testing from 10am to 3pm. 2 FREE jeepneys loaded clients to      
    the UP Health Service where the testing and counseling is being done with our partner
    The Love Yourself. 41 people got tested in the event and one got diagnosed with HIV.

3. The Program included:
    a. 1pm to 3pm: 
        -acknowledgement of participating groups
        -presentation of the different booths of participants and their programs
        -invitation to the TRR's Photo Booth
        -invitation of everyone to take the HIV Test

    b. 3pm: Singing of the Philippine National Anthem
    c. 3:05 - 3:30pm: Ecumenical Prayer

    d. 3:30-5:30: Reading of AIDS Stories
        -Introduction to the AIDS Stories
        -AIDS Stories being read on stage by PLHIV, advocates, counsellors, HIV doctors, 
        -Messages of Hope from guest speakers
        -Guest performance: dance numbers, song numbers, interpretative dance

    e. 5:30: Preparation to the Candlelight ceremonies
    f.  5:45: Introduction to the Candlelight Ceremonies
    g. 5:50: Unveiling of the Ceremonial Red Ribbon

    h. 6:00-6:20: 
        - Ceremonial March of the 966 candles, representing the 966 Filipinos who passed  
             on because of AIDS since 1984.

        - Candles are laid on the Ceremonial Red Ribbon
        - 34 Candles are placed on stage signifying the 34 Filipinos who passed on in 2014.

    i. 6:20: Song played: "To Where You Are"
    j. 6:30: Celebrity Guest reading IACM Prayer

    k. 6:40: The 34 candles on stage were carried by volunteers to join the other 932 candles 
           on the Red Ribbon.
    l. 6:50: Guest Choir Singing "The Prayer" as everyone surrounds the red ribbon with 

m. 7:00
        - Organizations Commitment: a representative of each organization was requested  
           to come in the middle of the Red Ribbon and join hands with the other

        - A pledge of commitment was made by the different representatives in front of the 
          Red Ribbon

    n. 7:15: Guest Choir Singing " Hawak Kamay" (Hold Hands)
    o. 7:20: Pledge of Commitment to IACM
        -Every participant makes a commitment, supporting all HIV advocacy cause, joining 
         HIV groups, helping PLHIV, telling people to get tested, and renew their vows
         every IACM.

    p. 7:30: Guest Choir Singing "The Climb"
    q. 7:40: Closing Remarks

    r: 7:50: Final Song: "Seasons of Love"

    s: 8:00: Group Photos with the Commitment Banner

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